September 24th, 2012 | 361 Entries

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361 Entries for “before”

  1. Before I woke up today I thought I would die
    Before they called me out of the darkness in my mind I thought I was already gone
    When you see the earths come forward too fast and then hear the screams of others in the distance slowly following you into a terrifying sleep

    By Taylor URL on 09.25.2012

  2. This is the same word I had before, ha ha. What will the next word be, after? So before I found this site I was thinking about resources for teachers to use at the Ed Tech Cadre. This could be used as a great “Before” class begins with a writing prompt.

    By h20drifter URL on 09.25.2012

  3. Before Hurricane Katrina, most people I know in New Orleans were much more materialistic than they are now (whether or not they were willing to admit is another story). 7 years later, most have simplified their lifestyles and priorities. Often it takes a horrific event to re-prioritize one’s values.

    By Missladylocs on 09.25.2012

  4. Before the world began I was there. Hidden, in the cracks.
    Before the end began I was there. On every map in every seam.

    By Cindi on 09.25.2012

  5. The land before time, WHAT A JOKE!!!! I MEAN, HOW CAN THERE BE A LAND BEFORE TIME?!?! It just doesn’t make sense!!!

    By Zachary Williams on 09.25.2012

  6. when i went to town it was dark, too dark to see anything at all. the lights had gone out – all the street lights. that orange glow had disappeared. rubbish lay in the streets, blown about nonchalantly by a lazy breeze, you could hear it, and feel it – plastic bags brushing against your legs.

    By rasl on 09.25.2012

  7. Before he came, my life was empty. The smiles, the laughter, the happiness wasn’t there. But, the day he fell in love with me and I fell in love with him, everything had changed from that destructive relationship I was trapped in before. Now, if anything, I was free. I was a sparrow flying, <3 Siempre Contigo <3

    By foost URL on 09.25.2012

  8. Before I came here I was only a small boy from a small farming village. There was no chance I could get an opportunity to be able to get into this place, but now I am, what do I do? Be like the rest.

    By Billy URL on 09.25.2012

  9. before i got up today morning i was dreaming about someone close to my heart, she said she’ll always be with me no matter what but when i woke up reality crashed on me and she was gone.

    By Twixted on 09.25.2012

  10. Before the day we parted twain, and I
    Suppressed my tears seeming unconsciously
    (Perhaps your wisdom, though, painted clearly
    Truths locked away from my own blind mind’s eye)
    I leapt between my thoughts as they chanced by
    My sleeping brain – thought woken fancily
    By selfish, haughty me – and carelessly
    Passed away hours of immortal supply.
    You loving silent stood and watched my play,
    Not ever

    By Julian Christopher Geritz URL on 09.25.2012

  11. Before I opened my eyes to the world, I was fairly happy. Not great, but happy. Now I can’t help but see the world for what it is.. and I don’t really like it. I guess I’m happy I opened my eyes. I was happy, but I was dumb..

    By Find X URL on 09.25.2012

  12. Before, everything was different. I was different. We were different. Before, for me, held promise–there was hope, things to look forward to. When everything happen, you broke that for me. I don’t have hope anymore. I don’t have promise. I have only the empty, aching hurt inside that you left me.

    By Sean on 09.25.2012

  13. Before you,
    I was nothing-
    I was empty
    I was lost.
    and then
    before we knew it
    everything thing we thought,
    was a dream
    became reality.
    was amazing
    we lived, laughed and loved
    one another
    and the music inside me
    came alive.
    and exploded from within me
    into a million colors
    and I could see
    oh, the sweetest feeling
    of just existing-
    and being human.
    Thank you, my dear
    for giving me that.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 09.25.2012

  14. Before I met him, I was miserable. He definitely woke something in me that brought some much happiness that I have not felt before in such a long time. I hate to think what things would be like without him. Before him, I was a completely different person.

    By Victoria Torrez URL on 09.25.2012

  15. before is what i dont have now. it’s gone. it’s yesterday. and i can do nothing about it. let me focus on after. it seems more promising. it allows me to understand my actions

    By rak on 09.25.2012

  16. Before the after. It’s never during. Before can be exciting. During can be painful. After can always share the joke of it all because there’s no longer anticipation nor the heavy lifting, it’s reflective.

    By John Komarek on 09.25.2012

  17. Who would put be and fore together? Its kinda weird. Just say it. beeefoorrree. weird right?

    By Thumbalina on 09.25.2012

  18. After is the first word i think of, i really don’t know what else to say! One day this guy was coming to our school and he was about to…

    By Steve-O on 09.25.2012

  19. It wasn’t long before i was making supper. I was making chicken but before i could start i needed to put olive oil in the pan and preheat it. I decided i needed to cut up the chicken to make a chicken salad.

    By michayla on 09.25.2012

  20. There is always a before to everything. Like something that causes a problem, you think to before it happened and try to figure what caused it. Other times it’s like a story, and you try to see what happened before to a character to turn out that particular way.

    By Bonnnie on 09.25.2012

  21. before buck went to the gas station he grabbed a 6 pack. When he got to the store he got gatorade. Then

    By Justin on 09.25.2012

  22. Before everything was like this, it was way different. Before there were even computers and all the technical stuff there was a whole different world. Before the people started to fight for everything and money. Before there were even bombs.

    By Vetel on 09.25.2012

  23. Before I forget to tell you I love you!” as he hit her in the head with the shovel

    By SamB on 09.25.2012

  24. Before I was born my mom endured a lot during the nine months I got to keep her company. I gave her back pain, she gained a lot of weight, and her ankles grew huge. Not to mention the constant nausea. However, with all that to endure my mom really loved me and was really excited to see me. Now she has a great relationship with a great daughter that she bonded with since day one in the tummy.

    By Hanny on 09.25.2012

  25. once before time had even exsisted one exsisted supreme above all that didnt exsist. in a time before buck richardsion could drink his first beer. in a time before a bllack guy could even go near the white house.

    By Butch on 09.25.2012

  26. One day before school a small child went to wait for the bus. She walked out in the street and got hit by the bus. The End.

    By Magestic on 09.25.2012

  27. I always right about before, whenever I go to school before 1st period my mom says I love you. My dog at home always goes to the bathroom before he comes inside the house. My biggest fear is missing the first bell and getting a tardy before the semester tests.

    By Rodney on 09.25.2012

  28. Before I could stop him the gun made a cracking sound and the man in white collapsed in front of Ray Charles. Ray then made a jump for the gun, setting it off again and blowing out his lower abdomin

    By Ayrtina on 09.25.2012

  29. Before I felt better. I had friends and family that surrounded me. I did not know just how much they meant to me before I left home.

    By Cory Clasby on 09.25.2012

  30. before i met sam, i was very much myself. very lonely, i think. wanted to be in love again. was scared to be. before i met sam, i was sure of the world. before i met sam, i believed in love. i believed in fate. before i met sam, i was happy. before i met sam, i thought i would love to meet sam.

    By rebecca on 09.25.2012

  31. He laughed. Loud. This girl was still hilarious. She shouldn’t have been. She should have been upset and terrified. But she was nothing of the like.
    Yeah, she wasn’t what one would call sane. At least not completly. But she wasn’t as broken as him. Maybe not broken at all.
    She made him feel calm and colected. Nothing like what she made him feel before, but she put him out of his madness.

    By soil on 09.25.2012

  32. I was nice, mindlessly caring. Now I and my orange eyed boy are dead. I’m disappearing

    By Maria on 09.25.2012

  33. Before I knew you, I was happy. After I knew you, I was even happier. I don’t miss the before in my life, not now, not ever. We forge on.

    By Bethany URL on 09.25.2012

  34. Before I saw the bear, I thought to myself how nice today had been.

    Leave the office, go on a walk, do some exploring.

    Now I’m staring down a fucking bear. Where’s my camera. Wrong brain. Run. No.
    Shit. Too Late.


    By matthew on 09.25.2012

  35. Six months ago she smiled, a sun shining through the curtain of her hair, and I would push the curtains away, tucked behind her seashell ears. Sometimes a strand would stick to my lipgloss and come between our kisses, but no time did I mind. Her shampoo always smelled not sweet, not poppy-like, but like something you would throw in a kettle of hot water, and drink when the lemonade stand is packed up, when the wooden planks echo a wet forest. One day I walked by a store and saw a ribbon the color of tea leaves, and the next it was tied around the curtain, baring her face to the world. The sun shined on me again, and the background music played like a thank you.

    Now she puts her hair up in that same ribbon, but she wouldn’t be able to tell you where it was from.

    By h. b. URL on 09.25.2012

  36. then I went to look my daughter…. she was death…. as my whole family…. I couldn’t believe that… all those memories left me…. empty… just as I started….without anything …. without you…. now… where do I have to start?

    By Valentina Flores T. (tinableu) URL on 09.25.2012

  37. Before you act upon something you must spend considerable thought on our plan. Who will be impacted, why are the consequences of our action.

    By Blawson on 09.25.2012

  38. I was gone, I will be back! I was tired of doing the same old thing so now I have to do something different! Everything will be better in a couple of months I am sure of that! This is my week for transformation!

    By Dianne Sosa on 09.25.2012

  39. there use to be a lot of things she disliked as a child. but she grew up. everyone has to, eventually.

    but something that didn’t change–something that stayed the same as before, as always–was her humor. it grew too, more refined, more adult. but, mostly, it stayed the same.

    By pidgeon URL on 09.25.2012

  40. Before there was endless road with her brother and father, countless jobs, usual portion of life-threatening dandger.

    By Tacent URL on 09.25.2012