July 16th, 2013 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “backlit”

  1. Oozing powerful, impossible vision, taking hold of the room, claiming it to be it’s own. There is no fighting the melting of shadow, it splashes through before you can think- never try to grab the wave, it does bite.

    By Elyse T URL on 07.17.2013

  2. She approached the curtain. It was dead silent ahead. And everything was dark. Her feet slid one in front of the other, dragging her foreward. Once she was at the center of the stage, a light snapped on. She was backlit and her silhouette was confident behind the scrim. The music started.

    By Kae URL on 07.17.2013

  3. The backlit woods were somewhat terrifying to the small boy and his dog.

    By Misti on 07.17.2013

  4. The only thing that lit up her small apartment was the backlit screen of her laptop. In that moment her laptop was her best friend and her worst enemy. She saw the email that would change her life forever. He was alive.

    By Meaghan on 07.17.2013

  5. I was so happy when Mark bought me my new Kindle Fire for Christmas. It is backlit unlike the original Kindle which required a bulky booklight attached to the cover. I love my Kindle Fire because now I can read in bed without the light on.

    By Kerri on 07.17.2013

  6. She had never seen so much horror. She wished desperately that her backlit screen did not provide so much detail to the small room that contained so much devastation. If only she could go back. If only she could erase those images. If only she could bring them back to life.

    By Meaghan E. on 07.17.2013

  7. I walked through the backlit alley and paused to catch my breath. I think that I avoided them, but how could I be sure? a gunshot, seemly from about 50 feet behind me, startled me out of my imagined-safety and I once again took of scampering through the graffiti filled streets like a bunny being chased by a fox.

    By Kate on 07.17.2013

  8. The dull glow from the screen lit up the room, but only enough to pronounce shadows, to hint at the things in the room, to give your mind enough license to play tricks on you. Somehow, the room seemed darker in that light.

    By JV on 07.17.2013

  9. The hill stood taller than all else in or near the city and the surrounding plains. Far before them the farmlands stretched, shimmering grasses backlit by the sun setting in the west. They stared north, where eventually, they knew, the mountains rose.

    “Too bad you can’t see the mountains from here,” he said.

    “Then what’s that big one over there?”

    By Anthony StClair on 07.17.2013

  10. backlit fort coverings bring joy to the little monkey that is my grandson. Things you do with grandchildren you can’t with your own children are just beginning.

    By Tea Monkey on 07.17.2013

  11. When did you seen see that. You don’t look to see yourself backlit by moonlight gazing into the distance. Most people don’t have the luxury of reminiscing romantically like that.

    By Meredyth URL on 07.17.2013

  12. the back alley was lit with a small oil lamp as the man wandered slowly to meet his fate. As he stepped out of the pool of light and into the shadows he felt something warm and sticky drip onto his shoulder. The last thing he said was, “Muriel?”

    By Lucy on 07.17.2013

  13. I walked through the backlit room, unsure of what lay ahead. I guess that was the purpose of the lighting – to illuminate what was to come, not what was already passed by.

    By Archori on 07.17.2013

  14. i didnt turn around at all, i just stood there, the iron and the dress in front of me, so i began ironing in nothing but the breaths of orange and coral on my skin and i forgot about him completely but i heard his thoughts in the aftermath, and i didnt need an iron to straighten the creases out of my cheeks anymore

    By berenique on 07.17.2013

  15. backlighting is hard, if you’re a painter. contrast is reduced and the sillhouette becomes king. i don’t much like it. i’d rather paint eyes and noses instead of vague areas of contrast. when done right, the subject looks angelic.

    By nathan carson URL on 07.17.2013

  16. The people who supports & love us, like our family, are quietly holding a light behind us, so that the world can see our potential.

    By redglassesgirl on 07.17.2013

  17. The screen was bright, backlit by the sun, the sun within it. Then my eyes dilated and the sun was just another star and I could read everything written on it, in this case other people’s blogposts and the words of literary geniuses before them.

    By Renee on 07.17.2013

  18. I see you standing in front of the entrance, the moonlight lighting you from behind a midst floating gray clouds and blinking stars. I wonder why you’ve come, and I’m glad, but something about this visit — perhaps the time of night, or the urgency in your voice when you called me — makes me leery of the future.

    By Ashi URL on 07.17.2013

  19. The background was backlit with a neon blue color. It made everyone have a bright blue halo.

    By Jacqui on 07.17.2013

  20. Drama. Monologue. The one guy, standing alone, dramatically backlit on the stage. He delivers the monologue. It is exceptionally well done, but no one is there to applaud.

    By Schuyler URL on 07.17.2013

  21. A man walks down a alleyway in the dead of night. He has just finished the late shift at his dead-end job. Many sounds float through the night, but a sudden crash frightens the man. He picks up his pace to get away from the hidden cause. The sound only gets louder.

    By Dee URL on 07.17.2013

  22. She saw a shadow behind the paper screen door. Its features were backlit by some sort of fire. Limbs and appendages were elongated, making them grotesque and alien. She knew what was behind the screen could not have been anything but ordinary.

    By Alex Waits URL on 07.17.2013

  23. It was the way the light caught his head from behind. It was as if he were a saint or a god. But that was ridiculous, people didn’t glow… at least not the people Robert drank with on a regular basis. This, however, was not a regular night.

    By River Ranter URL on 07.17.2013

  24. i don’t know what is blacklit!
    may be wrong way..
    means doing something bad to others
    telling bad about others
    like dat..

    By arpitha on 07.17.2013