January 20th, 2013 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “applied”

  1. i applied this concept to the game. i wanted so desperately to be loved, for you to think of me as valuable and precious. i did what i thought i was supposed to, but i rushed the process and that’s why it ended differently than it could’ve.

    By Quinn on 01.21.2013

  2. Applied. I’ve done this one twice already, but I seem to be hooked to this site. Trying to maintain a habit. Didn’t know how to spell habit. Didn’t sleep at all. Dead tired within.

    By Jan2510 on 01.21.2013

  3. She wasn’t used to wearing makeup. It made her feel so old. So wrong somehow. She wasn’t sure if it made her pretty. But she was able to finger the stuff into the great big holes in her face. She smiled at the fulfillment of it.

    By Jorge Franco IV on 01.21.2013

  4. Has anyone applied to be my boyfriend? Yes. More than one, in fact. However, I’m not really where I need to be in order to have one, so the applications, while scanned over, sit and are considered void and mostly useless. They become simply, “friend” applications, rather than “boyfriend” applications. Only the problem is… boys can’t seem to just be friends…

    By Serryphae URL on 01.21.2013

  5. She always applied the best things of herself on the worse person.

    By Fabiana on 01.21.2013

  6. He grabbed his suit, his tie and his best demeanor. Today I will go to the interview of which I have applied. Today is the day that I will earn a job, earn my keep and become human again after years of unemployment. With his suit and tie on, he stepped into the office. You’re hired. A handshake. Then he’s handed a mop and bucket. Get to work.

    By John Komarek on 01.21.2013

  7. i applied the makeup to my face, still only showing a lost and lonely expression.
    this depression really is killing me.
    i try and try and try to get better, or at least i think i’m trying.
    but then i look back on it to find that i haven’t really tried at all.

    By Sarah on 01.21.2013

  8. Some day i applied for a job, an interesting job, that kind of job that maybe no one can applied if they pay millions of dollars, but i, i just want to be part of the, to risk and applied for the constructions of my future.

    By Dina Alvarez on 01.21.2013

  9. I failed “applied math 10” in 10th grade. 47% which meant I passed “remedial math 10” with a 64%.

    I don’t really get that math?? I mean clearly, I don’t get math to begin with, but I REALLY don’t get THAT math… Yay, I passed?!

    By laurenlauren28 on 01.21.2013

  10. “Applied physics,” he said.

    “What, exactly, does that mean?”

    “It means that you have no idea what I’m talking about. Look, the point is.. we can’t be friends if we don’t even have the same interests.”

    “Who made that a rule?”

    “I did, Kayla.”

    “Well, I think that’s a stupid rule.”

    By Kenian Roe URL on 01.21.2013

  11. The pain was unbearable, but so was the thought of infection. I squeezed the cream onto the cavern in my calf, wincing as I tried to rub it in.

    “Owww-ww!” I whined.

    “Don’t be such a baby,” James snapped at me, dressing his own burns, “are you certain this stuff is going to work?”

    I didn’t have an answer. In truth, I never thought I’d have to use my first-aid kit, but I also never thought I’d be in the middle of scorched nowhere, with no one left but a temperamental stranger.

    By Julie on 01.21.2013

  12. She applied for the job twice. They called after a week. The job was hers. Hw was she going to tell her family. The move was a two day road trip. Her father never wanted her to move out. She knew she had to leave. She needed to experience life. She packed her bag, car and boxes. It was time to go.

    By Crisnole URL on 01.21.2013

  13. need to do more…..wish I knew how to apply…..I know so much yet have no idea what to do with such knowledge and how to make it work for me….it makes me sad, frustrated and dumb. help me please to apply

    By suzanne on 01.21.2013

  14. Ive applied for so many jobs, no one even bothers to answer, why dont they have the decency to just answer, i hate bloody application forms, you write with your ass in your hand and they cant even answer creeps, bloody creeps. Youre supposed to be positive and polite but they can just chuck you out with the rubbish. I cant keep it up, i feel destroyed from the very inside of myself. If you dont apply for a million jobs a week they wont pay you. Evil gits, you cant blame the kids on the desk they only work there, i would work there if theyd let me.

    By jackie on 01.21.2013

  15. applied science is difficult.. if u applied your brains you would reach somewhere in life. how can applied mask on the face be beneficial? applied to the law of gravity we say apple fell from the tree.

    By aakanksha anand on 01.21.2013

  16. Ive applied myself in many ways but never really academicly. Its frustrating at times but beautiful in reverse. I’ve applied my senses. whether it be smelling the sweet sent from my loving man or the pine that florecense the divine earth. Ive seen places many have not and witnessed god in action by the sway of wildflowers or tree branches. The wind and the willow speaking through eachother. Ive felt the essence of love and sorrow, joy and pain, Compassion and neglect.

    By Cassondra on 01.21.2013

  17. One word is a word that has a deeper meaning in life within its surrounding land and environment. It is a word that symbolizes trust, honor, and decency within our nation towards humanity and nature. It is a word that justs keeps moving foward and is the recipe for the future.

    By Rashadah Flores on 01.21.2013

  18. use. he just applied for a new job. It was a wonderful position that he dreamed about all of his life. Susan applied the paint sloppily so I had to re-do it. My students applied the vowel

    By Norma on 01.21.2013

  19. Today I applied myself as I have applied myself every day. I have done my best to apply my knowledge of certain situations in order to help others. What they don’t know is that maybe I need help to. Maybe the one applying themselves to the needs of others is the one that needs the most help.

    By Em on 01.21.2013

  20. I’m going to applied today to ace the test

    By IceyAngel16 on 01.21.2013

  21. I’ve applied my skills as best as I can, but I’m not receiving the results I strive for. Am I rusty? Is this a waste of my time? It’s been my life-long dream to create this. I need a purpose. I need my monster.

    By Jessica on 01.21.2013

  22. I’m going to applied to my job

    By IceyAngel16 on 01.21.2013

  23. Science. Aded to and it all means the same. Well this is difficult to really think about this under time pressure. Still plenty of time to fill but nearly at end. Applied my brain.

    By Sarah on 01.21.2013

  24. He’s applied himself tremendously well these past few years, but something has happened. He does not look like that same boy I met three years ago; he’s lost his touch, his skills, even his determination. What’s happened? Who did this?

    By Jessica on 01.21.2013

  25. smart. he knows how to apply himself. to get the position. to get ahead. it’s the difference between having talent and using it. applying it.

    By allison on 01.21.2013

  26. (i’m fairly certain that
    traffic stops for you):

    if you’re the force
    and i’m the object

    –forgive me, for
    we cannot coexist

    (unless i’m not as
    immoveable as i thought).

    By isa on 01.21.2013

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    By carson URL on 01.21.2013

  28. I slowly applied what my mother had told me all those years; “Never trust anyone.”, she would say. Now, I finally realized I could never depend on anyone except myself, because no one knows me better than myself.

    By Someone on 01.21.2013

  29. apply yourself in every way possible, don’t think. just do. The only way to achieve your dream is to follow through with what you want. You are not living up to your full potential if you aren’t applying yourself to be everything you can be.

    By Chelsea on 01.21.2013

  30. applied sciences mean there is no application of the arts, only about the sciences. But you a bit of magic to apply science to art. Appliances are made of science, but the art of culinare appliance is not about science, it is about applying art. This is

    By DPL on 01.21.2013

  31. Applied a simple word a word you use for when you apply for a job that you want. Applied to a bunch of schools that you want to try and get into. The word can be simple but it can also be complex.

    By Rachael URL on 01.21.2013

  32. Applied. Arts. Sciences. Glue. To a job. So many meanings, eh? I could have applied myself too far into English; I could have applied my skills to better venues; I could have applied to applications with apples and apply to the apps….applications. Oh, abbreviations. Abb. Abbrv. I’m out.

    By dertoetenprinzessen on 01.21.2013

  33. I’m just thinking I need to apply myself, but I’m not qualified at being the me, that my brain says its up for, the potential me, is locked in a test tube bottle somewhere, this drag ass me, is waiting to get the call.

    By annabelle on 01.21.2013

  34. how can my writing skills be applied in an orderly fashion? why can’t i just apply my sense of self, my consciousness, and let the words flow instead of worrying about spelling errors and grammar mistakes. why can’t i apply some common sense to my writing instead of blanking out, like a blank sheet of paper, or a fully-written sheet of paper with words being eaten away till nothing is left

    By alison URL on 01.21.2013

  35. Well, I’ve applied to thirteen jobs today. I actually told that to Jen and she immediately thought it would be bad luck. I mean really, Jen? Come on. So anyway, let’s just hope this job isn’t as bad as this one, right? Up here, man!

    By .Theo on 01.21.2013

  36. I applied the lotion to my infected ear, as instructed. The sharp pain that had accompanied the wound dimmed to a dull ache, and I sighed, resting my head on the counter.

    “Alex, you’re such a douche-bag. I hope Kelsey beats your face in for shredding me god-damn ear.”

    By Emily on 01.21.2013

  37. “If you only applied yourself,” my mother droned, “I just know you could achieve something great.” I nodded mechanically at the lecture, allowing her words to slip through one ear and then fly right out of the other. If only she understood that I do apply myself, just not like she wants me too. I may not be an honor student, but it’s not like I fail every class. She wants me to be a doctor, but I know in my heart that I’m meant for something better, something more important to existence than I could even fathom. I know it…but I don’t exactly know what ‘it’ is yet…so I’ll just bide my time, nodding mechanically at every lecture.

    By Kerry on 01.21.2013

  38. I applied myself at the stressful job interview. Constant questioning ade for a stressful situation where my self control skill that I read about would come in handy. Not to mention all the practicing in the mirror I had done.

    By Quinn on 01.21.2013

  39. Applied- to put forth effort into something worth doing. This is all I can think of when seeing such a word. I think of it as meaning the same as effort. Is that strange I wonder?

    By AddictedGazettE URL on 01.21.2013

  40. She applied pressure to the gas petal. She didn’t know where she was going, and in all honesty she didn’t care at this point. She began sobbing and lost control of the wheel. An on coming semi crashed into her vehicle. She released a scream along with her two year old in the back seat. The semi demolished the tiny car, the saddened woman, and the defenseless child within seconds. The semi driver continued driving acting as if he’d just hit a possum or some other small creature. He didn’t care at all. :D

    By Brittany URL on 01.21.2013