July 3rd, 2016 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “beach”

  1. The beach is bittersweet. I love the water. I hate the sand. I love the immensity and wonder of looking out from shore and seeing a horizon that symbolizes something more beyond our reach…

    By Joel Dyer on 07.03.2016

  2. He passes the joint to me, his dreads tied back with scarf. “You sista” he mutters. I look at this man named Rasta, this Haitian beach, and I think how far from home Ive really come.

    By Eli on 07.03.2016

  3. The beach was as quiet as the graveyard near my house. Not even the wind, though I could feel it on my face, seem to whisper or sing or howl as it bristled the cuffs of my dress shirt and scattered sand across my jeans. I found a rock to perch on, opened up the ziploc bag that my father had given me, and emptied its contents out into the dune.

    They were funny to look at, all clumped together in patches. Pearls and rubies and sapphires, all once belonging to my mother.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.03.2016

  4. The creature rose up from the sea and advanced toward the beach not filled with thousands of terrorized tourists running for their lives.The creature’s webbed foot came down on an overweight man who had fallen in the sand.

    By Scott Moore URL on 07.03.2016

  5. Palm trees gently sway in the breeze as waves rise to kiss the shores, dotted with white seashells the way edelweiss dots the Alps.

    By B on 07.03.2016

  6. The beach was strangely deserted. The brochures had offered pictures of dazzling white sands and sky blue waters, but during the rainy season, all the sand had to offer was whatever had been thrown into it was now coming back. Pieces of plastic and dead jelly fish littered the edge of the sand and sea.

    By chanpheng URL on 07.03.2016

  7. Beach is amazing. There’s sand everywhere. Sand is squishy! I really want to watch Finding Dory. Apparently it’s really good. But in my opinion, it sounds really sad… and I don’t like it already. I don’t usually go to the beach during the summer because I have classes everyday. It’s really fun when I went there though.

    By Henry on 07.03.2016

  8. today i went to the beach. the sun was glowing while i read but eventually i fell asleep and the clouds took over. it was sandy and my legs were covered, and i drove home like that. when i got to work my legs were still covered in sand and i had to brush it off in the trash can. later when i took out the trash i laughed at myself.

    By Camille Sacristan on 07.03.2016

  9. The sand is so white, it’s almost silver. It’s almost radiant. It’s blinding. I swing my feet over the edge of the railing and let my toes dip into it. It’s icy cold, and I shiver, pulling my jacket closer. I look up at the point where the radiant sand meets the midnight black ocean. Pitch black. The water – soft and still, so much more quiet than in the day – is much darker than the sky. The sky is blue – a very dark blue, studded with billions of glittering stars – but blue nonetheless. It’s the ocean that’s truly black.

    By Archanza URL on 07.03.2016

  10. The waters crashed violently against the shore, nearly flooding the beach and getting onto the street. Heavy rain slapped the cracked pavement of the forgotten city, once populated with people from all across the globe.

    By TheSolomander on 07.03.2016

  11. Water kissed sand as tears fell from her eyes, barely able to keep them open as they filled with tears. She allowed the sea fringe to circle her ankles, her hand opening to allow the letters to fall into the waters with a splash, the ink bleeding out.

    By Sharna on 07.03.2016

  12. beach, is it referring to first instance it appeared by breach.. than when i pronounce it sounds in hindi which meaning between….

    By vivek on 07.04.2016

  13. “I have a confession to make,” Tabatha gasped as the water lapped at her collarbones.
    Ashley hummed, basking in the sun, her hair floating around her like a cloud of red.
    “I can’t swim.”

    By savvadrokki URL on 07.04.2016

  14. The beach, where land and water meet. The line where I’m always standing in my dreams, looking at the waves. It’s one of those places I will always love. Something about the beach means summer. Something about summer means, light and life.

    By ToniCezeal URL on 07.04.2016

  15. Sarita said to shekhar “why don’t you take a long walk on the beach?”. Long walks reminded both of them the time they spent taking long walks during college. Memories came flooding Saritha and Shekhar’s minds.

    By Nandana Bommareddy on 07.04.2016

  16. its warm. its soft. its peaceful. like her.
    its rage. its wind. its curious. like her.
    its beauty, its fearing.
    its everything and more.

    By cait on 07.04.2016

  17. the sweetest hello. and hardest goodbye.

    By littlegreendinosaur URL on 07.04.2016

  18. beach is the most beautiful place to visit . it is very good place to be at during it relaxes us and we feel all the problems sink into the ocean right there with the is good to play at the beach.

    By alen on 07.04.2016

  19. Sand in her hair, sand in bikini top, and she could feel tiny grains of annoyance slipping into her bikini bottoms. The lifeguard slipping her tongue was hot, but not enough to distract her from the thought that sex on the beach was terribly overrated.

    By YOLO4Sho URL on 07.04.2016

  20. The sand slipped silently underneath her bare feet as she tiptoed, an absurd thing to do. It’s not like sand makes noise, really. And it wasn’t like tip-toeing was going to prevent him from hearing her traverse the sand. He saw her almost instantly.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 07.04.2016

  21. Most kids were on the beach. That’s all they had to do now. If not on the beach they were at the swimming pool. If not at the swimming pool at the beach. The heat of the sun had burnt away thoughts of the academic year in the south of Spain.

    By Steve O URL on 07.04.2016

  22. Living at Zuma Beach in Malibu wasn’t what I though it would be. Nothing like you see in the movies. More breath taking when the full moon rolled the waves in at high tide pounding the shore. My first full moon there I rolled off the bed in the middle of the night thinking the waves were crashing into my bedroom. The sound was so loud!

    By Sister Golden Hair on 07.04.2016

  23. She looked out to the horizon to be greeted by a warm breeze. Her eyes set upon the vast beauty called the ocean. For she wished to run out and be greeted by the salt waters coldness but she knew some things just couldn’t happen. So instead she looked towards the body sitting next to her. The boy who had hair the color of sand. The boy whose eyes held the ocean’s tides. The boy who did this to her.

    By tsering URL on 07.04.2016

  24. one word was all he said, but it was enough. Nobody moved when he spoke. They didn’t even breath. they just stopped cold and waited

    By ken sander on 07.04.2016

  25. the sand wrinkles around my toes and i watch the water rush up and recede and i wish for life to always flow so evenly

    By Hannah Twomey on 07.04.2016

  26. So He went there and what he saw was like a dream for him.. He had never come to a beach before.. All the beauty and nature. The next thing he thought was to be there with her.

    By vasudha virmani on 07.04.2016

  27. I smelled the slightly typical mouldy seaweed that was caressing the soft sand. The sand that was cold and fine. Half crushed seashells of different sizes were rocking against some mini bays formed in the sand. The sun was dizzy and the air crisp yet you could tell the day was going to be hot.

    Just as if you were in the shade , sun yet to get to warm your side of the beach up. Seagulls and other smaller birds were fighting for the same target, some dead fish a fisher had left from the day before.

    The sea was calm, yet in a few hours the beach would be visited by the locals living up the hill . Neighbours that has the view over the bay in every weather. The local cat wandered about aimlessly near the leafy part at the top of the beach. It was still night time for him. In pursuit of a little mouse or perhaps a bird.

    By Empress on 07.04.2016

  28. Ah, the beach, what a wonderful place to be.
    To relax and have fun in the deep blue sea.
    Where the sun never ceases to shine
    and where people always have a good time.

    By Philip Inetski URL on 07.04.2016

  29. I went to the beach last year. I thought it could be an amazing time to enjoy the sunny, but unfortunately it rained everyday day and it was impossible to see the sea.

    By JU on 07.04.2016

  30. When I think of the beach I think of OBX where the entore family used to go every eyar – all 19 of us – in one huge house spending the whole week together – eating, drinking, listening to music, dancing,pleaying, it was the best time. Too bad this year we all won’t make it there otgether

    By lamaestra URL on 07.04.2016

  31. I love the beach. It’s so beautiful here in Barbados. I wish I could stay at the beach forever. I love the breeze, the sand, the picturesque views. So calming. So wonderful.

    By DiandraC URL on 07.04.2016

  32. I love the beach. Best place in Barbados to feel free. So beautiful and cozy. Tranquility. Happiness. The beach means everything to me.

    By DiandraC URL on 07.04.2016

  33. beach it is place where the people meeting for talking and playing. It is a very

    By Robson Santos on 07.04.2016