September 20th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “begin”

  1. I begin this journey alone.. bare feet and bruised, i continue. Each step is surprisingly wonderful and magical. Growth is something new.. I begin on this journey a new.

    By zoe URL on 09.20.2012

  2. “This world is an illusion,” he says. “It’s a lie that’s been fed to us since we were born. There is no good anymore, only corruption remains.”

    “Why are you telling me this?” I whisper.

    He looks away from me, “Because,” he starts. “We can begin a new world. This world is on fire, but out of the ashes and the filth, something good can rise. We only have to try.”

    I nod as if I believe him. But I don’t. There is no longer good on this earth, and there never will be. It was just the sad truth of this forsaken life.

    By Abbey on 09.20.2012

  3. at the beginning, where most things start unless the universe seems circular to you in which case….well, forget it. Re-imagine time and make a necklace, a band of gold, a ribbon with no frayed ends, just smooth color shifting, shaping and moving on.

    By LailaLCR on 09.20.2012

  4. I begin this journey alone.. barefoot and broken. Holding up something new, i am changed. I am afraid to take the first step.. but i do anyway. Each step is surprisingly beautiful. I begin this journey a new.

    By zoe on 09.20.2012

  5. Begin. Be gin. Beg in.

    By stephanie on 09.20.2012

  6. Begin.

    “Once upon a time”,
    That’s how the stories begin.
    Even though no story ever really has,
    A beginning or an end.

    By Chrissie on 09.20.2012

  7. In the beginning, God created the world; and throughout the years, humanity ruined it. The word beginning implies an ending, thus, I hate the word.

    By Kaitlin on 09.20.2012

  8. i shall begin writing now. this seems cool. i like this. begin. okay. i like to begin things. and i never finish anyth

    By Madison on 09.20.2012

  9. “Begin.”
    She tapped her long, curving fingernails against the wood of the desk, her eyes flicking from side to side. The glasses that were perched on the bridge of her nose slid down, but she paid them no mind.
    The restless body of people shifted in their seats and muttered a last word before quieting.

    By Rachel on 09.20.2012

  10. It is a new beginning for those who travel to Canada. Your past is erased and no one knows or cares who you are. If you want to stay in the same place but have a new beginning it will be a bit harder

    By Rose Silver on 09.20.2012

  11. Begin is hard. The beginning is usually the most terrifying thing of all. If you know things, they tend to be not scary, but when you begin something new, the uncertainty is what is feared the most. What is it about the familiar that gives us such calm?

    By Sara on 09.20.2012

  12. As I’ve been told by the changing screen . . . I must begin to write. So I have and here we are but . . . Could it be. . . Now that i’ve begun I must end!

    By Tiffany on 09.20.2012

  13. As i begin my journey or rather escapade of senior year i feel almost numb. im not happy, im not depressed. i am some whrere in the middle. and it sucks. i just need to get the fuck out of here.

    By izzie on 09.20.2012

  14. When you begin to think, you begin to live life with a purpose. With thoughts, anything can be accomplished.

    By Marissa on 09.20.2012

  15. I wanted to begin before the rest of the group did, and I think it was obvious from the way my bow was already waiting, muscles quivering to keep it there, inches from the first string. I could hear the note in my head, and the following melody. I wanted to begin so badly…I missed the conductor’s downbeat. I begun late by a few seconds.

    By Isadore Zickley on 09.20.2012

  16. Although it was about to begin, I was not ready. The last time, that other beginning began before I was ready too. I was beginning to dread all things that begin. It became a problem that I could not control.

    By WordsnWorlds on 09.20.2012

  17. begin again. I love the sound of beginnings. because it’s about starting something new, a chance to recreate who you are, and maybe learn something. while we may be terrified of the unknown, beginnings are just the start of making the unknown an experience. With that, we can discover.

    I begin new at college. and i’ve learned more about myself than ever before.

    By Kathleen DeVries on 09.20.2012

  18. I did not want to begin to love you. But it happened. On some level I wonder if what I see in you is just what I want to see. Are you the awesomely nice, smart, kind and giving person? Or are you the narcissist you claim to be? Or are you both.

    By Diane M. Martin URL on 09.20.2012

  19. Shall we begin? Again. For the first time. Whichever. Something new or something old, which do you choose? What do you see in the fire of our love. Something beginning or something ending. It is all up to us and what we make it, all up to us and if we fake what we are.

    By Emily on 09.20.2012

  20. I begin to wonder if I will ever stop seeing your face.
    In everything I see beauty but in you, I see grace.

    I wish you would feel the same way,
    though I know it’s not good to get any hopes.
    I know my thoughts will someday go away.
    I’m sorry for now, I love you as it comes and it goes.

    By Pollie URL on 09.20.2012

  21. i like to begin a new game ever day. its fun to think about new things and begin new trains of thought, starting stuff is what its all about, you have to begin before you end. ending things is no fun.

    By connor zanon on 09.20.2012

  22. i started at the begnning, a very good place to tart. Everything has to start at the beginning, life, thoughts, EVERyTHING!! The beginning may be seen as a new start a fresha start or a new thing all together.

    By L on 09.20.2012

  23. The announcer yells from his stand. Like horses out of the stalls we crash across the wet grass. We kill anyone that crosses our paths. Our goal, the glory of victory the last one alive. A victor will be crowned.

    By Kari Irun on 09.20.2012

  24. begin with a feather that flew off the cap of a young girl. she lost it from her hat and was devistated. Not knowing what to do next she went to her mother and told her about losing her lucky feather. What to do said her mother. She cried.

    By kelly on 09.20.2012

  25. we begin anew, fresh light crisp and whistling a morning blue. we begin whole, soulful and open as a sunrise.

    By Neelvar on 09.20.2012

  26. to begin something new is an extreme experience to say the least. as you stand over the edge looking down at your distant goal, heart pounding in your ears, nothing will ever look or feel the same, and in that moment you are invincible. but as incredible as that feeling is, nothing last for ever and beginning is just the next step towards the end.

    By Ferb kehoe URL on 09.20.2012

  27. this is how it starts. My pulse is beating a little faster every second. My face is getting warm, flush with anticipation. My hand starts to quiver; hard to tell if it’s nerves, or the usual culprit of too much coffee, not enough breakfast. I hope my pencil doesn’t break.

    By Rachel Walker on 09.20.2012

  28. The clock starts, the test begins, my heart pumps, I’m all nerves within. Hoping I won’t mess up this time, hoping I’ll do right, hoping I won’t shrink back, crippled due to fright.

    By Ellis on 09.20.2012

  29. I begin where I started, covered by blankets of past dreams waiting to be ripped into new nightmares. Every night is a new beginning for my mind to run rampant in the world of nether. These dreams rarely follow me into the waking world, and for that, I cry as I awaken.

    By Lexinethermore on 09.20.2012

  30. The beginning is always the hardest. You walk in and you don’t know what to do or who anyone is and nobody knows you either. Slowly, you travel to the back to avoid anyone and to wait for instruction. Awkward, helpless, ignorant. Beginnings suck. Especially when they’re over.

    By Vera Montreal on 09.20.2012

  31. I’m writing about the word “begin.” I’ve refreshed the page a couple of times in attempt to get a different word. I always get “begin.”

    By Shelby on 09.20.2012

  32. I begin the long, windy path beside the science building with the lampposts guiding my stumbling way. I hear the screams of people chasing one another, of the whims that nighttime offers. I clutch my folders closer and turn toward the coffee shop. I need a fix of something, I need to get away from feeling so small, so unimportant. The feeling dulls my brain; I don’t even want to cry. I just want to keep walking until the path before me gives up.

    By Marissa URL on 09.20.2012

  33. And so it began. The whirlpool of emotion, the lusty gazes, the fleeting moments of ecstasy, it was the beginning of the end.

    By carlyrenee on 09.20.2012

  34. Sometimes we don’t know where we are going. Sometimes we don’t even know where to begin. We don’t know if we should make the first move, we don’t know if we should hold back. We are blind to the obvious facts and try to escape the pain. We never feel like we will be able to love again—we never know if we will be able to start over again at the beginning..

    By Theresa on 09.20.2012

  35. Everything we know to have a beginning, has an end. Life. Books. Rope… Love?

    By Miki on 09.20.2012

  36. So let’s begin from yesterday.
    I was walking down the street when I saw her on the bus, just a glimpse of her, and immediately all of those memories I told myself I’d let go of, came back to me.
    The picnics, the sea trips, all those days I spent together, gone and back together in a moment, impossible to forget yet necessary to.
    I wonder if she saw me. I wonder if she still thinks of me.
    Who am I kidding? Of course she does.

    So I begin to walk towards her house.

    By asdf on 09.20.2012

  37. Here

    By Morgan on 09.20.2012

  38. as i begin to make my way across the room i feel a tingle going across my left leg. It hurt so badly. It felt like a bee stung my leg with the sharpest of all pins.

    By Kiara on 09.20.2012

  39. Today I begin again. I ran across an entry that said to not let what we see as success be the only success we see. Sometimes all we have to do is get the ball rolling and let God take over,

    By on 09.20.2012

  40. The beginning of spring is showing. Flowers bloom brightly with vibrant colours of the rainbow. A fresh layer of green grass has laid on every lawn, making every home ready for a spring cleaning session.

    By Hanna URL on 09.20.2012