November 25th, 2009 | 676 Entries

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676 Entries for “banjo”

  1. rob likes banjos

    rob will jizz at a banjo

    its a nice musical instrument.

    theory sucks ass though

    but dmitrys mum has 1 boob.

    laurence is gay

    jamies a peado


    By Kate on 11.26.2009

  2. banjo, ah a good friend of mine in an old nintendo 64 game called banjo kazooie. I also really think that the banjo sounds really cool, and i would like to learn how to use it someday. The banjo has a very elegant sound that is amazing to my ears for some odd reason. Ya know? haha banjo kazooie was a bear he had a bird in a backpack! banjo kazooie did not scare.

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  3. banjo bonjuki has a yellow hat and he wears it all the time i like when he wears his hat…sometimes it gets stinky
    and he likes to wears blue ties all the time. ones with polka dots ones with stripes too. he is very colorful all the time.

    By on 11.26.2009

  4. the banjo is quite an interesting looking instrument, it has the most pure of music and creates the most intricate yet soft atmosphere around people, putting them at ease and amplifying the sensation of contentment and purification. it offers peace and happiness, thus is the banjo.

    By Rachel Morel on 11.26.2009

  5. hgfghffghgffgfgffgfghfghfghgfhfgh

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  6. I heard a banjo yesterday in physics class. Where you ask, physics class? Yes indeed, my professor brought it in and played us a melody on his banjo to make the class more enjoyable.

    By zjf on 11.26.2009

  7. what the hell is this?!

    By katerina on 11.26.2009

  8. banjo stringed thing bekki plays or no that’s a ukelele banjo bluegrass twangin on a yosh gimme some gin in every little cup bajo violin miss what’s her face middle school band, no, orchestra time fir

    By mochyk on 11.26.2009

  9. an instrument that leads people around parks. that comes surprisingly out of the crowd to make a toe tap, a man smile, a beat that makes everyone else think of the fun. how long can i type my last sentence? how long will it keep it? test test test test test test test test test test test test

    By LL on 11.26.2009

  10. playing the banjo is something i can’t actually do. I’d like to learn, maybe. I can play the guitar, sort of, but that was qutie a while ago. I wonder if the banjo is similar at all? Maybe not. Mike used to play the banjo. still does actually.

    By Liz DC on 11.26.2009

  11. An instrument commonly played in Louisiana, and other southern, swanmpy states in America. Often used for “battle of the banjos,” an annoyingly reptitive song.

    By Amber on 11.26.2009

  12. old man playing in a corner of an old derelict pub, lonely and desolate.

    Cheesy, mid-western, american vintage, straw hats and dungarees with crooked teeth and wind battered faces.

    By Adam on 11.26.2009

  13. as banjo is a musical instrument, primarily played in the southern states of America. a Banjo was used in a movie called deliverance

    By martin blevin on 11.26.2009

  14. Run I hear Banjos. No really. We’re in bumfuck north carolina in a place that a horror movie wouldn’t even be set in. I can smell the imbreading from here. And there’s actually Banjos. Why aren’t we moving yet? I value my life, sanity and anti-homosexual status.

    By on 11.26.2009

  15. Steve Martin Plays one. He stars in Trains Planes and Automobiles, which is one of my favourite films. Hes funny when he wants to be. Id love to play a banjo just for the curiosity :)

    By MitchMonster on 11.26.2009

  16. i like to play banjo
    it reminds me of mango
    and im thinking about how i clicked go
    and then saw the word banjo
    um… im going in a circle…
    circles, squares,triangles
    i like pizza
    thats a triangle.
    sometimes its a square
    or a circle…..

    By lili on 11.26.2009

  17. it reminds me of all kinds of music. i play percussion instruments so music is a part of my life.

    By mm on 11.26.2009

  18. Sam played the banjo with a passion like his father’s. His calloused fingers plucked at each string carefully, as though he was afraid his farmer’s hands were too rough for the delicate strands.

    By Augusta on 11.26.2009

  19. i think that they are very unique. i would like one just to play with but i dont think thats gonna happen.iwish i knew someone who played a banjo… oh i did once his name was adrian.

    By shannon rox on 11.26.2009

  20. “A banjo?” Sora looked at the instrument doubtfully. “What in hell am I meant to do with this?”
    “Uh, play it?” suggested Nos
    “Well, no shit, Nos, but how? I’ve only ever played guitar.” he plucked experimentally with some of the strings and grimaced. “Jesus, it sounds awful!”
    “Well, to begin with, it’s out of tune.” Rowan pointed out from her watching-spot by the doorframe, bringing to Sora’s mind the first time he ever saw her brother, Ronan, standing like that against the doorframe, when she’d been…no, it didn’t bear thinking about. Rowan was okay now, and he didn’t really want Nosferatu to catch him thinking about that – he wasn’t really over it yet.
    “Something up, Sora?” she teased, waving her hand in front of his face to bring him out of his reverie.
    “Oh, sorrym Rowan. No, everything’s fine, I was just thinking-“
    “Did it hurt?” Nos interrupted.
    “Shut up, Nos.” said Rowan, as Sora punched him.

    By Rik on 11.26.2009

  21. music

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  22. I have a banjo. My mom bought it for me sinds I was 6 years. Now she died. All I have is my banjo that I play every day with so I can feel that my mother is always with me. I could never get rid of my banjo. It’s my most precious treasure.

    By Moena on 11.26.2009

  23. I bought a banjo but ow i never play it i wish i had more time to play music i miss singing more than eanything playing banjo in the park downtown with all of my friends was the best summer i wish life was always relaxed and happy and full of joy but i have to get this degree if I want to do anything ever that might even contribute to society a little bit

    By Audra on 11.26.2009

  24. I never thought that a banjo sould change my life. I mean, it’s only a banjo after all. Growing up in New York, we did’t see many of those. Imagine my surprise when I learned I would be moving to Nashville.

    By Denise on 11.26.2009

  25. hick

    By Rianne on 11.26.2009

  26. This word contain five letters. It’s an instrument that is like a guitar. I often imagine a frog or maybe a hillbilly animal playing it..I think I’ve seen that when I was younger on TV.

    By Aleksandra on 11.26.2009

  27. I walk to the local convenient store every day after school. I get a Yoohoo and a box of juju beads. An old mexican man sits in front of it everday. He always plays the banjo and whistles at me. His playing is beautiful, so I tolerate the cat-calling.

    By Kt on 11.26.2009

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    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  29. I hear the stings of the banjo plucking along as we walk down the dock looking out onto the blue-green water in front of our cabin. It would be our last year hear, never to hear the swish of the water on the sand in front of our favorite place.

    By Binx on 11.26.2009

  30. You play the banjo in a band with friends watching and dancing along with the music. saturday nights under the stars with beer flowing and laughs echoing. A good ole southern tradition.

    By Alex on 11.26.2009

  31. The banjo is a symbol of the Americana/folk lifestyle. Commonly portrayed as sitting on the lap of an old man, swaying back and forth in his rocking chair on the porch in the light of a summer sunset.

    By Dan on 11.26.2009

  32. The banjo is a kind of instrument, isn’t it? I’m not all to sure, I don’t know a lot about music! I think its the instrument thats used in some typical folk music style things – and then there’s the dueling banjows

    By GC on 11.26.2009

  33. i enjoy watching people play the banjo, it is music to my ears.

    By bb on 11.26.2009

  34. banjo, it is an instrument that is often assiociatated with inbred hicks in america, i wantm one to annoy people with, and then threaten someone with. maybe i can buy one cheap online.

    By Dan Teasdale on 11.26.2009

  35. i saw a man playing a banjo with 7 strings until one snapped and whiplashed his eye and then he bled until he turned white regardless that he was an african american and then he took his banjo and played with the next 6 striiings and made a song that attracted the rest of the block to a hoe-down on his froont lawn and then he was dead.

    By shana on 11.26.2009

  36. the banjo always makes me think of Deliverance. What an odd, bizarre thought.

    By Layla Macoran on 11.26.2009

  37. shouldnt it be a new word now?

    By jj on 11.26.2009

  38. I hate this instrument. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the shape of it reminds me of the moon, which reminds me of your eyes, which reminds me of all the things I miss. Or maybe it’s just the ugly goddamned noise it makes.

    By Anonymous on 11.26.2009

  39. I hate this instrument. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the shape of it reminds me of the moon, which reminds me of your eyes, which reminds me of all the things I miss. Or maybe it’s just the ugly goddamned noise it makes.

    By Bradlee on 11.26.2009

  40. This reminds me of the deep south. One toothed gramps, sitting on the stoop playing a ol’ country ditty while grandma cuts up a piece of apple pie for dessert.

    By Spencer on 11.26.2009