August 17th, 2008 | 923 Entries

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923 Entries for “asking”

  1. asking about what? i like to ask things. i like to ask questions about live, people, the world, death, what it all means and how it has come to be. i ask how can people be so narrow minded about such a complex world that we live in and honestly think some god could have created it all.

    By michelle on 08.21.2008

  2. It is funny that asking is the word that I am looking at. By asking for forgiveness one should expect that it is going to happen, but some people in this world believe that they can hold agrudge and that grudge can transform in to hatred.

    Just a thought forgive all and move all and make the most of your day!

    By Brian on 08.21.2008

  3. I am asking that I be allowed to exist with a minimum of contact to other people. I am scared of people, because I do not trust their intentions. Everyone has an agenda and I am not interested in being used. I am asking to be left alone.

    I asked for therapy and I am working through these insecurities with a doctor. I wonder if I will feel differently in the near future.

    By Jen on 08.21.2008