January 5th, 2012 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “apron”

  1. The blacksmith dusted his hands on the leather apron while glaring at the children standing in his doorway. “What do you want?” He grunted. Tavis trailed a foot in the dirt nervously. “We need spikes….” He said softly. “Bout this big, and made of steel, if you can.” He smiled up at the angry man who seemed to melt a bit at the boy’s earnest grin. “Fine, fine.” The man growled, turning away to his anvil.

    By heather URL on 01.06.2012

  2. I always were aprons when I cook with my mom. It is aweasome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By skylaar on 01.06.2012

  3. thy air plane apron card my mum funny transportation funny times my favourite air mark very well people

    By zehra URL on 01.06.2012

  4. SOMETHING you use to keep yourself clean while cooking!

    By Allison URL on 01.06.2012

  5. I have an apron. It’s my favvorite thing in the world. I don’t think i could live without it. I use it for almost everything. I don’t know what to do if i can’t find it because it’s worth everthing. I love it.

    By Levi on 01.06.2012

  6. i own a apron that is black and white. It is those colors because i like the white sox.

    By eric antczak76 on 01.06.2012

  7. my apron has a cow oon it and and and by the way i dont i dont likec cooking

    By conner on 01.06.2012

  8. i was baking cookies and used my apron so i would not get dirty.

    By morgan on 01.06.2012

  9. well, one time my grandma bought me a apron a cocola apron i loved it. it was awsome!!!!until i lost it boo!!!!!! That was my first apron. Well i guess you just loose stuff. well it happened to me alot, i use it for cooking and painting or drawling.

    By maddy avery on 01.06.2012

  10. My mom wears an apron every time she cooks. she likes it alot when she cooks she sings alll the time. she loves here apron alot.

    By anhtony on 01.06.2012

  11. my mom dosn’t ware an apron. She useally ruins her t- shirt.

    By Morgan Blank on 01.06.2012

  12. i had a white apron and i was cooking a turky and i got a bunch of grease on my apron.

    By jeff on 01.06.2012

  13. My mom wears a apron when she makes desserts. Sometimes my mom forgets to put it on and get cake mix all over her.

    By Mireya Barrientes on 01.06.2012

  14. cover your
    cover it
    from splatter
    and dirt
    and every little
    nothing that
    could ruin your day.
    cover it all.
    And make it disappear
    when done.

    By NuSol URL on 01.06.2012

  15. i use my apron to cook. i cook all differnt kinds of things with my apron. one day i lost my apron and i couldn’t cook.

    By cecelia on 01.06.2012

  16. i love were my apron. i always were one when i cook with my grandma or mom .I bake cookies with them.

    By rayanne janota on 01.06.2012

  17. I wanted to get apron for my birthday. But I got a cookbook instead. that was a bad choies becase everyone got me the same thing and the same cookbook.

    By christopher bozak on 01.06.2012

  18. my cousin got a new bears aapron for christmas.He loves so much.it so cool.he thinks that i am jealous of hiim but i’m really not.

    By blake on 01.06.2012

  19. I had a blue and white apron that had cars , and butterflys on it .

    By griffin on 01.06.2012

  20. grandmas cookies, and the smell of sweetness thru her apt…she always wore an apron and the cookie dough would get on it and made her look even more beautiful than she already was

    By teri sanders on 01.06.2012

  21. thy türk hava yollarında bir kişi çalışıyor. bukişi çok önemli bir kişi çünkü müdür

    By zehra URL on 01.06.2012

  22. He’s not that brave when he’s staring down at the shining surface of the metal table, his face a distorted, blurry visage before him. He wipes his sweaty palms on the course fabric of his robe and pulls at the dangling ties of his apron with all three of his fingers. Maybe when Maven came back he would better prepared to dissect a human being. At this moment in time, he couldn’t quite wrap his oddly shaped blue head around the vomit-inducing procedure–yet.

    By N.J. URL on 01.06.2012

  23. What people wear when they are working in the kitchen to prevent their clothes from getting soiled from the cooking ingredients. It is a symbol of motherly love and affection — such is worn when freshly baked cookies are presented to hungry children — aprons and oven mitts!

    By Shaunak URL on 01.06.2012

  24. what i remember most about my grandmother was her apron. it was dark blue, but always clouded with flour and sugar, smears of batter and butter. she made the best cookies, the best breads. she made comfort. warmth. she made “home”.

    By Mathewson URL on 01.06.2012

  25. Put on the damn apron! Dont mess up your clothes. Put on the muthafu..i apron.! Mom please stop yelling at me.

    By melodyroop URL on 01.06.2012

  26. I tied the apron tight as I prepared myself for the fiasco that was about to occur. There wasn’t a single dish in sight. This operation required goggles. Oh yes, goggles, and gloves. Slippery yellow gloves. I meant business this time. There was no stopping me. I should have grabbed a mask as well, but I

    By Megan on 01.06.2012

  27. My apron is dirty from having cooked so much,slaving away at the stove all week for a family of 16-when will it ever get cleaned? I guess the washing machine load is next. Aprons,least my clothes are kept clean.

    By Imogen URL on 01.06.2012

  28. I was often accused of hiding behind my mother’s apron strings. Hey, it was a pretty safe place. Probably I should have come from behind them sooner, the more I think about it.

    By David URL on 01.06.2012

  29. They told me, “Wear an apron. Wear that ugly, one-size fits all, piece of trash that’s been worn by so many broken souls before you. Wear it while you sling out coffee and throw out smelly grounds. Wear it while you become increasingly sick of the smell of all things bakery. Wear it while you waste your time and bust your ass for minimum wage.” So I did.

    By michelle michelle michelle URL on 01.06.2012

  30. when i was little my grandma cindy made aprons for me and my younger brothers. she’s really handy like that. she goes to all kinds of craft shows. i used to help her sometimes. but i haven’t for a while.

    By ewwvalerie on 01.06.2012

  31. A housewife, a mother, a woman. A dream of mine is to live on my own with the one I love.. is it even possible for me? I wonder daily as I dayddream if anything good can come out of me yet..

    By Patience URL on 01.06.2012

  32. The ties are pulled tighter, snug around her waist, cynching in her sides and causing her to stand just a little taller. She puts her weight on the counter top, taking a few shorter breaths, waiting to find herself right back in the moment.

    By emay URL on 01.06.2012

  33. The apron covered her legs, smeared with flour and hints of nutmeg. Its bright blue and green pattern brightens up the room, making even fig pudding seem exciting. It sways while she sways, humming around the kitchen. It is tied with a white lace ribbon, homemade by her three daughters.

    By Clare Walsh on 01.06.2012

  34. I tie the strings behind my back and step towards the new oven. I know that I can’t screw this one up, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I know. I can’t not screw this up! I have been fired from my last 7 or 8 jobs. God, why can’t I just keep this one?

    By NCISaddict on 01.06.2012

  35. I wish nothing but the best for you; you in your ‘kiss the chef’ apron; you in your red high heels; you and your goofy smile. It was that apron that I first saw you and it was in that apron when I last. It was you I fell in love with. You pulled the apron off well.

    By Pen URL on 01.06.2012