November 8th, 2016 | 39 Entries

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39 Entries for “banker”

  1. Jim peered over the rims of his tortoise shell glasses at the woman standing at his teller’s station.
    “Ma’am, I cannot simply allow you to withdraw several million dollars in cash right now, it’s just -”

    “I need that money now!” the woman interjected. Jim hated days like this. Tedious, filled with people who refused to listen to basic logic.

    “Ma’am, we’re a small, regional branch of a larger national bank. Even if our policy didn’t require several days notice of a cash withdrawal of the size you are requesting, we simply don’t have that kind of cash on hand at this branch of the bank. I would be happy to-”

    “No!” The woman screamed. “I need it now!”

    This was going to be a very long day.

    By Connor URL on 11.08.2016

  2. The city banker was a very nice and honest man, and also very helpful.

    By Josiah URL on 11.08.2016

  3. The banker was not prepared for the robbery because he sucks. The end.

    By bloop URL on 11.08.2016

  4. “I’d like to make a deposit of three hundred dollars.”

    The worker looks up and gapes. The girl standing at the counter is gorgeous – slim long legs, smooth white hair, cold green eyes that peer straight into his.

    “Yeah, you can do that,” the banker stutters, slightly dazed. “And you can deposit my heart right over there in the trash can,” he mutters under his breath.


    “Nothing. I’ll do it now.”

    He shouldn’t have taken this job, after all.

    By pearlmilktea on 11.08.2016

  5. Every heart is a bank,
    stowing away, in its deepest corners, the most valuable of emotions;
    Sealed shut by a lock with an intricate combination on a turning dial.
    Every soul is a banker,
    deciding to whom those emotions be given;
    doled out like cards in a game of poker,
    only to hope the account holder isn’t bluffing.

    By Lexy on 11.08.2016

  6. BANKER!!! :B

    By WolfHeart URL on 11.08.2016

  7. To every banker, bartender, and butcher, don’t vote for the orange man. To every merchant, musician, and moocher, don’t vote for the orange man. No matter your occupation, this country future’s in your hands. So to every American who gives a damn, don’t vote for the orange man.

    I voted. You need to vote, too. And do not vote for the orange man.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.08.2016

  8. The banker told us that we could get into our dead grandmas account to help pay for her ashes. The owner of the bank said it was illegal to let us into her account but me and my sister went to the judge to see if it was illegal and he told us, as long as it’s to pay for her ashes and nothing else. The banker gave us four thousand dollars and we needed one thousand and five hundred dollars to get her. We never expected her to pass away so fast. We’re going to have to take the time to take to know that she’s gone.

    By Charlie Brown on 11.08.2016

  9. I walk by the people who sit at the depo. I need to make a deposit.
    I go up to the banker and say “Hi. I’d like to bank her.”
    He glances at the woman next to me and says “You’ll have to go to the teller.”
    So I go and tell her “Hi. I’d like to bank her.”
    The teller checks her out and asks “Do you have a check?”
    “Am I supposed to? Where are the checkers?”
    “That won’t be necessary, but would you like to play?”
    She chuckles at her own joke. She leans over the counter, grabs the woman by my side and inserts her into the slot. I ponder if I need to count my account by recount that my accountant already did.
    The teller says “That will be no money.”
    I invest my hand into the air as I walk away. “Bye, Penny.”

    By omqwat on 11.08.2016

  10. Ironic for today, it’s election day. We seem to have been talking about bankers, Wall Street, Main Street, no street, and building walls for years…Which bankers will be most influential today?

    By Nicole on 11.08.2016

  11. came again this morning, says that we will have to pay back the loan or they will take our house.
    I didnt know what to say, I knew this was coming, but supressed the thought of being homeless again.

    By George Kikoria on 11.08.2016

  12. my dad is a banker and its so magnetic to hear this word every time. I’m always curious to know the inside of a bank and how a banker handles the complex dynamics inside

    By Rady on 11.08.2016

  13. one who stows, keeps
    business hours they work
    envied and hated

    By mmsimon2 on 11.08.2016

  14. Banking time with her, for the most part. Listening when she talks, thinking about what we’re going to do later while I watch her mouth move. I’m not sure when we met. Maybe at the bank, in line for a bored teller to take a check? Maybe at school, or the bus? Either way it doesn’t matter so long as I stay on this park bench, with her, watching her mouth move in pretty curves and thinking about the art gallery we’re going to later where I’m going to try and maybe hold her hand in between the busts.

    By Amanda on 11.08.2016

  15. Corrupt industry that needs better regulation world-wide. Greed is the nourishment of evil within our entire existence and what is funny, it that we created it ourselves and enslaved ourselves voluntarily.

    By Allysha M. on 11.08.2016

  16. so anyway, i went to see my banker. news not good. next time i put on a ski mask, took an assault rifle, news very good. life in barbados when you’re rich as blazes, news exceptional.

    By Joanna Bressler on 11.08.2016

  17. the banker entered the ministry determined that this time he would not be turned away. He walked up 16 flights of stairs and entered a very auspicious looking room. he gently closed the door behind him and waited for the man sitting at the desk to acknowledge his presence.

    By kkup on 11.08.2016

  18. The banker walked down the street and slapped Donald in the face. “Why did you do this to me? To us?” the banker yelled. Confused, Donald sipped his latte and walked away.

    The banker walked down the street and turned the corner. He slipped quietly into the apartment building trying to evade the Doorman’s gaze. He walked to the elevator and pressed the up arrow. It’s all downhill from here, he thought.

    By Laura on 11.08.2016

  19. There were two bankers sitting next to each other when all of a sudden they heard a shriek that was sharply cut off by a sharp gurgling noise. They looked up and a pale faced man slicked back his green hair and bared a wide, red lipped smile and asked, “Why so serious?”

    By Paige B on 11.08.2016

  20. Counting, always counting. One piece, two piece, three piece, four…So many numbers going up and up and up. Always getting higher, never going down. It seemed to him that there would never be an end and he would just keep climbing into the sky.

    By KT on 11.08.2016

  21. The riverbank. My only refuge. Stand on the rock overlooking the rapids, and feel the power you hold. The power to throw yourself in. The power to end it all.

    By EmmaChristobel on 11.08.2016

  22. Shoot a basketball
    straight in, everyone else does
    but I’m a banker

    even Steph Curry
    could boost his accuracy
    by banking his shots

    my percentage shot
    from 3 point range, 60 plus
    and consistently

    made 13 threes straight
    and still hit well from baseline
    when backboards are nil

    wannabe ballers
    to be better than the rest
    TRAIN better than them

    unhidden secrets
    develope Kareem’s Sky-hook,
    off-hand and bank shots

    – [ then you will have tools to set yourself above other contenders.
    Most of those I helped coach didn’t care. my tall brother didn’t listen. His short friend did listen.

    …His friend is the basketball star at school. ;-) ]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 11.08.2016

  23. wrinkled juvenile
    inexperienced racist
    now a president [-elect]

    the “united” states
    mere name, you’ve been, now more so
    The Divided States

    my only comfort,
    presidential powers are
    limited, fleeting

    I learned these limits
    in AP Government, still,
    the nation is shamed [again?!]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! of discernocracy on 11.09.2016

  24. I’m always correct.
    I hate it. see the future,
    but can’t change a thing

    I knew they were dumb
    now the proof of dumberer-
    ‘ merikkkan voters

    my genius knowhow
    and business will now make wealth
    for other nations

    By ! Haiku-Man ! of Discernocracy on 11.09.2016

  25. They said, it’s duty,
    when I was little, to vote
    I sensed, it’s a waste

    The worst decision,
    or a losing, better one.
    both, failures when made

    mine as usual
    wouldn’t have mattered if used
    I banked well, years back

    I’m a good banker
    I bank on people’s fears
    and idiocies

    the nation continues to
    divide and regress

    [ This generation shall not be the great one, it seems, to undue
    failures of the past, but, will in fact continue disappoint similarly]

    By ! Haiku-Man ! of Discernocracy on 11.09.2016

  26. You took my funds like a banker,
    with a button under the counter.
    I reclaimed what I once had with a vengeance,
    with a mask that covered my ears and nose.
    Pressing the button, the silence screamed
    and, it was like lightning,
    everyone fell to the floor.

    You took my love like an anchor,
    with a sailboat that would never meet shore.

    By Marissa on 11.09.2016

  27. On a softer side
    just heard Shanti Snyder sing
    quelle splendide belle voix

    By ! Haiku-Man ! of Discernocracy on 11.09.2016

  28. I’ve always liked banks, taking my maroon passbook down and depositing ten dollars only to see the figures add up. And the lollipops they give you and the security guard walking around and the
    large windows and the hush.

    By Robin on 11.09.2016

  29. It’s an interesting job, you have in your hands the control of a lot of money that is not yours.

    By Erick on 11.09.2016

  30. I am a banker. My job as a banker is to protect money at the bank.

    By Simon Woodard on 11.09.2016

  31. Les États Unis
    Quelle folie avez-vous fait!

    Pour votre futur président,
    tu chosis une geante douche!
    A coller a votre bouche.

    By Jean Kristof on 11.09.2016

  32. The banker was just having their normal day on the job. Customer, consult, give money, customer. Kind of like a never ending cycle of boredom and currency, at the same times, every single day, for every single year. They frequently wondered just when they’d have their “Eureka!” moment, or their light bulb above their head. They were /waiting/ for their moment to come, for the spotlight to be finally be shone on them. All that was missing was them. No, not them physically. Them emotionally. Them mentally. Them spiritually. The actual them. After a year of being in this dead-beat job, they decided to resign themselves to the conformity of it. A year after that, they began picking up a schedule for everything. And now, 5 years into the job, and they do everything like it’s clockwork. Wake up, get dressed, eat, work, get home, eat, change, sleep. It just goes on and on, and they may be working, but they aren’t working for a better them. They wanted out of it, but did nothing to work on it. That was the one fatal flaw they had. It was sad, really, witnessing this poor soul dreaming of being better, but just not doing it. They could be an Astronaut right now, floating in space and drinking water bubbles. Or they could be releasing their third hit album with their best hit, topping the charts at number 1. They may also be inventing new medicines, helping other people and innovating in the medical field. All they needed was a dream… and they had one. But the difference between the banker and Mendeleev was that Mendeleev did something about his dream. Now, what’ll you do about yours?

    By Soare Apagorevo on 11.09.2016

  33. A banker is a person who collects and lends money to the individual’s to help them with their financial transactions.

    By shilpashree on 11.09.2016

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    By lilly on 11.09.2016

  35. She counted the bills carefully, bound them together, and dropped them in the bag. “Nick, I’m batched out. I’m going home.”
    Nick looked up from his computer and barely opened his mouth before she was already out the door. He looked after her out the windows. Yep. She was not handling it well. He didn’t blame her.

    By Bridget Grace on 11.09.2016

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    By Vulcani on 11.09.2016

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    By #SHYCE URL on 11.09.2016

  38. dear banker
    this world has gone to shit
    what ever shall we do
    falling deeper into this pit
    an entire year to rue

    By vanikey on 11.09.2016

  39. im sad today
    as i cash in my happiness
    i need to save it up
    maybe if i keep it locked away for long enough
    it will gain interest
    when i open up my account
    i will be
    even happier
    than i ever have before
    but still
    i am sad today

    By Daisy Leason on 11.09.2016