January 11th, 2010 | 419 Entries

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419 Entries for “bamboo”

  1. the other day i was walking around this nature trail and i found some bamboo.. it was really pretty, i managed to pick some and i made a journal out of it.

    By Alissa on 01.12.2010

  2. i love to think about big beautiful fluffy panda bears…..together….hugging, loving their little pups….sharing time, sharing stories, sharing bamboo.

    By Anonymous on 01.12.2010

  3. shoots of bamboo in the back of my pickup… taking ’em back to my panda ranch. Have you ever milked a panda before?

    By Jag on 01.12.2010

  4. green and strong. The forest is full of leaves. Falling like snow. Segmented, broken, together, elastic. It’s strong. Survival rates are high. Eaten, beaten. Pandas eat them, so do people. It rhymes with rooo. and who. It’s a beautiful cold green.

    By jane li on 01.12.2010

  5. Bamboo is so strong and lean. BAMBOOOO.

    By eileen on 01.12.2010

  6. She picked up the stick of bamboo, and stumbled over to the counter. Without thought she smashed it against the granite. Why should anything of his be remembered? He left her here to rot away without his love. He left her here to hold herself at night, and whisper that she loves the man who used to keep her bed warm.

    By Daiquiri Ice on 01.12.2010

  7. I think about the pandas sometimes. And I know they eat more than just bamboo. I’m sure they do. But what about the pandas? I mean, seriously? I don’t think anyone ponders much about endangered species unless they are found attractive. I don’t think anyone perceives different tools to be used other than bamboo.

    By anon. on 01.12.2010

  8. ASian people use it to make houses pandas eat it. They are endangered. You can have environmentally sustainable hardwood floors that are made of bamboo. much cheaper probably look just as good. It’s in paintings and

    By Erica on 01.12.2010

  9. panda bears, it’s strong. it’s used to climb shit in rush hour 2. i know someone who used to be in marketing for it. it makes me think of a baboon cause it sounds similar. it ends with BOO!!!
    thats all i got. im just wasting time now.

    By Anthony on 01.12.2010

  10. Everything is nothing.

    Branches hung in the forest, but there were no branches at all. Animals swam in the leaves, but no animals breathed.

    “It’s all in my mind,” Jimmy thought.

    And it was. It was all in his mind, just like everything always had been.

    By DLocke on 01.12.2010

  11. I was sitting, staring at the small little bamboo plant my grandmother gave me. It was so small and insignificant up until that point. I realized just then how important it is to observe one’s surroundings.

    By alyninja on 01.12.2010

  12. B is for Bears that eat all the Bamboo
    A is for Animals that are growing endangered.
    M is for Meat which all the animals are filled with.
    B is for Bears that we should kill to get the met.
    O is for I’m out of time :(

    By Moz on 01.12.2010

  13. there are many items being made from bamboo these days; even clothes. Panda bears eat Bamboo… I forget what part of it they eat, I think the inside of the stem not the whole thing. I don’t like the smell of Bamboo.

    By ELM on 01.12.2010

  14. panda, architecture, special plant, strong like steel, green and yellow, eating bamboo, china, vietnam, thailandia und what else??

    By giacomo on 01.12.2010

  15. I want sushi. I’ve been eating junk food all day and I want sushi. At the moment I think of food. Bamboo shoots, Panda eating bamboo bark and of course, rolling sushi.

    By sprockette on 01.12.2010

  16. Bamboo so hard and soft at the same time so good

    By Anonymous on 01.12.2010

  17. The gorilla tore at himn hoping to dislodge the bamboo from the ground, wishing more then ever to destroy it. Trapped in a jungle of the little twigs unlike the trees of his home jungle. Of course, he couldn’t understand how the plane crashed.

    By Roxy on 01.12.2010

  18. bamboo, beach sipping on a cocktail. sunbathing, swimming, romance, a nice tan… sunset dinners… wine… seafood. dancing, music..

    By noora on 01.12.2010

  19. bamboo
    thats a really funny word!! koalas eat bamboo, dont they?? oh, theyre so lovely…. :)
    it could be an imaginative way to scary someone, dont you think?? instead of saying booh!! you say BAMBOO!!

    By Coco Cherie on 01.12.2010