October 30th, 2009 | 377 Entries

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377 Entries for “arrow”

  1. arrow thru my heart is what has happened

    By Anonymous on 10.31.2009

  2. The arrow flew over his head, barely missing him. He felt the air whoosh directly above him, momentarily stunning him. “Watch where you’re aimig that!

    By Daijoubu on 10.31.2009

  3. It’s an arrow. A-R-R-O-W. NOT A PEN. GOT IT?

    By Name on 10.31.2009

  4. Det var en stor pil. Bl

    By snoo on 10.31.2009

  5. when i think of arrows, i always think of pochahontis. i prolly just wasted the majority of my time trying to spell her name, but whatever. i love that movie, especially the song “just around the river bend.”

    By rae on 10.31.2009

  6. An arrow pierces through the hearts of many simply by the use of harmful words. “I hate you” may seem just like a normal phrase, but it damages, just like the way and arrow injures a person.

    By rx on 10.31.2009

  7. Shoot that poison arrow through my heart….

    Love 80’s music

    By drunk poker player on 10.31.2009

  8. well, an arrow to the heart. sometimes an arrow to the soul because I never knew that you didn’t know me. Or maybe it’s the fact that an arrow is the penetrating force of the blow to me when you say such mindless things that reflect nothing about how long you’ve known me yet you STILL say it.

    By Anonymous on 10.31.2009

  9. some arrows fly true. but unfortunately they are not only given to people who know how to shoot them, but handed out at random, to those who have crooked desires or crooked aim or crooked noses. well, crooked noses don’t really matter.

    By Farrell on 10.31.2009

  10. the arrow is death. the arrow symbolizes cupid and love and everything perfect, but the arrow means death, blood, despair. love is death. don’t deny it.

    By poet'sfingertips on 10.31.2009

  11. sharp
    robin hood

    By valerie on 10.31.2009

  12. sends you in the right direction. always shows the way home. my mother cant follow directions so she uses these.

    By kirsten on 10.31.2009

  13. He let the arrow fly and it just sheared off his enemies ear. He screamed in terror as the blood ran down his cheek, but persevered still as he shot an arrow back, missing his foe by a hair.

    By ChereMere on 10.31.2009

  14. the arrow shot the men all at once. then the dragon saw it and sucked the blood and i suppose that helped because they never went back. we just sat and wondered what mushaboom means. i never found out and i guessed a few times but only the dragon knows. hell never tell. i shot again and again.

    By Anonymous on 10.31.2009

  15. oh no! i was wondering what do with the arrow as I looked at it upon my hand.

    do i throw it? do i dare to do such a thing to him? of course not, i could never do such a thing.

    i loved him. that was it. yes. i loved him. i never knew till now…what is this feeling arising in me? something hit the side of my stomach and i cried in dismay. what is happening?

    By kaycee on 10.31.2009

  16. i don’t understand why someone would want me to write about one word. i mean, i don’t have a clue waht one word is. And are they lying to me? Am i going to continue writing furiously and then the time will never acutally run out? well maybe not, but from time to time i owuld like to see a site play a joke on me like that.

    By Dilly D on 10.31.2009

  17. sex

    By yaya on 10.31.2009

  18. The arrow in my screen is so lonely, so sad, so tired of doing the work that I want… I’m thinking about, maybe tomorrow y gonna change it

    By yaya on 10.31.2009

  19. arrow heads. im searching the farm. with my dead grandpa. i see him now. i point at him and he vanishes. i cant help but wonder if he was there or not. then i see to large, good arrowheads, and i know my answer.

    By arrow. on 10.31.2009

  20. Arrows are what the indians used as weapons back in the old days. However, they were not really effecient when fighting of the American Colonists and the Spaniards because THEY had guns. Guns were and still are more effective if you want to kill someone.

    By Melanie on 10.31.2009

  21. an arrow is something that you click things with on the computer. therefore clicking on special findings one would never know about. Just from one arrow you have the world at your figure tips.

    By Sumiah on 10.31.2009

  22. Sharp pointy can lead you in the right direction or kill you.

    By Melanie on 10.31.2009

  23. an arrow is used as a weapon. a weapon for killing! killing is awful! why do people kill each other? make love, not war! love your friends and enemies!

    By gerry chris on 10.31.2009

  24. This is an arrow. It can kill It can start fires. It can ruin houses, lives, and armies. It’s a small shaft of wood. Human kind does something with wood that can be so evil… I’m impressed. Are you?

    By TJ Finch on 10.31.2009

  25. Straight and precise. Either directional or deadly. Brings power and knowledge. Weapon either way. Direct, misdirect or kill…

    By Jill on 10.31.2009

  26. that way?

    By poop on 10.31.2009

  27. I saw an arrow fly over my head, eclipsing the setting sun. I followed it’s path to the ground and was deeply impressed when it landed onto a lone watermelon in the grass. I looked up at a shirtless man dressed in dirty jeans, and listened to his rough, beautiful voice say “Impressed?” I tried to catch my breath to answer.

    By Kaylee on 10.31.2009

  28. Robin Hood had a bow which he used to shoot arrows from. If he didn’t, he would have been famous for only his green hat and his merry men. If that was so, no little children would try and tie a string to a curved stick and shoot other sticks from it.

    By Mark on 10.31.2009

  29. The arrow pierced my heart, blood spilling from the wound and drenching my tunic in the crimson liquid of life. Warmth spread through out my limbs and my life dripped away from my fingers, pelting the hard earth and staining it dark black.

    By Amanda on 10.31.2009

  30. there is a pointy thing on a stuck thing and it points into or through things and sometimes kills them. They can show you where to go too. and if they are crossed out they mean not that way.

    By Ally King on 10.31.2009

  31. why did they have an arrow on the computer why not slomethinh else.. who makes these decisions and things i dont really understand why but it seems like a pretty big deal with everything with computers everywhere

    By annie cate on 10.31.2009

  32. Nick liikes arrow shaped things go into his… ear.

    By asdf on 10.31.2009

  33. The arrow flew the air, through the fog, through the abyss. It pierced his chest, and as he gasped and stared with bloodshot eyes at his attacker, he was gone.

    By Ann on 10.31.2009

  34. WHY IS IT STILL ARROW?!?!?!?!?!?

    By Anonymous on 10.31.2009

  35. there is one thing that can mirror love, and that is an arrow through your heart. It symbolizes the strength or pain of love as it may be at the current time. What is interesting, is that many cultures use it to create a vision of a feeling.

    By chuck on 10.31.2009

  36. The arrow thudded into the trunk of the oak, hitting the knot straight and true. It had taken four moons of practice, but he had finally got it.

    Walking over, he pulled the arrow from the tree, watching the sap flow like blood with only a little remorse.

    By thisismynamedontwearitout on 10.31.2009

  37. arrows make me think of robin hood. did you know that in the hands of a master bowsman arrows can pierce kevlar? scary. so the wave of future weapons may come from the past. i find this facinating.

    By hi on 10.31.2009

  38. I peered over the edge of the car’s window, holding my breath against the whipping wind. You know, the white dashes that sped by us contrasted nicely against the black pavement. They kind of looked like arrows. If that were true, then we were going the wrong way.

    By Cydney on 10.31.2009

  39. avrill makes arrows. he is cute, i wonder what is wrong with him- why does he limp? i am too afraid o ask him though, i don’t think i want to know the answer.

    By laura lee on 10.31.2009

  40. it comes out of a bow
    indians used it for hinting it directs it likes vectors

    By Anonymous on 10.31.2009