June 1st, 2011 | 674 Entries

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674 Entries for “backpack”

  1. I’d like to fill my backpack
    with all the things that
    comprised my academic life
    but I can’t put in
    the science experiments gone awry
    or the butchered debates
    or the zany recitations
    and the inside jokes won’t fit
    So I’ll have to rummage for them
    in memories that I hope
    don’t fall out of mind

    By SprawlingInk URL on 06.02.2011

  2. Take off you’re backpacks–high school is over. The things they carried.

    By carolyn on 06.02.2011

  3. there was nothing like the feeling of buying a new backpack for the new school year. there was always a wide selection, and we had to pick. we couldn’t be too childish nor could we go too boring. mother would always try to make me use my old bag, but i’d refuse. i wanted a new start to my year with a new bag. the colors were never too girly, always just right.

    By debora URL on 06.02.2011

  4. take it wherever you go. it carries things. it can also carry you to wanderings, journeys and even paradise. paradise can be found in the most unlikely of places. who knows what you’ll discover when you put on some sneakers, open your eyes, and see.

    By nao URL on 06.02.2011

  5. As I unload my books after a long day of torment, I realized how stereotypical my every thought is. That is grammatically incorrect. I am an idiot. Why am I taking AP? lololololol, so stupid. I started horribly so now as you can see i am quitting

    By sunshine on 06.02.2011

  6. Heavy. Every day I’m forced to carry a ton of books in my backpack. Can’t they make lockers, I mean, we hav a to of free s[

    By Bassel on 06.02.2011

  7. I don’t wear a backpack very often because I am home schooled. I don’t have to lug books everywhere, so I don’t need a bag for lugging books. I still have one, though I am not sure why.

    By lizzyb97 URL on 06.02.2011

  8. I see a man, hiking across the country. Living his dream,although no one else can understand his obsession. Freedom, health, smiles, he’s living his dream. No doubt about that.

    By Bethany on 06.02.2011

  9. It’s all in there. The drugs. The water. But it’s heavier than life and leaving brushburns on her shoulders. They look like sunburns in two strips. Still, one needs to keep on moving regardless of the many many pockets.

    By caroline1895 URL on 06.02.2011

  10. I has funny backpack. It looks like a backpack.

    By just582 URL on 06.02.2011

  11. an attack
    maybe black
    hide your crack
    shoulders go slack
    eat a snack
    break my back

    By Sunshine URL on 06.02.2011

  12. the trail to Shipman Beach. I didn’t wear a backpack…wore fanny packs instead. didn’t want to mess up my cervical spine. loved the hike. dipped in the bay. made new friends

    By Paul on 06.02.2011

  13. i have a backpack and its very colorful, one day i want to backpack around the world and see what there is to see! i want to discover new truths i never knew before, i want to see beauties i never even knew excised! i want to travel!

    By maritza URL on 06.02.2011

  14. there was a student had a bag and back pack was its nam-o
    b-a-c-k pack B-a-c-k pack b-a-c-k pack and backpack was its nam-o

    and in that backpack was a knife and flip switch was its nam-o
    f-l-i-p switch f-l-i-p switch f-l-i-p switch and flipswitch was its nam- o

    and on that knife there was some blood and johnny was his nam-o
    J-o-n is dead, j-o-n is dead j-o-n is dead and johnny was his nam-o

    By Lightsandcandy URL on 06.02.2011

  15. Backpacks are for kids who go to school. Sometimes they are for adults, but only fashion backpacks, whatever that means. When you grow up you are supposed to carry a purse if you’re a girl, or if you’re a guy you’re supposed to carry a wallet and get a girlfriend who will carry all the other stuff you need to bring around with you. Low maintenance people can get by without purses or girlfriends. Otherwise you’re stuck.

    By Michelle on 06.02.2011

  16. You have this backpack, right? And it’s all full of the things you’ll need. But then you start packing them empty spaces full of rocks. How dumb is that? But that’s what you’re doing every time you do something to make your life harder – like befriending me. I’ll just be a rock in your pack.

    But I’ll definitely rock that pack.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.02.2011

  17. i remember the mountain trip i once made with my future husband. god, was it tiring!! i then realized i was carrying stones in my freaking backpack. i suppose a woods elf was playing tricks on me.

    By suri on 06.02.2011

  18. One word one day I wrote One word faith was. Faith was that word. Faith on the world I would have. One day I would see that it would come true.

    By Ana Takakuwa on 06.02.2011

  19. My backpack has all sorts of uninteresting things in it, like my make up, some brushes, homework, money, pencils, and a book maybe. I always have my backpack with me because it is also my purse! It has speakers on it, so I can plug my mp3 player into it and play some nifty music. People freak out sometimes because they either think its really cool or really obnoxious.

    By Courtney on 06.02.2011

  20. I put my backpack on but I first checked its contents. Inside I had the following: a bottle of water, umbrella, book, snack, gum and cell phone.

    I was prepared for whatever life had to offer for the day. Now to get on the road to fun.

    What’s next I asked myself and where shoudl

    By Cindy URL on 06.02.2011

  21. I carry one to school. It’s red and northface. It’s really comfortalbe. I put all my books and folders and papers in it and it helps keep me organized. I’m taking it with me to PAVE this summer. also both parts of the word rhyme which makes the word a really fun word to say and write. Backpacks are the bomb!

    By Sami on 06.02.2011

  22. backpack is a great way to carry around items and use it as a comfortable means of transporting bulky objects that would otherwise be tough to carry. the word is cool because its almost the same word twice after each other but the second time uses a “p” instead of a “b”. this makes the word fun to say. i have a backpack that i use every day and its a great help.

    By Rowan on 06.02.2011

  23. Backpack. What a weird word..

    By bASSelK URL on 06.02.2011

  24. the sun was breaking in peter’s eyes to start a new day.
    he pulled his backpack securely on his shoulders and smiled up ahead as he rode the bike.
    peter was going to make a difference today.

    By Farah URL on 06.02.2011

  25. At our high school there is a policy of no backpacks. But people could easily fit guns or drugs in their pockets! That is ridiculous, do they think everyone is carrying a bomb? Backpacks are important for carrying supplies. Following that logic, they should also ban pants, because people could carry dangerous things in their pockets.

    By Gavin Lockard on 06.02.2011

  26. I love backpacks. You can carry all kinds of things in them, especially when it comes to school stuff. I’m thinking about getting one next year for sophomore year. They’re so chill., I could get an awesome one with BATMAN on it!! And then I’d put a picture of a turtle, just so it works. :) Because turtles are cool. I really want one and his name would be batman., (see, it all makes sense) I would then take him to college with me and he would be like my roommate, only cooler and he wouldn’t eat my food. I love food. I really do. A turtle eating my food would be bad.

    By Nikoma on 06.02.2011

  27. I never had a backpack. When I went to school people didn’t need them. Kids today have way too much homework. It makes me mad. It’s counter to “family values” to never have time to be a part of the family.

    By Courtney Cox on 06.02.2011

  28. Everybody at my school always thought that backpacks were to be used as a fashion statement. People collected things to put on their backpacks and different pins and buttons would always clink down the halls. It was always to see how all the different things that were on peoples zippers expressed who they were, or really who they wanted people to think they were.

    By Ann Cox on 06.02.2011

  29. She loaded her backpack with the essentials. Makeup, books, cell phone, a change of clothes. She knew better than to wear what she wanted to wear out of the house. Her mother would flip! so she always carried it with her in her backpack, changing at the corner stop and then heading off to school like normal. Today’s outfit was especially important to change into, because it was the outfit that would land her the boy she had had her eyes on for awhile now.

    By Wendy on 06.02.2011

  30. They went backpacking one time in the forest. It was wet and hot. That was before the animals. Some said this was really the way to view nature. Maybe they were right. Either way, this was some fun.

    By Ty on 06.02.2011

  31. I’ve had my black Jansport backpack since high school – middle school even. I remember writing my name in white out and thinking that i was so cool. Even though it broke half way through high school I continued to use it

    By garlejo on 06.02.2011

  32. camping, freedom, adventure, san francisco, seventeen, la, skid row, shelter, manuel, tigres del norte, tostadas de pescado, cilantro, my garden, packing my clothes.

    By sarah on 06.02.2011

  33. I loaded my backpack with Geobars and Volvic and left the safety of my home to probe the strange and unknown terrain of Wrath. The maps I had were so old and delicate and in a language that I’d never known, so after a few months I abandoned them and simply looked in all the dark and devilish places. It was by chance that I found Wrath via a path disguised as sweet and perfect.

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.02.2011

  34. My backpack is pink. I’m not really a pink type of girl but this one is ridiculously cute. It has a green design. I know pink and green don’t really go together but some how it does, Its a vera bradley

    By Xina on 06.02.2011