January 4th, 2012 | 214 Entries

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214 Entries for “thorns”

  1. I run through the bramles of spiny sticks. They burn my toes and scratch my face. My feet ache. Where am I? Thorns. I can not see above me. No human life lingers. Racing through a winding path, on a quest. I stop at the fork in the road. Which way do I go? Where am I going? Belinda’s voice echoes through my head. “Take a left at the fork, find Chamile. She has what we need. The bottle. Run Riley, RUN!” Everything blurs.

    By Isabelle Abby and Wells on 01.05.2012

  2. A crown of thorns, a broken heart, but these things were just the start. So much pain and such disgrace. People spat upon our Saviors face. As He hung there on the cross, few would truly mourn the loss. As He looked up to the sky, and released a final cry, The curtain split from top to bottom, shocking those who’d been downtrodden. Three days passed and yet He rose, thus defeating the darkness throes.

    By Faith URL on 01.05.2012

  3. I saw the thorns on the end of the roses I had just received. A random admirer. I was sick of this. I wanted true love. I closed my eyes and dreamt of a place where I could be alone, where I could meet that one girl that would finally fulfill me.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 01.05.2012

  4. Thorns here, thorns there, thorns everywhere. Where’s Jesus when you need him? Like it, Love it, Gotta have it!

    By Drew URL on 01.05.2012

  5. roses . horns. prick. ouch. my father. blood. crying. feet. stepping in a field.
    i don’t know.

    By skylar bowman on 01.05.2012

  6. I see thorns outside the prison door in the first chapter of the Scarlet Letter. They introduce us to a major theme of the novel. I also see thorns 7 months a year when I try to prune my rose bushes. The roses in the kitchen bring me such joy that the thorns I seem to wade through are worth it.

    By Megan URL on 01.05.2012

  7. There are thorns in my hands, so many thorns! I hate pruning the rose bushes but my mother made me as a form of punishment since I talked back to her. There has to be a better way to make the bushes disappear

    By Anne on 01.05.2012

  8. Every rose has its thorn, but it’s the thorns that make roses beautiful, in my opinion. This idea that something detrimental and harmful can still be apart of a vision and symbol of beauty- it’s the perfect parable for life.

    By Sabena on 01.05.2012

  9. Mr. Goodman’s yard was the prettiest on the block. Bless that old man’s heart. He gave me the time of day when no one else would. I would sit and talk about God knows what. I would hang out with him for afternoons.

    By Amy URL on 01.05.2012

  10. sticky roses thorns are part of something beautiful, usually, but are warnings to keep the beautiful things beautiful..use caution, must be aware of the thorns – the negative parts of good things – can still enjoy the beauty but use caution

    By Karen on 01.05.2012

  11. Sticking out of my rose, it makes me not want to hold the flower too long. But my daughter is saying, “Smell it, Mommy! It smells so pretty!” I do what I can not to prick myself and get it to my nose in order to smell it. Sad that the thorns have to get in the way of such beauty, don’t you think?

    By Mrs. Stading URL on 01.05.2012

  12. Thorns on a rose by any other name would still make you bleed. A petal by any other name would still be like silk. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    By Melissa URL on 01.05.2012

  13. Thorns rhymes with horns. and thorny rhymes with horny :)

    By Devin C. URL on 01.05.2012

  14. a rose between two thorns. or, thorns between two roses? Do you see the roses… or do you see the thorns? The doughnut or the hole? The glass half empty or… overflowing with roses?

    By me ruth URL on 01.05.2012