April 3rd, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “bagel”

  1. i like to eat bagels with cream . They are great for breakfast or an after school snack. Yummy! There are many different types of bagels.

    By katie on 04.04.2013

  2. LA does not do scooped out bagels, which are the New York thing. Everything, well toasted, scoped out with tofu creamcheese is the best! Add a slice of cucumber for perfection.

    By ms on 04.04.2013

  3. “Just one, please,” he said, smiling politely at the lady behind the counter.
    “I said, just one. One bagel. Please.” The smile faded with annoyance. Did she have to rub it in? He used to love coming here. Now he came alone.

    By Ash on 04.04.2013

  4. Bagels are very good to eat and also can be a healthy snack. I like to add a flavored cream cheese to my bagel. There are various types of bagels to choose from.

    By katie Nissen on 04.04.2013

  5. Bagels are my worst nemesis. They’re bread, they’re carbs, they’re morning food. Fat, fat, fat. It’s all I hear. But it’s a simple little thing, and it can be made with such heavenly toppings. How can anyone hate such a blessing? Simple. College girls. College girls will teach you to hate bagels.

    By Sara Y on 04.04.2013

  6. I wore bagels like bangles, chewing large holes in their centers so that each bit could slide onto my arm. I laugh, twirled about, and chewed. Silly girl, you said, delighting in my decadent display though you didn’t dare let it show. Let me have a taste, you said. I played demur, scooted away, but eventually surrendered to coquettish games.

    By Lana on 04.04.2013

  7. Seriously, of all the words to inspire me it had to be bagel? I prefer rosemary and olive oil it is heavenly, but all the same mundane.

    By sarazard URL on 04.04.2013

  8. I chewed thoughtfully on the pastry in my grasp, my eyes trained on the pouring rain pattering against the glass. The cold air from outside radiated from the window beside me, and I shivered, tugging my coat tighter around my small frame. Steam rushed into my face as I took a sip from my cappuccino, savoring the sweet yet bitter taste of the coffee.
    It was comfortably silent, except for the quiet chit chat of the baristas behind the counter and the hum of the coffee machines. This was a favorite place of mine, somewhere I could go to think.
    My stare wandered to the unusually empty wooden chair diagonal from me, a long sigh drawing itself from my lungs. Everything was different now since he left, everything.
    I shook my head, crumpling the wax paper in my hands as I brushed off tiny poppy-seeds that had settled in my lap. I made my way to the door leading into the storm, a storm that matched my thoughts.

    By Blaire on 04.04.2013

  9. I’ve never really tried bagels. Not the proper ones in America. with cheese and all sorts of flavours. I’d love to dine in an authentic american diner – like the one in back to the future. Going a bit off topic here. yep that’s my style, my downfall – i can’t help it.

    By Bee URL on 04.04.2013

  10. youre a melody i didnt want to have to sing twice
    but i guess i can for the sake of the carbs
    because i remember how well i liked you
    before we were separated
    this whole distance thing
    just aint working out
    so dear donut without the sugar
    dear happiness sans cream cheese
    dear little round shigamajig that used to make my days so pleasing
    we’re breaking up
    im going gluten free

    By Thirteen URL on 04.04.2013

  11. I did this one last night. I mean do I really feel the need to copy what I said again? No. In that case. I DID have a bagel this morning. Mighty scrumptious everything bagel. I’m super sleepy and full though :L NAP TIME :DDD Weoooooo

    By Solly on 04.04.2013

  12. I love bagels. They are yummy. In college, I would go to the local bagel shop and have a delicious sandwich with tomato, avacodo, bean sprouts and onions. I could live on this!

    By Mrs. R on 04.04.2013

  13. I love bagel they ate delicious in every way, mostly from panera. My boyfriend hates bagels i find that quirt upsetting, he has no reason to hate them.

    By Lindsey on 04.04.2013

  14. so theres bagels at noahs bagels ya know cause i do and they sevred green ones on saint pratricks day. i got one with a drink actyally organae juice omg i am messing up hwo to spell eveything oh god so theres this bagel place and its callerd noahs and i went there during the summer with akex and jen and god so i miss the summer and omg i am writing so slow

    By Sydney on 04.04.2013

  15. Hmm, I’ve never really got to eat a bagel, but I heard it’s pretty good. I read a lot about this food in books, and I’m so damn tempted to try one. I love pastry, and I’m thinking I’ll probably love this one. Talking about this makes me hungry now! Delifrance maybe? But it’s 1.05am sadly. Next time I guess.

    By Jolene on 04.04.2013

  16. I’m not really into bagels. I know bagels as breakfast food, though and I love breakfast food for some reason. They are just really simple to eat. I love scrambled eggs, pancakes with maple syrup, and even just plain cereal for breakfast. But I don’t like bagels for reason. I just don’t.

    By Lucy on 04.04.2013

  17. The little girl likes eating bagels for breakfast every morning and for supper she eats halve of her bagel and then she shares it with her family .

    By ChristianG on 04.04.2013

  18. I think bagel means like this kind if food that its a form of a circle and has a whole in the middle sometimes it doesn’t.

    By Diana on 04.04.2013

  19. I have eaten a bagel only once. Since then, whenever I hear the word mentioned in conversation (not often) or on TV (quite often) I wonder what all the fuss is about. Bagels taste like stale doughnuts, many days old. .

    By LM Noon on 04.04.2013

  20. We made love on the tattered sofa and woke up to the moon beaming in the distance. “I’m hungry,” I whispered, mainly to myself. Without a thought, he gets up, grabs a bagel from the shelf and pops it in the toaster. Simple things yield big rewards. It’s a cycle, after all.

    By KWILD on 04.04.2013

  21. Bagels are awesome with cream cheese and strawberry cream cheese raisin bagels chocolate chip yummmmmmm don’t forget coconut awwwwwwssssssooooooommmmmeeeee . Yummy.

    By Destiny.R on 04.04.2013

  22. I love bagels they are delicous even the raspberry, blueberry, strawberry , and coconut they are delicous:) with cream cheese. I’m happy we have bagels :)

    By ChristianG on 04.04.2013

  23. bagels are awsome with cream cheese and strawberry don’t forget raisin bagels choclate chip yummmy

    By Destiny on 04.04.2013

  24. Holey bagels.
    Get it?
    Cream on the cheese.
    Carry on the carbs.
    Let’s do it.

    By Nicole on 04.04.2013

  25. I’ve never eaten this. It’s simply not available in my country. If you would ask if I’d like to have it, I’ll say, no thanks. We have Spanish Bread.

    By briggs on 04.04.2013

  26. A bagel is a type of food that you eat in the morning you could eat it with coffee

    By Marvin G on 04.04.2013

  27. i’ve seen that kind
    of look before

    you think i won’t erase your number
    after we’re through

    you think we’ll sit in a kitschy cafe
    little over a week from now

    you think i’ll know the intricacies
    of your coffee order

    i won’t even learn
    your name.

    By isa on 04.04.2013

  28. A bagel is a type of food that you eat in the morning you could eat it with coffee and
    You could eat with cream cheese mmmmmmmm that seems good

    By Marvin G on 04.04.2013

  29. it is round and delicious, depending on the bakery you got it in. You often see american’s eating a bagle and drinking take-out coffee. Well, okay that was kind of not true. New Yorkers more like.

    By Liza Pasy on 04.04.2013

  30. This is a delicious food that I actually dont enjoy. I’m a picky eater and this is just like cardboard too me. Sometimes people make me feel bad because dont like it, its like why do you care?

    By Amanda on 04.04.2013

  31. We shared bagels and cream cheese on the balcony. Children were laughing. Old women were reminiscing. Who knew such a small moment could hold so much signifigance.

    By chauncey on 04.04.2013

  32. I love bagels. They are like doughnuts without icing. When we have a car trip, I love to have a bagel for breakfast. I love plain warm bagels.

    By Grace Peace A on 04.04.2013