September 6th, 2013 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “aura”

  1. She had this aura about her. Heads would turn as she walked into the room. No matter what she was wearing she would light up the room.

    By Alexandra on 09.06.2013

  2. My aura is purple, perhaps. I am not sure. I can’t see, you see? I can only perceive.

    My aura is that which is impalpable, unshapable. But my aura is that which defines me, defines the definite shit within me. I do not have a purple aura.

    I always imagined it to be somewhere between brown and gold.

    By Goh Koon Hui on 09.06.2013

  3. “If death had an aura it would be black.” The woman wheezed arrogantly, shuffling the papers before her into a pile. Thorn’s slender brow lofted above the silk wrap that covered her eyes.
    “Oh?” Her honeyed sweet voice begged an explanation. The woman scoffed, hacking for a moment before nodding.
    “Yes, black as night– blacker even, damned devil is such an evil thing how could it be anything but blackest of pitch?” Thorn chuckled, gently elbowing the silent man beside her.
    “How can something so natural be evil? If the cat that eats a mouse evil? Is the bat that eats the bug evil? I do not understand how you can characterize anything as evil when you’ve never witnessed anything to do such a weighty word any justice.” The old hag seemed to ignore her, but Thorn continued on. “If death had a aura,” She said softly, humor edging her voice. “It would be white.” She whispered and reached to brush a lock of dark hair from D’s face, unaware of his eyes on her drinking in her features. “The absence of any choice, the clean slate of destiny taking hold.” D chuckled, a hollow sound that made the hag flinch and sent papers flying.
    “You flatter me, Sivat,” His words were empty like a whisper in the ethereal depths of a cave. Thorn laughed and flicked the man’s nose before stalking away leaving D to wonder if the monster had experienced a moment of peace while envisioning her own demise– leaving him to wish it had been love that hushed her anger.

    By heather URL on 09.06.2013

  4. I dont really know what this means but I suppose an aura is what a person gives off my aura is often kind of reserved it chnages depending on my situation because I am naturally reserved but am able to come out of my shell when the situation arises. I can be wild and funloving I wish I was lie that always and the type of person who would make friends at the grocery store.

    By Shelby on 09.06.2013

  5. Aura. Running down streets with her long white hair and bare feet, pretty like a ballerina. Chooses her victims based on their mood. If they are sad she will take them home and mercifully end their sadness. Falling a little in love with each one.

    By Amanda Rivers URL on 09.06.2013

  6. My hand pulls off a glove.
    Reflect now: cinnamon and honey
    Green, the color of their money
    Blood runs red and clots to rust
    Can you tell where gold crackles into black?
    The aria was an aura; the song of sunset slipping into night
    It was a time of falling stars.

    By Intuition on 09.06.2013

  7. something surrounding like jelly. something noticed only momentarily. something that isn’t something at all.

    By sam URL on 09.06.2013

  8. There was a faint golden aura about her. It shone with a gentle brightness that reminded me of the sun in some far-off, unreal way. I instinctively trusted her. She was good, and that too radiated with a pure, innocent, peaceful feel. She would be someone to have on my side. I was glad to finally meet her.

    By Ole Monday on 09.06.2013

  9. It was transparent.

    By Grace on 09.06.2013

  10. Her aura was pink as she hovered in that place between sleep and awake. Warm, cozy, peaceful, comfortable… then BAM! The idea hit her. She grabbed the orange notebook and pen that she kept on her night table.

    By Amy URL on 09.06.2013

  11. She just had an aura about her. The sun always seemed to shine when she was was around. The wind died down, the rain turned to a slight drizzle. This new baby in my life just brought the best of life with her when she came to us.

    By A Freedman on 09.06.2013

  12. Her aura shined through her nightgown as if it was trying to escape a faulty apartment building. She wasn’t plain or homely, just supremely avoidable. This thought was on a loop inside her head as she rode the public bus on her way to a court-appointed psychiatrist.

    By Cody Dove URL on 09.06.2013

  13. When I looked back at him, I couldn’t help but gasp at the golden aura that encompassed him. He was regaining his powers, all of it slowly dripping back into his muscles, his body. His eyes lit up as the aura filled him and he gasped in surprise. He smiled. Oh, how radiant a smile. The dark, dense forest seemed to open up around us, the light penetrating the darkness, pushing it back.

    By umbazachika on 09.06.2013

  14. the aura
    of dawn sits
    on wanton limbs
    with lackluster mortality
    we crave
    transcendent tomorrows
    rich with earthen hues

    By katiekieran URL on 09.06.2013

  15. There was a strange aura emanating around the stranger. “Hello?” Amy said as she shielded her eyes from the light. “Who are you?” The man did not answer. That was never a good sign, Amy thought. She needed the Doctor.

    By billie panettiere is a vulcan on 09.06.2013

  16. There is the sun, the streaming mist of dawn slipping over the horizon, bathed in pink light as soft as a tear. There is the morning, creeping into our room, lighting the windows, it’s aura folding over us like sorrow.

    By Rose on 09.06.2013

  17. I could see his aura. It was so strong, I lost my footing and almost ran into someone. He glowed bright bright red. Who was he? I have never seen him in our town before. It wasn’t like people visited. I hurried to catch up to him; I had to know who he was. This would either be a miracle or a curse.

    By Kristina on 09.06.2013

  18. The aura of the stranger made her want to scream. She wasn’t sure if it was the other person, but she feared that they were what was driving her mad.

    By mae on 09.06.2013

  19. Tell Laura I love her aura. Some people claim to see other people’s auras. Some politicians have an aura about them. A magnetic personality. You can dismiss or believe something you can’t see. An aura being but one example.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.06.2013

  20. I don’t think I have an aura. I feel like i project nothing. I’m just a rock that the aura stream of the universe flows around. pushing and pulling all that ENERGY THAT SADLY PASSES ME BY. Opps i hit caps. Does that mean something? Can they hear me?

    By Eric Herlihy on 09.06.2013

  21. I can see your aura. It’s purple. Very light purple closer to your body, fading into dark purple moving away from your body. The meaning of it? I don’t know.

    By nodochinko on 09.06.2013

  22. Aura? What is that? Colors? Energy? A person’s particular, individual mojo? It reminds me of the New Age Ladies my Mom seems to collect, like velcro, or a magnet. She has a way of finding people who are out there on the spectrum, or perhaps they find her. I guess it’s hard to say which. Maybe it’s her aura.

    By Andrea Schnnnn on 09.06.2013

  23. The aura that exuded the place made matters worse. You could tell Steven and Diana had been up to no good. The grim smirk on there faces and the subtle wiping of the face when they felt no one was looking. It was the aura in the room that gave it all away.

    By BriannaNicole URL on 09.06.2013

  24. She had a bright aura around her, she was someone people navigated towards without thinking, everyone felt happy around her, because she was always so calm.
    That all changed on that dreadful day. The aura we had all come to love and look forward to, was gone. Dull and broken.
    Aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura

    By Samantha on 09.06.2013

  25. The sky shined despite the lack of sun. Starts light up the earth from above. They remain a single light source in this small town she calls home.

    By Sophia on 09.06.2013

  26. Her aura glowed like a flame coming to life. I’d never seen someone pick up magic so quickly. Already, after only her third lesson, she was easily better than i had been after a full year training under a powerful master. Her power could not be matched.

    By Marikai on 09.06.2013

  27. I dont even know what to write, Im just really thirsty. Ive always hated the word aura. it just sounds like whoever is using it is trying way too hard. But whetever

    If I had an aura, i’d be black. No. brown. boring. I’m supposed to be the super smart, peppy, girl with the brightest future of all. But now, I dont even want to get out of bed much less write an essay

    By hailey rose on 09.06.2013

  28. You’re aura overwhelms, taking my mind, stealing my soul. A sidelong glance from you and I’m falling head over heels. A simple hello and it’s like ecstasy. Electric sparks up my spine, you’re simply divine.

    By untamedimagination on 09.06.2013

  29. “Yes…I can feel hostility coming from you. It’s discoloring your aura. The pastel is fading to shade…”

    “Shut up,” I muttered with my eyes half-closed. “You’re full of shit.”

    She continued to move a single finger up and down my bare chest. Sweat mingled in a friendship across my collarbone, which bulged outward from my skin and created a bony halo. She giggled.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.06.2013

  30. She had such an aura about her.A lady of distinction, outstanding in her field a force to be reckoned with. Exquisite beauty ,poise, grace and compassion all rolled into one.

    By Tracey on 09.06.2013

  31. The aura of the star was blue. It was blue enough to make me want to reach the edges and soar my cruiser through the ice crystals that hung in the vacuum surrounding it. But, the mission was too important. After this one run, this last run, I would owe nothing the the Allegiance and I would be free to explore the pockets of the galaxy.

    By Isilo Aranel on 09.06.2013

  32. aura, she just had an aura about her. in unexplainable thing. as unexplainable as it may be, as a writer and philosopher i will try to explain it. it must have been a special spark of humanity and brilliance that made he shine like a star. a beautiful beautiful star.

    By Kayaus on 09.06.2013

  33. The aura surrounding the stone was – soothing, beautiful, and inviting. It lulled you into a false sense of security. Surely nothing that beautiful could be dangerous. Once you touch it and the pain threads it way through your body you know. You know how the beauty is actually a merciless killer and you are it’s latest victim.

    By FairyNiamh on 09.06.2013

  34. The brain shuddering feeling that crawls up over my head from the back of my skull to my hairline. The visual disturbances that makes the world wiggle and wriggle and swirl. Migraine’s little pet puppy that trots along in front of it’s two ton elephant named Pain who intends to sit on my head for the next few hours.

    By Drivven Wrinth on 09.06.2013

  35. He had a golden aura. It glowed and pulsed all around him, even more so when he was around people. There was something about being around another person that just brought him to life. He basked in their attention, smiles, and laughter. It was his drug.

    By Kate on 09.06.2013

  36. Her aura – like her eyes – was warm and clear, as the sky is on a soft spring morning. The power in it, in her, came off in waves, the tide of them ebbing and flowing as the currents demanded, washing over our small band and bathing us in its’ indescribable warmth.
    I wanted to drown in it, in her.
    And I hated her for it.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 09.06.2013

  37. You have a dark aura about you. Ominious. I should probably stay away, but my heart says no. I will figure you out instead.

    By Amanda on 09.06.2013

  38. And then suddenly, a beam shone down from the sky. Within it stood a tall being, radiating a bright light. It was as if it was surrounded by some mist, that vibrated a rainbow display of reds, golds, and colors that didn’t seem to exist!

    By Matt S. on 09.06.2013

  39. Support characters need a lot of items with auras.

    By Jason on 09.06.2013

  40. When I was little I had an imaginary friend I called Aura. As I get up and learned the significance of that name I’ve never been able to shake the feeling that she was more than imaginary. It takes more that imagination to play on a seesaw with no one doesn’t it?

    By April on 09.06.2013