November 25th, 2009 | 676 Entries

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676 Entries for “banjo”

  1. A small wooden intrument, usually associated with rednecks. It’s twangy yet guitar-like sound… is actually not that bad. Now, if only people could get over their mental pairing of it, with a toothless dude sitting on a porch in the swamp.

    By ronarscorruption on 11.26.2009

  2. banjo reminds me of this site. Called oneword. It seems like it’s supposed to be about lots of words, but really it seems to be the same one, over and over again.

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  3. jordi is a dirty little piece of gay crapola who likes to do my sister in the butt and play his nasty ass banjo in the streets and beg for money even though he’s on welfare and his mama pays his rent and he just goes on the internet on his psp and for all I care jordi can shove his banjo up his ass. Hooped it.

    By april and raven on 11.26.2009

  4. On the beach, strum strum strummmm that baaanjoooooo.
    Entrance the girls, allow the seagulls to have something to caw to as they drop their shit onto said girls’ heads.

    By Guts on 11.26.2009

  5. The first thing I think of is Kermit the Frog… remember that rainbow connection song? Or possibly Andy from the office, serenading in a high falsetto voice… and kleenex boxed with elastic bands.

    By Jen on 11.26.2009

  6. pretty noise. sometimes soft. sometimes coarse, scratchy. the best bear video game ever. BAAAAANNNNJJJUUUUHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUHHHHH!

    By Jazmyn on 11.26.2009

  7. he sat with the banjo on his knees, eyes downcast. his eyelashes rested on his cheeks, and, my god, was he beautiful. the moon never set on that night, the fire never died. we will live forever inside that harvest moon.

    By tory on 11.26.2009

  8. One day an old man sat down and played he banjo remembering old days of his youth. He missed all the singing and dancing he used to do in his younger years. Oh how he’d taken advantage of them during that time. What a shame.

    Good thing I’m still singing and dancing, and appreciating every moment of it.

    By gonads on 11.26.2009

  9. A banjo is an instrument. Makes me think of Kermit the frog. “why are there so many songs about rainbows?” I loved that muppets movie. My uncle also plays the banjo.

    By jessie on 11.26.2009

  10. banjo

    By Grazi on 11.26.2009

  11. Banjo-kazooey! I’ve never played the game, and I don’t know if that’s the right way to spell it…but it has banjo in it, so it counts right? My friend talks about it all the time and it gets kind of annoying. But I like him, so I tolerate his obsession with Banjo-kazooey!

    By Abby on 11.26.2009

  12. dfsdfdgg

    By zad on 11.26.2009

  13. dfsdfdgg

    By zad on 11.26.2009

  14. farm

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  15. howdown

    By erin on 11.26.2009

  16. my friend amy wanted to learn the banjo. i think she did eventually. i wrote on her facebook wall and asked her to teach me when she learned. i think her dad was gonna teach her, her dad seems familiar to me, oh and i really like her sister for some reason, she’s really cool and artsy and stuff. which reminds me i think i saw her today at the thanksgfiving day football

    By Veev on 11.26.2009

  17. fellow playing a istrument

    By claire on 11.26.2009

  18. what the hell? banjo? makes me think of the super nanas ahaha
    you know, that enemy that’s pink and total white trash. well pink trash.
    maybe it’s like the gay version of it ? i mean he was pretty close to him. i mean HIM. XDDD
    i love that character.. so flavorful lol … wait how do you write that again? forgot XD

    By silv on 11.26.2009

  19. i play my banjo on the front porch with a piece of grass sticking out of my mouth bears are accompanying me in the jubilees. yeeee hawwwww

    By anna zabsss on 11.26.2009

  20. so this one time there was a banjo. keith urban plays the banko its a really hard thing to play you know>? ahaha iT JUST ISS! i swear. its not like a gee-tar, its much harder because there are less strings. guys who can play it re god with their fingers hahahahahah YEAHHHHH, um DOUG PLAYED ONE OMG I LOVE DOUG and kieth! thats awesome, banjos bring love in my life clearly…fck yeah. i wanna learn becaus so many ppl know and I DONT. wtf?! itd be cool, bit id look like a dyke and hick. not a good combo, agreed>

    By katie [: on 11.26.2009

  21. banjo

    By d on 11.26.2009

  22. a banjo is an instrument usually used in the south. i’ve seen many banjos in movies. they are native to places in suthern areas of the united sstates of america. banjo’s are similar to guitar’s but play hgiher notes and have different numbers of chords than guitars do. they are made out of wood. they are wind instrments. banjos are very good for the human ear.

    By christina on 11.26.2009

  23. Run faster! I can hear it in the distance, we can dance all night and float higher as long as we are together. The music is louder. The loving is stronger. We are as one tonight. Banjo.

    By Suz on 11.26.2009

  24. banjo hicks ville
    straw in mouth and hat
    straw hat too
    old country town.

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  25. I wish I knew how to play the banjo…I was surprised when I saw Steve Martin’s virtuoso playing. Twang didly twing twang and all that…

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  26. the devil went down to georgia and found a banjo. so shit. that was not at all something that he wanted but it turns out when you go to georgia you come across a lot of things that you wouldn’t expect. including tumbleweed, and people of other races, and grandmothers. it’s a strange world, but it’s our world.

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  27. A bunch of redneck guys playing a bunch of redneck music. Although its very catchy music it can be very annoying and i think its dead in this world now. people want pop or rap they dont sppreciate music.

    By Emily on 11.26.2009

  28. an interesting instrument

    By d-anne on 11.26.2009

  29. steve martin the comedian plays the banjo. i think there are different styles of banjo music and that it’s mostly an American instrument.

    By abby on 11.26.2009

  30. the banjo played in the distance. it was like i was in hilbillie hell; but i liked it/ there was nothing to worry about but tripping over a tumble weed or the shotgun going off a little too close to your house. even though it was a little redneck for my taste it was peaceful. the wolves howled at night.

    By Miranda on 11.26.2009

  31. my friend plays a banjo, i wish i knew how to play the bango. The bango makes funny music. It’s entertaining. I always think of that one song with the two banjos competing against one another.

    By Nesli on 11.26.2009

  32. i remember my old nanny Tom used to play one and then i would sit on his lap and fall asleep. my favorite memories. he used to tell me he was pregnant, he had a huge pot belly :)

    By Autumn on 11.26.2009

  33. I used to keep a banjo in the back garden. Every so often I would take it out of the old flowerpot and strum upon its strings. It never lost its magic. On the contrary I think the dirt and the rain it endured enhanced its musical sound. How I miss those days. My house was destroyed in a fire fifteen years ago. The banjo survived but could be played no longer. All the strings had burnt up. I could have bought another one but just didn’t have the heart for it.

    By Plave on 11.26.2009

  34. The light, the light, it crests off of the strings with a resigned tremor. The banjo plays a doleful tune of a woman who has said goodbye. She is not coming back, not with the morning, nor the hangover it brings. Goodbye, goodbye.

    By shikuchi on 11.26.2009

  35. My friend Matt came over the day and he brought his banjo. Noah and him played a lot of music while I studied for my numerical analyisis test. Matt plays really cool music with his banjo, I also lie what he does with the guitar, a little more mellow. He also brought over a ukelee the other day too and played that song by that hawiian dudue.

    By Mathlover on 11.26.2009

  36. “With a banjo on my knee”… Who was ever that young? And did we know anyone who played the banjo? My husband has an old banjo, but doesn’t play it, it is a musical instrument that is not played any more, a word with a long history fading into forgotten times…

    By jobo on 11.26.2009