March 12th, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “belief”

  1. And the belief i had inside my head slowly grew smaller. If this was wrong than what did that mean about eeverything i had ever known? If everything i had believed in as a child was false what did that make me now? A person is the things that make them up, their memories, their beliefs and actions. Everything i knew about myself had been based on the building blocks i had been taught as a child.
    I walked by over the the steps and slowly sat down, as i watched the world around my. Collapse on its self, with nothing i could do.

    By estefania giraldo on 03.12.2012

  2. I strongly believe that I belong in California. The month that I spent on the road was probably the best month of my life. Each day, crossing foreign landscapes felt like a lifestyle I could keep up. From beach towns in California to infinite stretches of sun faded highways in New Mexico, it never felt like I didn’t belong.

    By bryan on 03.12.2012

  3. My belief is we should all live a safe and happy life. We don’t. It is either by choice or other situations in our life that we don’t.

    By teeda URL on 03.12.2012

  4. It was his strong belief that his good looks would get him through any situation he might encounter. All he’d have to do was flash his brilliant smile, those twinkling eyes… and everyone, even men, were dazzled. Imagine his surprise when he arrived at the interview to discover that his potential boss was blind!

    By Susan on 03.12.2012

  5. My beliefs are chocolate moustaches and bridesmaids and also butter

    By puka on 03.12.2012

  6. Some said that she was born with two brains in one head. Some said that she was born with two minds in one brain. Rumours and prejudice. Everyone stuck to their belief. After spending so much time with others, she wasn’t so sure who she was anymore.

    By Annie on 03.12.2012

  7. i belief in miracles. i belief in faith, i belief in winning the lottery, i belief in wold peace i believe time is up

    By Erica URL on 03.12.2012

  8. The walls of belief fell upon the seats beneath, but underneath the wall of belief and the seats beneath were small pieces of cheese. But the cheese, paired best with some tea, was one belief that had befallen upon those seats.

    By Kate312 URL on 03.12.2012

  9. To have and hold a passionate belief about something is all we have. Without belief, life seems to take on no meaning. Belief propels us to take action and create change. I believe in belief.

    By ash on 03.12.2012

  10. there is sometimes a belief that i have a great life. i believe it and i think others do too. i guess it used to be belief that i did not have as much to be thankful for but now i realize that there is no such thing as not having anything to be thankful for. if you are breathing you always have something good in your life. sometimes it’s as simple as having lemons to put in your water. i am so thankful for the people that cut the lemons, the people that delivered the lemons to the school, the people that loaded them onto the truck, the people that picked the lemons, the people that planted the lemons. i am thankful for my lemons.

    By Haley on 03.12.2012

  11. He had no belief in me.
    He sincerely thought that I was going to mess it up. How could he?
    No. I would prove him wrong if it was the last thing I did. It just might be.
    Red wire to blue, blue to light green.
    All done. It would detonate in five minutes, and no one would suspect either of us. How’s that for professional? He would never doubt me again.

    By Kshemani on 03.12.2012

  12. I believe to have a belief is not crazy. There are too many people that will tell you that. But to have a belief is what gives us purpose, and without purpose humans may go mad. Have a belief. You are not crazy for having one. It’s when you don’t have one when you run the risk of going mad. There is nothing in life to confirm.

    By Camille on 03.12.2012

  13. “Therefore, it is my belief that God-given rights of this country.”


    Father Jacques arched an eyebrow threateningly at the young girl in the pew. “Is there a problem, Miss Jenny?”

    “You made an error,” Jenny replied. “You said God-given rights.”


    “That’s clearly inaccurate. They’re Bob-given rights.”

    “Miss Jenny…”

    “I want Bob to receive credit where credit is due!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.12.2012

  14. B – Beauty
    E – Enhances.
    L – Life
    I – Inspires.
    E – Enlightenment
    F – Frees.

    By gypsypriestess on 03.12.2012

  15. i belief i could be something else, but I dont know how, everyone says its okay but deep inside me, I know I should be happy with my self.

    By Raque URL on 03.12.2012

  16. I held that strong belief that god would help me through this time as well just like the other times he has helped me and so he did. I was very happy
    The End

    By Nik.... on 03.12.2012

  17. Belief is subjective, I think. A person’s beliefs may not exactly line up with what others believe but that person holds those beliefs to be indefatigably true nonetheless. Truth has no part in it.

    By mj on 03.12.2012

  18. I’ve never been sure what my beliefs are.
    Was the world created by God or by the Big Bang?
    Are there aliens or are we the only people?
    Was that a dream or is this reality?
    I just don’t know.

    By Michelle on 03.12.2012

  19. Belief is like saying that there is nothing thats you cant do

    By lexie12 URL on 03.12.2012

  20. What keeps me strong, and what stops me from falling? Faith is fact, they said, when I first grew up. Yet here I am and I can’t concentrate. They keep talking, and I’m afraid I’m going to falter.


    I guess I’ve never been somewhere that challenged me so completely. It’s like being a prisoner in your own house, and all the silver spoons are gone. If that makes sense. And if it doesn’t, then I guess I’ve just proved my own point to an extent, huh?

    But there are only a few months left now to go, before the cards are up. And then we’ll see if it was a bluff, or a belief.

    By haywirehay URL on 03.12.2012

  21. belief is the foundation of faith. without faith we have no reason to maintain a moral compass. it is faith that keeps us centered and faith that drives us. it is faith that reminds us that the world is too small to be significant when problem seem to envelope us.

    By Erick on 03.12.2012

  22. My belief is relief from the chief.

    By Marianne URL on 03.12.2012

  23. She used to believe in the tooth fairy, then someone said it didn’t exist. Same too with Father Christmas. Bit by bit her belief was chipped away at until there was nothing left. No belief. No magic left in life. Then they told her she had grown up; but all she’d grown was sad.

    By Jane on 03.12.2012

  24. I have a belief and a wish. My wish is that one day the Republic and the States will one day be able to work alongside each other. My belief is that people should be independent and not work alongside each other. You can see that I have quite a dillema here. Which side do I choose, the one that will be better for the future of all humans, or the one that will make just my future more enjoyable, along with a select other few.

    By Gavin on 03.12.2012

  25. I want to believe in myself. I want to believe in him. But I find it so hard to believe in him when I don’t believe in myself. Why is this so difficult? Why can’t I just have faith that things will work out.

    By Aurora on 03.12.2012

  26. Lots of people have different beliefs — religious beliefs, beliefs about the world, people, things, etc.
    It’s a powerful thing, it is. Motivation. Love. Beauty. Pretty much everything and anything.

    By Mariya URL on 03.12.2012

  27. Belief makes things real. It makes things feel alright. Belief makes things true, things like you, you and i. Tonight, you arrested my mind.
    I don’t know what to write. But belief makes life have hope. Time’s up.

    By Michelle on 03.12.2012

  28. Belief makes people have hope. Belief is what takes over our personality and becomes the things we defend. Belief is what makes me have faith in love, because even if it’s hard t find, it is somewhere out there.

    By Rachael on 03.12.2012

  29. Belief is a beautiful little word; I believe in ghosts and fairies and demons and monsters and nature and science; and my beliefs are not making sense anymore; and I turn my beliefs into disbelief; and out springs another belief; and I believe in one thing today, and another tomorrow; evolution is a fact; and my beliefs evolve too.

    By Nishat Tasnim on 03.12.2012

  30. I have a belief that we can be happy if and only if we know what we are looking for in this life. It’s easy to be carried away by other peoples believes and desires. Do it by yourself.

    By Daniel M. on 03.12.2012

  31. There were few certainties in life, very few things that Milo believed in beyond what he could confirm with his own eyes and his own hands.

    By lil_nail URL on 03.12.2012

  32. “Take my hand.” He urged again, stretching his muscular arm towards the quivering girl. She hesitated for a moment, simply staring at the outstretched appendage before him. Trust him? She thought. She’d done that before. And she’d believed him before. She wasn’t sure that she could ever again.

    By SausageCat on 03.12.2012

  33. She was full of disbelief. He had done everything he could to convince her, but she wouldn’t listen. He couldn’t love her, not really. So he left, never to be seen again.

    By Naomi on 03.12.2012

  34. Glaube ist das, was du tust, wenn du nicht siehst, nicht hörst, nicht fühlst. Wenn du nicht verstehst, woher etwas kommt, wie es entsteht oder wie es zu dir kommt, dann kannst du weitersuchen, verzweifeln oder glauben. Die Christen, die streng gläubigen, haben mir früher immer gesagt, ich bräuchte nur glauben, ich bräuchte gar nicht verstehen, wenn ich gefragt habe, wo Gott denn ist und woher ich weiß, dass es ihn gibt. Und nachdem ich missioniert worden war, habe ich selbst so geredet.

    By Lisa URL on 03.12.2012

  35. Belief is when you just trust, without thinking. It’s faith. Something to believe in is a song by parachute. OMG belief is everywhere. You must believe to do, and believe to lie. If you don’t believe what you’re saying is true you can’t lie, that is the secret to a lie. Belief, everyone has something to believe in, something to trust in.

    By dada on 03.12.2012

  36. I believe that everyone can make a difference. I believe that even the smallest action of a single person could turn into something big and beautiful and precious if only given the chance to grow into what it could be. If you don’t like something, go ahead and change it! You’re the captain of your ship and you’re the dreamer of your dreams. They’re up to your discretion.

    By CNou91 on 03.12.2012

  37. Belief is having trust in something. I believe in God, and that Jesus is His Son.

    A quote the First Doctor said, “Go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine.”

    By Damaris URL on 03.12.2012

  38. Belief is a word that can say a lot about a person. They can believe in a lot o things and not believe in others but everyone has some belief that others may not find correct. Believing in yourself is often the key to success in life because if you don’t think you can do it, then you can’t.

    By Issac on 03.12.2012

  39. My belief system is failing
    I’m having a hard time convincing myself that it’s all worth it
    But then I meet that one good person,
    He smiles and says please and thank you at the register
    He doesn’t know that he saved just a sliver of hope for humanity.
    I remember his face
    Never got his name.
    He tipped the waitress at table 9 with 10$
    The world is lucky sometimes.

    By Breezy.the.Brutal on 03.12.2012

  40. There is no thought without belief. All people believe at some point in their life, with or without reason to. Belief makes weak people strong and cowardly people braver then the mightiest lion. Believe always, fear not.

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 03.12.2012