May 7th, 2013 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “beer”

  1. I’ve never drank beer.
    I don’t plan to drink beer.
    I don’t judge people who drink beer.
    Beer is good in moderation.
    I know someone who almost killed themselves with beer.
    I love him.
    I don’t want beer to take his life.

    By Breezeway URL on 05.08.2013

  2. A frosty tale is always told,
    in memories forgotten old.

    A mystery of what we did,
    who the strangers were we kissed.

    Able bodies slowly turned rank,
    by liquid poison in their drinks.

    A death wish? Long term,
    maybe so.

    Even though they boast of life.

    By Josh URL on 05.08.2013

  3. Beer.
    Oh Beer.
    I wish I didn’t give you up.
    It brought me some cheer to drink beer.
    Its clear, however, that beer has given me this belly…

    Beer… why must you be beer.


    Very soon,

    I’ll cheer with beer again

    By Christopher URL on 05.08.2013

  4. I love beer. I enjoy drinking it in the company of myself, my best friends, and even strangers. Beer brings people together in ways that other things sometimes cannot. I love the happy go lucky, honest feelings I get when I drink beer. A good IPA never hurt anyone, after all. Unless it gave someone alcohol poisoning I guess, or if they fell down some stairs drunk.

    By Nora on 05.08.2013

  5. i only denied him
    because i was drunk.

    i am also the reason that

    drunk countertop dancing,
    drunk driving,
    and drunk murdering

    are no longer admissible crimes.
    the guy can hold a grudge.

    sorry about that.

    By h. b. URL on 05.08.2013

  6. I need it. I need it desperately, or I will suffocate in this crowded, too-hot room. I need it to cool me down and clear my throat, not to mention my head of my silly unselfconsciousness.

    By TP on 05.08.2013

  7. The music was loud, girls flirting with guys, and beer. Everywhere.
    I turned to whisper a snide insult about Gianna, the school slut and my archnemesis, who was cornering every guy she could find to April, but she wasn’t there.
    I scanned the room, trying to see if she had gone after Mark, her longtime boyfriend. But I couldn’t find her. Or him. Which, due to Mark’s abusive background, make me very nervous. Whipping my head side to side, intent on finding April, I see Luke coming over to me, obviously worried. I only have to say ‘April is missing and I have no idea where Mark went’ to let him know how serious this situation was.
    Even Luke, Mark’s best friend, knew how Mark got, and how naive April is for going out with him. I grabbed Luke’s hand and ran through the crowd. She had to be here somewhere. People always seem to get in your way when you really need to get to someplace. People shoving their way in between our path, whistling and giving sexual comments on what they thought we were rushing to do. But no. We were looking for a seventeen year old girl who literally dressed up as generic as can be for a party. With a white tank top, blue jean short shorts and a long blonde ponytail, I could end up searching for her all night, assuming she was still at the party.
    My thoughts wander to Mark, and how if he touches a finger on April I will personally hurt him. WIth the football and basketball teams by my side, of course. I feel like my mother saying this, but I told her so. I told her that Mark was trouble, and his past was enough to prove it, but no. She HAD to.
    “Juliette!” I snap around and see Luke calling to me. I had been so lost in my thoughts that I hadn’t realized that Luke had lost me in the crowd.
    I get distracted for a moment, watching Luke push past other people to get to me. His light brown hair, matching mine, and how his blue eyes look great with his light blue tee shirt and his tan khakis. Being me, I have had a lot of guys come up and ask me out, some models, like myself. But there is something different with Luke. It’s…magical.
    “Juliette, you need to slow down and explain to me the last time you saw April and Mark. If they had any fights or she was acting differently for the past few days.” Luke’s face is dead serious, so much different than his usual ‘casual yet happy’ face that is super adorable.
    I take a deep breath and retrace my steps. April, Victoria, Sierra, Katie and I entered Amber’s house at around 10:30, so maybe half an hour ago. The wannabees, or as we call them the Bees, lushed about my blue shorts and how well they went with my eyes, a perfect match. That’s what I’m known for. My eyes are icy blue, and when I’m mad, I’ve been told deadly. I answered Amber’s text, replying that we are here, thus the party arriving, and she met us in the living room. The girls and I ditch the Bees, and Victoria, Sierra and Katie go outside to the pool, where April and I promise to meet them soon. We had just walked into the den, when everything began to go sour.
    Luke nods while I describe the scene, taking in every detail he can. We both agree to split up and search the house,meeting in the kitchen in 15 minutes. I go to outside, where I spot Victoria, Sierra and Katie laughing in a group. They all notice me and wave me over, and their laughing ceases and they peel away from the group, noticing my expression. I explain the situation, and everyone is shocked. I justify my reasoning that Mark has something to do with April’s disappearance, and Sierra’s face turns stone cold.
    “Well, that is a good theory, but it’s not possible.” Sierra says, “I say it’s not possible because….I was with Mark from after we got outside to right now.” As this news sinks in, we all aren’t focusing on why Sierra was with Mark.
    If Sierra was with Mark for this long,then who took April?

    By misnia URL on 05.08.2013