November 30th, 2018 | 22 Entries

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22 Entries for “barrier”

  1. an item set up to stop you from moving forward. something that keeps me from reaching a goal. an excuse. a reason not to do something. a stop point. a physical wall. something that is in my way. also can be a way to protect myself.

    By Kelly on 11.30.2018

  2. A physical wall keeping me from getting into something I want. A mental block. Something put in my way to keep me from reaching my goals. A metaphor for why I can’t get things done. An excuse. Can also be a way to protect me from the outside.

    By Kelly Budnick on 11.30.2018

  3. The thing that prevents you from going places and doing things.

    By David M. on 11.30.2018

  4. you stay yourself
    you change the same
    is there money
    in this morbid game
    you sell yourself
    the meme to maim
    your barrier
    is sensible
    you present yourself
    as a vapid hole

    By matt m on 11.30.2018

  5. barriers tend to keep us away from our objectives. some barriers are small and some large. these barriers tend to be large the larger one’s goals and all worthwhile goals tend to have large barriers.

    By haniff URL on 11.30.2018

  6. can some one tell me how to get to second word? i am stuck at word barrier

    By haniff URL on 11.30.2018

  7. done with this. next one please

    By haniff URL on 11.30.2018

  8. Is the barrier between us an invisible gold band? Is it a paper hierarchy that places me at the bottom and you at the top? Is it your inability to be vulnerable without challenging the person you’re being vulnerable to?

    By Fox Hedgehog on 11.30.2018

  9. My mind is open for those who can understand it but, my soul is harder to reach.
    A barrier is up with signs saying “come in peace”, as if all others are foreign and bound to impede on my many years of healing. But, when you got my mind you heard my soul, and when you saw the barrier you climbed that wall to show me not all peace comes from within.

    So, thank you for vibrating with me.

    By VEH URL on 11.30.2018

  10. I feel as if an invisible barrier holds me back from the treasure chest. I can almost smell the pine of the wood, catch a glimpse of gold beneath its heavy lid. I want to hear it creak open so badly. But my palms are flat against glass I can’t see, and the reward I desperately desire just sits there, taunting me.

    If only I had a sword or an axe or a chainsaw. But then again, I think this is all impervious to physical weapons.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.30.2018

  11. The barrier prevented the people from getting to one side from the other, not allowing people to be reunited with their families, that idiot Trump building that wretched wall… families crying. Babies sobbing. Horrible.

    By M B on 11.30.2018

  12. Running. I was running for my life and I had no idea how I was going to escape.
    Something was following me from behind; I didn’t know who, or what, but I needed to run.
    I turned down an ally, hoping to lose it, but I stopped in my tracks as a barrier blocked my way to freedom.

    By Alana Caines on 11.30.2018

  13. feeling bad
    is just that the way we all feel right now
    happiness is a barrier
    between the normal and the maladjusted
    or is that just an idiom to which we subscribe
    is a momentary, fleeting glimpse
    into a smile
    a norm
    or the subject of poetry
    a unique knock on capitalism
    or the human condition?

    By matt m on 11.30.2018

  14. a funeral for someone who has passed away that was very close to your heart

    By muskan on 11.30.2018

  15. This girl I was trying to get to open up, to talk to me, whose sister had been raped and murdered, she had built up a barrier between herself and the world. It wasn’t just me, it was everyone. She’d dropped her friends, she wouldn’t talk to her parents, she stopped going to school. When she was forced to go, she stayed mute in class, in the hallways, in the principal’s office. She’d never once cried, according to her mother, and she’d insisted that she and her mother throw out all her sister’s belongings. She wrote her mother a note to that effect. Of course, the mother hid them away in the attic, but then went she went to look at them, the girl had found them, and they were gone. The family was a mess. The rapist was long gone, or else under our noses but invisible there. I think what the girl had done was set up a barrier between herself and the truth. What was the truth? It was never clear.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.30.2018

  16. Wooden, steel, obstacles everywhere. climber, hanging by fingertips, overcoming the titanic blockade before me. strong, fast, steady…. win that race like a champ

    By SDMason URL on 12.01.2018

  17. The past was a barrier between them, but he saw no other option except to break it down. Life without her would be too painful to endure. Did she agree?

    By DK on 12.01.2018

  18. at a time its llike a miracle to enjoy it this much

    By slowboy URL on 12.01.2018

  19. The blond boy slaps a hand against the glass, palm stinging as it collides with the barrier. But he doesn’t care. All he cares about is the girl sitting behind the glass, handcuffed and blindfolded, yelling his name and not even knowing that he is literally inches away from her. He watches again as the bastards douse her in icy water, drenching her even more, and press the electric jacks to her skin. He wants nothing more than to break free, to punch every man in the room and carry her far, far away from this hellhole, but she’d gotten too cocky. Had gotten caught when she’d lifted from the Grand Thief’s purse. And, like an idiot, he’d tried to stand up for her. So here they were – both being tortured in their own way.

    After fifteen more minutes, they let her go and she slumps, practically boneless, to the floor.

    The boy slides down the glass, the skin of his palms broken and bleeding.

    By fox_face on 12.01.2018

  20. I should take this barrier that is making it hard to do my work, turn it on its side, and stand it between you and I. It’s tempting to answer your lines with lines, but I have work to do, and I can’t waste my time on you.

    By Ella Emma Em on 12.01.2018

  21. I crossed over the barrier that was in front of the old, ruined house. “Frick,” I said, tripping over a rock and scratching my knee. My boyfriend, Jayden, grabbed my arm, pulled me up, and hugged me.
    “Are you okay,” he asked. I nodded, smiling at him. I was really glad he was there. If he wasn’t I probably wouldn’t have gone through what I was about to do.
    “I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” I muttered, looking up at him.
    “What do you mean,” he replied. I looked at the ground.
    “Breaking and entering,” was my answer.

    By Suzie on 12.01.2018

  22. simple sayings simple thoughts keep the barrier realistic and formidable, and at the same time i can’t find shit. i can’t find any of it. doomed and damned to recycle and dwindle each time. i wear this curse until i find the nerve to sit and shed. over and over again, the barrier, stand down; open yourself retched block.

    By smurfstoestar URL on 12.01.2018