March 1st, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “basic”

  1. The most simple things in life come to you when you least expect them. It is those things you want to remember forever.

    By Becca on 03.01.2011

  2. Basic things in life are neccessary. There is food, water, and love. I find it odd, but it is truth that we all need that. If we all love, we all are filled. Just as if food satisfies the stomach with basic nutrients, love can satisfy the soul with basic emotion.

    By Ian Flowers on 03.01.2011

  3. life is not basic
    but i heard life is worth it
    why cant guys be basic?
    it make everything so much easyer….
    I just want a guy to be basic

    By JayDee URL on 03.01.2011

  4. Basic. It is the start of everything. In math, there is the basics; addition and such. Same with English, for root words and just knowing how to read. Same with everything you’ve ever learned, it all comes from the basics. So after we learn the basics, couldn’t we just stop?

    By Courtney. URL on 03.01.2011

  5. The most basic thing you can do for yourself is to survive. You can survive all sorts of ways. Survival can mean just continuing to breath every day, or it can mean persevering. But I think surviving means living everyday and always remember that your life is a miracle, and that you should make the most of the most basic gift you will ever receive.

    By besia Friedel URL on 03.01.2011

  6. i know the basics.. magentic lasso, magic wand, paint bucket tool, but sometimes even the basic things can trip you up. the simplest seeming things in life always find a way to become the most difficult. photoshop: why you be so mean?

    By Adriana URL on 03.01.2011

  7. It’s time to go back to the basics. I want you. You want me. We cannot be together, so it’s useless to think about. Ugh. Why does it have to be so basic?

    By Maci M. on 03.01.2011

  8. easy. understandable. fundamental. Not complex, something in its simplest form. The first step in learning is to learn the basics.

    By Graham on 03.01.2011

  9. The basic necessities-deep breaths, love, nourishment, water. Maybe add a little bit of sweat. The basics equal a full day. A full heart. A sound sleep. Sweet dreams-a basic desire.

    By Katie G URL on 03.01.2011

  10. there is some basic ideas about what constitutes decency. I feel like we need to be reschooled in the basic ideas.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 03.01.2011

  11. how conventional. at a time i really was getting down the the basics of all my creativity. referring to the originality which designated me to be an artist. basic. pure and simple. then everything spirals out from that point.

    By MeganEK URL on 03.01.2011

  12. We always go back to our basic needs, dear always.

    By lilldeh on 03.01.2011

  13. Because I’ve never been basic. Basic would be pink and painted.

    By nh on 03.01.2011

  14. Basic needs. Basic foods. Basic colors. Basic stuff. Simple things. Easy. Not fundamental. Beginning stages. Basic potion making in first year versus advanced potion making in 6th year (HP!!) :D Things like that.

    By ~ExpectoPatronum~ URL on 03.01.2011

  15. We have to get back to basics. The world is getting too complicated; we are getting too wound up in ourselves. And that’s how we lose ourselves–how we feel sad, depressed, anxious, like things are out of control. If we get back to basics, we can find ourselves again.

    By Jillian on 03.01.2011

  16. I had never learned the basic lessons of human life; I had skipped over them in my need to grow up, in my desperate urgency for the power to hold together a family that had been splitting for years and years before my birth. I taught myself how to care about others by reading about characters in books; I took my love from Polly, my courage from Harry, my never-ending hope from all of the friends I made. I watched movies in which families stuck together through thick and thin and girls fell in love with boys who were able. I found out for myself what was normal and what made me weird. I skipped the basics and learned instead the adult necessities; and now I find myself unable to express myself, to give up, to step aside.

    By Ashley URL on 03.01.2011

  17. a word that describes usual and easy regular tasks. it reminds me of the military though. like, basic training. but it describes the usual first steps to need to know.

    By laice on 03.01.2011

  18. this is a basic world. you live. you breath. you see. you love. you grow. you bond. you have basic needs. so does everyone. you are not the only living person out there.

    By stylish kuri on 03.01.2011

  19. simple, something easy to understand. not complex. a skill that all should know or be able to understand. the lowest level. nothing to thing less of. steps. easy. appealing for all. one.

    By amber on 03.01.2011

  20. We have to get back to basics. The world is getting too complicated; we are getting too wound up in ourselves. And that’s how we lose ourselves–how we feel sad, depressed, anxious, like things are out of control. If we get back to basics–family, love, fun, relaxation, rest–we can find ourselves again.

    By oneiriq URL on 03.01.2011

  21. it’s so simple really the very basis of everything. if we could just all get back to what we are meant to be, to our simple roots, we would find something so pure and beautiful about who we really are. it is our foundation that we establish deep within our souls of who we are to become in the world before we are every actualized as a human being. it is simple. it is pure. it is what is the most right about anything that will every exist. it just is.

    By Mary on 03.01.2011

  22. basically, this world seems like an illusion sometimes. Too good to be true; too bad to stand. Escape into a world where things tend to make sense more, such as a book, movie, or even a dream. There they make sense in the moment, unlike this world… basically.

    By Lane Collision URL on 03.01.2011

  23. basic

    By Cassie on 03.01.2011

  24. Back to the basics. I am boy you are girl. Lets be amazing. No more of these crazy knots that just slip like shoe laces. No more of these crazy girls who like double knots! I’m the only boy in your life.

    By Peter Z URL on 03.01.2011

  25. This is basically the third time I have used this entry. For whatever reason I am not getting a new word. So basic seems to be the word of choice. Basically I am not sure what to expect.

    By jendar URL on 03.01.2011

  26. Ok I’m gonna go military on you. To us “Airmen”, “basic” is the term we use when speaking of the 6 to 8 week period of hell and torture that we experience at the very beginning of our Air Force career…short for basic training AKA Boot Camp.

    By Corinne on 03.01.2011

  27. Basic. If only my mind could be that! Free of complexity, it’s own creation – a spider caught in a self woven web. I want to kick the mind and it’s layers and become basic – again, a rock, a flower, a squirrel, a shark, an elephant. Basically living.

    By Harvinder URL on 03.01.2011

  28. So many people are living so fast and depend on to much. I would love to just get back to the basics you know old school. Things were so easier then.

    By Shanae Miller on 03.01.2011

  29. elementary and broken down to the bare essentials, totally stripped of its adjectives. the building blocks of complexity, the foundation of illustration. a concept.

    By zac on 03.01.2011

  30. What we need to live, and enjoy life. Wonderful people, food, love, shelter, and dreams.
    My life is basic, and I’m happy for that.

    By Juliette URL on 03.01.2011

  31. Simple. Basic. Stiped down from all uneeded. No more. Simplicity.
    The bare necessatiy. No uneeded. All you need. All you pack.

    By Emily on 03.01.2011

  32. The basics. What are they? Well I guess it really all depends. Some people think that basic is easy, but really it is not always so simple. Basic is a foundation, a beginning.

    By Annie Larsen on 03.01.2011

  33. math and the hspa test and geometry class i’m not in and the alphabet and not chess and not alexander and idk really what to write. acids are not basic umm isn’t bleach a base?

    By ella on 03.01.2011

  34. What’s basic about life?
    Life is basic training.
    How long does it take to get the basics down?
    Basically it’s how you live your life.
    Because a scene is cute.

    By Veronica URL on 03.01.2011

  35. simple, boring as ever not even cool. Basic things are sometimes fun and easy but not really because after awhile you will start to wonder what the hell you did with your life and why you are here in the first place. The point is to be bold, not to sit around stinking like a dirty rotten somethin’ or another. Just easy- Nothin’ else?

    By jenna on 03.01.2011

  36. Basic necessities… love, light, connection, life, breathing in all that is being and wondering what it is that comes next – because it will. Wondering without thought is the real trick. Wondering, with wonder, just be

    By Akira Dawn URL on 03.01.2011

  37. is what there is before analysis begets deeper thoughts on the subject, device, idea or concept. It is alone and is a start; the alpha of…something else. That’s all it is. Basic.

    By Blake on 03.01.2011

  38. My life is basic. I don’t do anything extraordinary, and I am not an extraordinary person. I wear sweats when its cold, and t-shirts when it’s warm, nothing shnazzy. I just do what I do. Basically.

    By Katelyn URL on 03.01.2011

  39. Get the basic stuff down: love, honesty, peace, courage. After these you can do pretty much anything you want.i

    By MissNia on 03.01.2011

  40. The basic idea of respect and concern for others seems to have become a thing of the past. I miss the days when we listened to each other and truly kept other’s best interests at heart, even if we disagreed. The behavior of our governor disgusts me. I disagree with his ideals, but his disregard for the people of this state makes me want to cry.

    By Heather URL on 03.01.2011