March 12th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “belief”

  1. She watched as he walked out of their door – no not their door – as he walked out of her door. As it closed all her love, all her belief that he was a inherently good evaporated like fog.

    By Mags on 03.12.2012

  2. is something I don’t really have, other than in the normal facts of life. I’m an atheist. There is no purple turtle just around the next curvature of the globe. I don’t believe in my self either. Self-confidence is something most teens (like myself) lack. I do, however, know the sun will rise tomorrow. These static world conditions are all I have, so I clutch onto them with in a death vice.

    By Madeleine on 03.12.2012

  3. I don’t believe in belief. It’s a cop out, a safety blanket that catches on fire too easily. To believe is to surrender one’s ability to think for oneself. That’s what I believe, at least.

    By Hafada on 03.12.2012

  4. I grew up in a house full of beliefs, and opinions. When Ma got yellow fever, the biggest opinions came out. The biggest arguments took place.

    Ma was always strict. She was a strong woman with fierce grey eyes and a teeny-tiny waist. The reason she was so strict: she cared about Bridget and I. Pa was fairly different from Ma. He was a comfortable looking man with soft blue eyes and thin lips that were always turned up in a smile. He understood me the most. More than anyone else.

    One argument changed my life forever.

    “Phil, you must send Bridget and Cassandra away. The girls cannot live with sickness everywhere!” When she had yellow fever, Ma barely spoke, but when she did it was always this.
    “No. I insist that the girls stay here. Bridget is not even four. She is too young to be without a mother. And Cass? What about her? She loves Bridget more than anything, we cannot send one away without the other!”

    By Skye Blue URL on 03.12.2012

  5. Belief. An idea that starts as a seed and could blossom into a full beautiful flower, if treated correctly. It could grow and change things, or it could flop over and die in front of all nature. A belief, an idea, a possibility.

    By Caroline Schwab on 03.12.2012

  6. religous or a feeling of faith or trust….things you want to happen or think to be true,,,,believe in….hope stremth

    By patti hivon on 03.12.2012

  7. The word belief means can, believe in yourself, you can do it. Don’t let others get you down. Follow your dreams. Trust, hope, love, pray, have faith. It will all work out as it’s meant to be.

    By Kristy Kleckauskas on 03.12.2012

  8. something that defines who a person is, what they show that they like. who they really are. can also be used against them in hate crimes.

    By Robbie on 03.12.2012

  9. I believe that all students are a success story waiting to happen. Each one has a gift to offer this world.This belief makes teaching easy for me because I know my studwnts will feel good about themselves.

    By darlene zoellick on 03.12.2012

  10. A belief is usually something you know about and have strong feelings over. My beliefs may be different from yours. That can often depend on what you know about a topic. If you haven’t had much exposure you may not have a strong belief about the topic. You can also affect others beliefs based on your platform if you are persuasive

    By mary on 03.12.2012

  11. belief is waht you belive in not belive in like some kids wrote on their isat nameplate. what do you belive in? what do i believe in.

    By Sue Z. Cue on 03.12.2012

  12. crenças te ajudam a ir pra frente, não tenho muitas, mas deveria. Elas ajudam a ter um dia melhor, uma semana melhor.. uma vida melhor. E quando tudo estiver perdido, talvez sua crença não esteja e seja seu fio de esperança para continuar.

    Crença requer prática e habilidade, vontade de acreditar. Crenças estão aí para todos, mas só para os que conseguem ela vai significar.

    By loverox on 03.12.2012

  13. I have a belief that all children can learn. Children have an innate sense of wonder and a desire to learn. As a teacher, I need to foster children’s beliefs in themselves by providing a positive learning environment. Children need to know they can be successful.

    By Pat on 03.12.2012

  14. what a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day in the neighborhood won
    ‘t you be my neighbor

    By jamie on 03.12.2012

  15. The motion of enjoying what could be.

    Happens once a person exploits their strengths and weaknesses.

    By Anthony on 03.12.2012

  16. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 03.12.2012

  17. a sense of trust towards something that is non-substantial or concrete, i believe in myself, not my body but my soul. however i do not believe in a god or supernatural force guiding my decisions in life. i believe that i can make a difference based on myself alone.

    By Celine Comolet on 03.12.2012

  18. Belief is great! Belief is cool! I believe a lot of stuff! Do you? I hope you do! I believe in mermans! Not mermaids though! Do you? That’s cool! I ate fish once! Jk! I HATE FISH 0_0 PASS THE SALT PLEASE! I believe you’ll pass the salt cause I have a good belief imagination!

    By Yo on 03.12.2012

  19. Belief is the bond between you and God. Beliefs can change over the years because you grow out of old behaviors, because you get to experience the word differently. Belief is the power which keeps you go forward and dare to love.

    By Arielle on 03.12.2012

  20. Belief… I think is something that most people have a hard time doing… to give of themselves… to let go of their control and let someone else take over… thats hard to do but when done so worth it.

    By veronica on 03.12.2012

  21. maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s my distorted, distrustful mind…but i simply cannot, for the life of me, bring myself to believe. you see, when you’re entrusting your soul, your hopes, your dreams to something, how could you settle for anything less than absolution? belief is stupid. knowledge is necessary.

    By Emily Diaz-Leal on 03.12.2012

  22. It’s hard to believe. There are so many things that you need to learn to believe in in your life and things that you have no choice but to believe…

    Its a funny thing, belief. If you believe in something thats not real, does that make it naive? If you dont believe in something that is real, does that make you naive?

    Who decides what you believe?

    By vlsm on 03.12.2012

  23. Belief is an important part of a persons life. Without it we have nothing because everything and everyone can be doubted and will be doubted at some point. Belief is what gets us through. Don’t lose belief, whatever you do keep your belief.

    By Megan URL on 03.12.2012

  24. god love friends faith seeing hope not having to see to believe knowing

    By k on 03.12.2012

  25. the way i feel about life. you must have belief to truly live. belief in yourself, your faith your dreams, it matters not. all that matters is that something gives you hope at the end of the day and you know it will come true.

    By Jane Doe on 03.12.2012

  26. to trust in something may happen.

    By isaiah christiansen on 03.12.2012

  27. Whatever your belief, have the courage of your convictions. Stand up for your values!

    By Robin on 03.12.2012

  28. My eyes rip into him, but he stands still because it doesn’t transfer in the dark air. I can’t make out his appearance right now, but I know he’s not enough–he never was. There’s not enough blue in his disbelieving eyes, nor blond in his messy hair. My arm does as it wishes and ends up in one of his dull eye sockets. I stand and watch as he bends over, and I feel nothing.

    By Marissa URL on 03.12.2012

  29. Her belief in the goodness of all people was slowly but surely waning. How could one man make her hurt so much and change her view of all people.

    By Arielle on 03.12.2012

  30. truth

    By Tyler on 03.12.2012

  31. I don’t believe anyone can really hear me… They return my calls, they answer my messages, yet their words are hollow, like a machine. It’s not their fault though, I never really hear them, it’s as if we’re on different frequencies, desperately searching for one another in an unforgiving radio field.

    By Mary URL on 03.12.2012

  32. Mocking my beliefs. Someone can have an in vogue belief in say, Buddha, Allah, or maybe even Catholicism, but I am unable to have a belief in Jesus Christ because those who have gone before me have shoved his name in the mud.

    By Tracy Whitt on 03.12.2012

  33. I carried it with me like an anchor of gold. Sometimes it was a heavy burden to bear, and its weight a crushing force, but in the end I knew it was precious and I was willing to sink to keep my hold on it.

    By MJP on 03.12.2012

  34. Oh, the perfection. The story goes like this… I get exactly what I need, when I need it most. I am cared for, adored, admired, and supported with an eternally loving gaze and hope. I am my own best friend, lover, father, and mother. I choose to believe in my own worth.

    By Adesola URL on 03.12.2012

  35. Belief is a strong word.. What is belief? Something that keeps you strong? Something you depend on? Maybe.. It depends o

    By Tina Gonzalez URL on 03.12.2012

  36. I have the belief that one day I will be a published author. I know i will. It may not be how others see me and it may not be as big as others have become but it will be. That is my belief.

    By Sheila Good URL on 03.12.2012

  37. Belief Is something that you feel is true. It can also have to do with religious feelings. I always believe in god! :) ❤

    By George on 03.12.2012

  38. The overwhelming power, a magnetism that pulls you to your true north. A god. A machine. A science. A love. A brain. A hope. A desire. They are all beliefs. So hard to prove.

    By Ian on 03.12.2012

  39. Belief to understand to live to create. What i understand. My thoughts

    By becca URL on 03.12.2012

  40. An undermined topic of hope. B.E.L.I.E.F. who what where when why how

    By becca URL on 03.12.2012