February 24th, 2015 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “audience”

  1. Hello There! I was once an audience to a large large exhibitions. but hey! love being the audience than being the presenter. I have a stage fright. But bit by bit I’m trying to overcome it. Do pray the best for me :)

    By A.Jay on 02.25.2015

  2. The audience held their breath as the magician prepared to make the rabbit appear from the tall black hat on the table before him. The faces of the twelve five years olds was a mix of wonder and boredom for some had an attention deficient problem.

    By deborah on 02.25.2015

  3. Look at all of you! Waiting in dire anticipation. The silence in the final moments before the first spoken word is deafening. Palpable. I inhale a breath, on the precipice of a word. A WORD! I relish that you are all waiting with bated breath to hear what I have to say. My followers! My plebeians! My servants of the arts! Listen!

    By Kristen on 02.25.2015

  4. The applause echoed loudly throughout the large auditorium. Parents, friends, family members stoop up in their seats as the children on stage took their bows.

    By Madi on 02.25.2015

  5. The audience stares me in the eyes, tempting my nerves. I look beyond the bleachers, thinking of lyrics and past dances. Here, in the light of the world, I see the face of God. I’m not scared. Mauve faces and slow applause don’t satisfy the thespian in me, but I know I’m not here for their entertainment, nay rather harsh to think of such a thought. I am here to pour my passion on a crowd of loathsome individuals, a cesspool of love and imagination will make them realize the beauty in the world of art and nature. For get the money and clean-pressed suites! You are the audience and I am here to please you.

    By Lily Z on 02.25.2015

  6. The comedy club was his church, and he was the head pastor. Each Saturday he delivered a sermon of profane and lewd jokes to a devoted congregation. Somehow he compelled them to sit arm to arm with no regard for personal space, political affiliation or race. Because of him, they laughed as one.

    By Soft URL on 02.25.2015

  7. The audience sat in stunned silence. They were not sure that they had seen what it seemed; surely this was some sort of trick. There was no way this man would really do what it looked like he had done. He would most certainly be arrested and sent to prison for life if he had.

    By Karen URL on 02.25.2015

  8. The audience clapped with joy, as the performer finished his performance.

    By Jarrett on 02.25.2015

  9. I looked out over the attentive faces and shivered. My palms grew clammy and my heart thudded. “I’ll be singing a song from the Sound of Music,” I whispered into the microphone. I inhaled deeply and began.

    By Grace on 02.25.2015

  10. He likes being on stage more than almost anything in the world. Being in front of a screaming crowd, the sweat and the stage lights, the thump of Preston’s drums behind him and the guitar in his hands: there’s nothing better.

    By Danielle on 02.25.2015

  11. I like Toby Turner’s intro to his videos “Audience? what are you doing staring at my computer?”

    By Alexis on 02.25.2015

  12. There wasn’t much he could do at this point. The stage was prepared, the curtain was set, and everybody was gussied up in their appropriate attire.
    He glanced down at his shoes. One of them was untied, but he’d have to wait for later, because at that moment the crowd began to roar and the curtain was lifted.
    He took a deep breath and began to play.

    By The Wanderer on 02.25.2015

  13. I struggled to breathe, pressing my back to the wall. In the back of my mind, I tried to remember the notes. B, C, G, F–God, why was I doing this? I hated this. Anyway, my fingers were shaking so much there was so way they’d manage to play the piano piece right.

    Ms. Wharton strolled past me, strides brisk. “Two minutes,” she mouthed, holding up two fingers. I gave her a weak smile.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 02.25.2015

  14. The audience laughed at My joke. There was less people in the audience today. The audience seemed very welcoming.

    By Ulamila on 02.25.2015

  15. The walls of heaven assume the role of my audience. They listen to the singing of my soul in words that cannot be uttered. I too am the audience of Nature as she breathes warmth into the cold, chilling nights. Find your audience today – and interact beyond the boundaries of reality.

    By cramerj on 02.25.2015

  16. They were talking. I’m not sure if they were talking to me, but I could hear them clearly. One of them said quite loudly, “It will be okay.” I knew that they must have been at least projecting in my direction.

    I turned my head in all directions and I couldn’t see a single soul. I looked inside. They were me.

    By Stephen on 02.25.2015

  17. An audience of one that is very disappointed. That gets up to leave when there is nothing else to do. What is a worse insult.

    By Chris on 02.25.2015

  18. The audience was silent. What had just happened. Juliet had just slapped Romeo after a non scripted fight. She looked honestly upset. The audience was extremely confused. Only I knew that it had indeed been a real fight.

    By Bre on 02.25.2015

  19. do you think that ‘Audience’ could be a group of Audi cars? like the plural of Audi. there are plurals for animals, so why not plural of car brands?

    By yuma goodman on 02.25.2015

  20. Stranger;
    He was the audience to my suffering then,
    although he is more interested in my body, pressing against me, forcing my mouth shut so that I cannot scream out in protest.

    He is the audience to my suffering now,
    although he is more interested in collecting money, pressing me into taking more sessions, although he has yet to help me.

    By Andrea on 02.25.2015

  21. Something oIwould like to be a part of. To laugh, to relate. As a passanger.

    By rhy on 02.25.2015

  22. a lot of polple at a porfomenece polple inth e crowd poplethat are claping because you didi very good on the proformments.

    By romel on 02.25.2015

  23. there was a lot of audience in the concert today. audience are people in a concert or show.

    By jose on 02.25.2015

  24. audience is like somebody who watches someone perform or act and when the person is done acting the audience claps.

    By Justin on 02.25.2015

  25. my class is my audience when I have a presentation. I have a audience when I have a cheer competition. when I see the audience I get really nervous. Audiences are there to see you. Audiences like entertainment. the audiences pay money to see something. I love my audience especially if they are there to see me. audiences are people who watch you and support you for whatever you are doing. Audiences are awesome. I love audiences. I don’t know what else to write about audiences. Okay I think my time is up. im still going about audiences. This is really weird.

    By Lili on 02.25.2015

  26. a audience is a person watching something like a band performance your parents are the audience like im am scared because my family is in the audience.

    By amanda on 02.25.2015

  27. An audience is a group of people that are there to watch you reveal or do something entertaining.

    By kevin URL on 02.25.2015

  28. The audience was watching every move I was making and that made me feel so insecure but I was looking for some sort of reaction in my body. I wanted to feel admired for once in my life. And that exactly what happened.

    By elena on 02.25.2015

  29. He entered. The pearcing soud of silence filled the air with pain. Wait for it. Wait for it. NOW! the curain raises. The audience is on their feet. BRAVO

    By Stefanocts on 02.25.2015

  30. he was put on the chair. the wires were set. the sins have been washed. the needles ready. the
    audience watched, and did nothing. Animals he wispers

    By stefanocts on 02.25.2015

  31. i see the audience and i shudder throughout my bones and sweat like a floundering fish as they glaze their eyes at me. when can i leave? whens my next line? why isnt this fun? is my face red? the light is so bright that i can barely see their faces

    By Tiger on 02.25.2015

  32. You like me, you really like me!

    What a fucking cunt. I hear the words on the tippy-tip of her powdered lips.

    Yes, we like you. We didn’t choose to.

    By Daniel Damian URL on 02.25.2015

  33. They were all around me, staring at me like I was some kind of freak. I never wanted to be thrown into the arena, I never wanted to sing. It was my voice and I wanted to use it for myself, but they wouldn’t let me.

    By Alibear on 02.25.2015

  34. Once upon a time there was a little boy that wen’t to the movies on his birthday he was so excited when he got to the movies there was no audience watching the movie so he sat down and had lots of treats

    By jaedon URL on 02.25.2015

  35. As she looked out upon the audience she remember how this was always her dream how her dad had died and how he had inspired her And how she wished he could be here she never dream she would dance with the best dancers in her time and she remembered how she Meet jesus how he changed her life forever how all she wanted was one shot and this day it had come and now she had her shot and as she takes that last step On to that stage her life forever but that had happen all ready and that was jesus the one person that will never leave you nor forsake you jesus loves you

    By jaedon URL on 02.25.2015