January 29th, 2017 | 43 Entries

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43 Entries for “answer”

  1. The phone buzzed. She saw it. The same number that kept calling. It went to the answering machine. She assumed eventually the college would leave some message. Something about how her attendance was valuable. Some bullshit like that. But they never did. Just kept calling, hoping to catch her.

    By Beth A on 01.29.2017

  2. “I asked you a question,” growled Tony, “and you still haven’t given me an answer. Why are you being such a bitch?”

    Leslie set down her beer glass. She had dealt with some men who couldn’t take no as a response, but this guy was vying for the Top Douchebag of the Year. “I,” she said crisply and sharply, “don’t have to say anything to do.:”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.29.2017

  3. the answer lies right in front of the proof;
    in every desert including pooding;
    I lost my footing,
    due to the reckless necromancy
    your girl is a neck romancer!
    Ill call her prance, tip-top hopping on my jock
    black and yellow suited, down to the socks
    kick rocks
    if your on a one-dimensional view point as Donald trump
    girlfriends can get old, just like the trump,
    its time to dump
    retrospective hate and remorse
    liability within moralistic grounds
    that’s the course!

    By Milad URL on 01.29.2017

  4. We all want the answer. We all want the Answer – the big A answer, the “what am I for?” answer. Everybody wants it, but it doesn’t have to be the RIGHT answer, often not even a logical one. Most people are happy with a sub-standard answer, as long as they are given an answer, they won’t even look into it, if it speaks to their prejudices, they’ll settle for it, dammit.

    By Alia on 01.29.2017

  5. everybody wants one
    in fact, there is probably no greater desire
    surpassing love
    muting passion
    rendering lust and desire impotent
    for we are all plagued by
    at least one question
    something that haunts us
    torments our soul
    keeps us awake in the dark hours of the night
    some unknown that causes us pain
    a cross we bear
    so heavy
    if we could only have
    an answer

    By poetwarrior on 01.29.2017

  6. 1answer=At Now Some What Exemplifies Response

    By Garz on 01.29.2017

  7. answer me!
    Do you love me?
    Tell me now
    In spite of everything
    Throw away all pretenses
    Strip your thoughts and emotions
    Answer me!
    Do you love me?
    In spite of our differences
    And the distance
    And circumstances
    Or logic
    Answer me!
    Do you love me?
    In this universe of ours
    There are so many questions
    I seek only the answer to one
    Do you love me?
    Answer me!

    By poetwarrior on 01.29.2017

  8. Searching answers of unsaid unheard unknown questions.

    By Black_rose on 01.29.2017

  9. We seek them. We think we know them. Someone tells us they have them. We worry we will go without ever finding out. We are certain we need them. We fear how incomplete we will be without them. Yet, some times try as we might, we will never get them.

    By sheviree on 01.29.2017

  10. I can’t answer anything because being a student of literature everything is complex at times. The best answer to “answer” this is that I look for answers.

    By ankit rathore on 01.30.2017

  11. I wanted him to be the answer to my prayers…
    Not knowing that I was making the wrong prayer.

    Keep me crazy, I prayed…
    Crazy enough to miss him every minute of everyday.

    Keep me crazy, I prayed…
    Crazy enough to love him through every hate.

    He is the answer now…
    I miss him every minute of everyday.

    He is the answer now…
    I love him through every hate.

    He is the answer to my prayers…
    Because I made the wrong prayer.

    I miss him every minute of everyday
    And I love him through every hate
    ‘Cause he was never mine, and always late.

    Yet. He is the answer to my prayers…

    By Princy on 01.30.2017

  12. an answer is something nobody has the answer to, sometimes you can be baffled by that answer, sometimes you cant describe the answer. Life is full of questions but the answers come truly from ourselves and who we are as people. everyones answer is going to be something different because we are all different but share this world together.

    By Amy Isaacs on 01.30.2017

  13. It is the purpose of life; what all we are looking for every day

    By Ana Ramos on 01.30.2017

  14. i have my kowledge to the basic level. and i suggest to you based on my knowledge please judge me. not my personality because i have good personality

    By vaibhav on 01.30.2017

  15. “There’s no answer,” the lawyer said. He pressed the red end call button on his phone and put it in his pocket. “You’re safe right now, but there will continue to be legal actions and counter-actions throughout the night.” He looked around and some of the families preparing to sleep, the fathers struggling to stay away as they guarded their families huddled under the seats in the airport. “You should get some sleep.”

    Richard nodded. He wouldn’t let the lawyer see him cry but he suddenly felt lonelier than any time during his journey, starting off in Ohio and now stranded at the Canadian border. He pulled the blanket around his shoulders and tried to get comfortable on the floor. He wished that he had someone to look after him while he slept.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.30.2017

  16. the teacher wants you to answer the question. but you slacked off and zoned out. what do you do?

    By Haley on 01.30.2017

  17. I think that this is something that I am constantly looking for. Life would be so much easier if I had all the answers or if the answers were neat and tidy. Life would be so much simpler.

    By Jess on 01.30.2017

  18. Answer me. Did you or did you not steal the car and ram into a light post ?

    By chris on 01.30.2017

  19. I think it’s interesting that depression’s sunk more than a few brilliant writers. To this murky end I think of Virginia Woolf. She wrote “To the Lighthouse” as a way to examine certain aspects of her parents. It’s not an autobiography as much as an exercise in memory and perception. Experimental literature is an attempt at art more so than an exact reproduction. In another book that reference Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse” it’s suggested Woolf expunged those issues from childhood once the novel was written. That the act of writing healed parts of her psyche. Processed and moved on. Supposedly. But it wasn’t enough was it? The other author forgets for the sake of comparison that Woolf did go onto fill her pockets not full of coins or earnings off future books, but rather she filled them full of stones and marched out to sea. No lighthouse. No future. No other answers to be found.

    They say everyone’s got at least one good book in them. To that I say: “Godspeed.”

    By Intuition on 01.30.2017


    By Colton Adrian on 01.30.2017

  21. She held her breath, waiting.
    He said nothing.
    And nothing.
    And nothing.
    “Oh my god, say something!”
    He shook off the shock and opened his mouth. “Um, wow.”
    “Wow? Alright. That’s fine. Wow is an answer. Of course it is. It’s definite. It’s the same as consent or denial. Sure.”
    “Hold on for like one second, okay, let me think.”

    By Bridget Grace on 01.30.2017

  22. When people are talking to you, answer them. Don’t ignore them. Making new friends takes three easy, effortless steps:1) Don’t ignore them. 2) Listen. 3) Answer. It’s not as hard as you may think. That’s how I got my two best friends in the whole world(one of which I know everything about, though I’ve only known him since the middle of October). They’re always there for me. No matter how crazy my life gets. And all because I answered them.

    By Julianne Engel on 01.30.2017

  23. We are always searching for the answer. But maybe the question is more important. I hate questions that supposedly have only one answer because I always find more possibilities and change my mind–my answer–and get it wrong.

    By Elementary on 01.30.2017

  24. he listens to the rings coming from the other end of the phone, and he doesn’t quite know what he’s waiting for anymore, and his hand is cold and trembling on the device, and the chill is wrapping its tendrils around his heart. he whispers under his breath “please, please, please” and he squeezes his eyes shut when the the voicemail audio plays. he would rather hear his voice strained in a scream than this empty, empty silence.

    he wants an answer.

    By lynn on 01.30.2017

  25. We strive for answers, both to questions we hold in our minds and to questions hidden in our hearts. And looking at the state of the union today, it is apparent that some of us have different answers to questions we weren’t willing to talk about before. The key to moving forward is to listen. Listen to your allies, listen to the experts, listen to the opposition, and with an open heart and mind, make a choice.

    By Connor URL on 01.30.2017

  26. The answer to 15 x 20 is 300.

    “Answer me”,said the boy to his father.

    The girl is always wanting to know everything,wanting the answer.

    By Julianne Engel on 01.30.2017

  27. the last entry for Julianne Engel was actually mine.

    By Jada Engel on 01.30.2017

  28. There was no answer.

    My mother always answered the phone or at least looked at the caller ID and hit ‘ignore’ so it would quickly go to voicemail.. but for the phone to just ring on and on like this was unusual. Something must have happened out there in that big old house.

    By Lee on 01.30.2017

  29. It doesn’t matter what your answer is as long as you can explain your answer – for example if you think that peanuts are attractive that’s fine you just need to tell me why they are attractive.

    By Steve O URL on 01.30.2017

  30. The answer is the finish to the unknown phrase. The unknown question. This questions haunts many, including scientists and most of society. How? What’s the answer? Who knows? No one knows this answer, yet it is plain. No try, only do.

    By Aegis on 01.30.2017

  31. Sometimes, the answer to the question is so simple, yet increasingly distant as researchers experiment and attempt to ask the correct question.

    By Aegis on 01.30.2017

  32. An answer is the response of a question that want to be answered, for example: 4+5=9. The nine is the answer to four plus five.

    By jaycee on 01.30.2017

  33. If I knew the answers, I would be happier. At least that’s the way it seems. OK, maybe not happier. The answers might not be what I want. But I’d have certainty. Not the constant what-ifs. I guess wanting the definitive answer only works for hindsight; no one really wants to know the future. And back when the answers you’d wish you’d known would have been useful to you, they’d have been the future too. So it comes down to free will. Douglas Adams said it best: 42.

    By Sarah Kiddle on 01.30.2017

  34. unanswered questions buzzed and swarmed in my skull like flies

    By heretic on 01.30.2017

  35. I think we all want answers….but maybe what we really crave is explanation…understanding…to be heard….often we get answers that we don’t really want…living with ambiguity in your life can be a beautiful thing, but how does one embrace that?

    By Heather on 01.30.2017

  36. I ask the dark matter,
    noticing his manner,
    “what’s the matter?”
    he gives me a glancer,
    after a pause, an answer
    “I cannot factor
    being blacker than a black panther”

    By omqwat on 01.30.2017

  37. I did the answer yesterday. Well I wrote about the answer – I didn’t get it. Still waiting for an Answer really. As always. But I do want a logical answer, one that makes sense and isn’t just hearsay or a slogan of some sort. Do you have the Answer? More importantly do you have the means to find the Answer?

    By Alia on 01.30.2017

  38. it’s a command. it gives me an urge to speak even when the rest of my body is begging to be hushed. it makes my mind buzz.

    By Shekinah on 01.30.2017

  39. What is the answer? That’s what we all ask. Why do we spend so much time looking for the answer when we can better ourselves in the process. That’s what we should really strive to accomplish in our endeavors.

    By Bis C URL on 01.30.2017

  40. We don’t have an answer for everything and that can be okay. Sometimes we want one but don’t need one. If we had the answers to everything in the world, where would we be? Better off? Maybe. But it definitely wouldn’t be as interesting.

    By Paige on 01.30.2017