August 23rd, 2009 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “bars”

  1. Bars are an excellent place to drink, socialize or equally be alone. Find a good bar and it can be like an extension to your home, comfortable and warming with people you like, or a refuge from the day’s toil and a chance to unwind or relax. This doesn’t even have to involve alcohol.

    By caged_devil on 08.24.2009

  2. Behind these bars the lonely bird sits, looking through the window at the outside world that was denied to him. His wings brutally cut, he shies away from this big mean world that should have been his home.

    By Karin on 08.24.2009

  3. A place to drink and talk and socialize. It is interesting to think that the basic unit of society for some is the bar because its the only general public place. Compare to a town square or a market.

    By Nikon on 08.24.2009

  4. i like bars they help you meet people and forget other its the perfect place to be wen things get heavy. though sometimes i just forget where i am or what happened… so id rather prefer a bar to hold stuff on or exercise.

    By mativo on 08.24.2009

  5. There’s nothing that makes me more socially uncomfortable than bars. I always feel the pressure to socialize with others. But usually I just want my beer.

    By nobody on 08.24.2009

  6. They were cold to the touch, cold and sterile. They were not happy, and reeked of the long days and hours i’d be sitting staring at them. They reminded my of all that went wrong in my life, and it served as a constant rememberance that i may never get out of these jail bars and see the light of day ever again.

    By kasyn on 08.24.2009

  7. they accompany us musically, they get us tipsy and make us a little foolish. If you put too many around yourself you’ll never learn to live.

    By Jo on 08.24.2009

  8. I dont drink much. I want to sometimes.But that sensation of lack of control is never too welcome in my life. I wish i could be a bartender. Everyones friend. Looks out for everyone. Instead i am a friendless girl that is sober

    By Claire on 08.24.2009

  9. Stinky, horrible places to give birth. Full of sad people trying to escape from life and ruining it. The young people are there just to get trashed, hook up with someone and enjoy a night of regret.

    By Korali on 08.24.2009

  10. Bars…are everyplace. Following me…my own. Other’s. Does not matter. I would like to break these bars. Are they made of my fears? My hopes? My…what?

    By Matthew Devall on 08.24.2009

  11. bars remind me of shitty drunken times in my life where i had nothing but the parties and alcohol. they are horrible places to meet people of the opposite sex. i was once told once i turned 21 i would meet lots of guys. yeah i did but they sucked and only wanted sex. stupid stupid people.

    By sarah on 08.24.2009

  12. won’t find true love in bars.

    By serge on 08.24.2009

  13. as soon as i come in, i will propably feel like i’m somebody else completely. i take a beer. and a seat. and look around. wow.

    By jana on 08.24.2009

  14. let the ocean rage and the winds blow, but the bars of my cage remain, for none can free me from my prison, my earthly chains remain in tow. This is not my choice, nor am I at fault, there is no cause for the suffering which I could live without. So hold me fast, bars of my cell, protect me from all that rages against me.

    By Mitch Keim on 08.24.2009

  15. I’ve spent a lot of time in bars in my youth. Had a lot of fun in bars then backseats of cars. Men promised a trip to Mars. Hah. I can get there myself.

    By connie on 08.24.2009

  16. Wounds leak,
    With tears of burnt desire,
    Alcoholic rivers,
    Pain in rage.

    These bars keep you,
    Its a prison of honesty,
    Painful, torturous,
    Blunt honesty.

    And no more can be said,
    The truth lies in blurred vision,
    You only ever said what was on your mind,
    When you couldn’t think through the haze.

    By Meg on 08.24.2009

  17. I’m trapped behind bars. Only I can take them down. I thought I had come so far…

    By k on 08.24.2009

  18. the bars are in front of me, blocking my site of the world and I can’t see right. They block my view of the sun. They cross hatch my world. I am knawing aat the bars, trying to get through them, but they are solid and iron and grey and I can’t knaw through them. I can’t break them, I will just have to get skinny enough to slide through.

    By Diane on 08.24.2009

  19. shooting bars, bars in jail cells, mars bars, bar none, bar all, bare your soul tell all, clarissa explains it all, pall mall, balls to the wall, we all fall, down
    it’s too hot.

    By lauren on 08.24.2009

  20. The bars were crowded as she was walking down the street. People were everywhere and the road was littered with filth. She didn’t want to be seen there but she kept walking anyway. Skimpy dressed women eyed her from accross the street. The envied her clean look.

    By Kelsey on 08.24.2009

  21. The bars are held onto by sticky child-hands and sweaty parents. Teenagers lean against them nonchalantly, looking bored. The paint is peeling, and revealing a gritty black underneath the bright red. The people wait for the next set of cars.

    By Mo on 08.24.2009

  22. bars are excelent places to relax. working all day, srtresing all day. men, you really need a beer, a meeangles conversation and random people around you at the end of the day. hell, maybe you,ll meet someone nice.

    By helena on 08.24.2009