January 26th, 2015 | 75 Entries

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75 Entries for “announcement”

  1. I can’t think of anything right now. If I would be announcing anything in the world today, it is: I did something funny and very narcissistic today. Stupid, really. I can’t bring myself to say what it was though.

    By Patcha Ramirez on 01.27.2015

  2. Michael,

    Posting again with the hope that you will read this. I don’t see how to get in touch with you. I don’t know if your post was fictional or if that is how you are really feeling.

    If it is how you are feeling, please talk to someone you trust right now. Suicide is not the answer. Your life will be completely different — I promise — in such a short time. Please, please, reach out and let someone know how you are feeling. Even if it is just a hotline.

    I hope you see this.

    By RebeccaZuvedru URL on 01.27.2015

  3. The wail of the siren made everybody’s hearts catch, we all knew that now was the time to scatter, now was the time to shut ourselves in safety and listen to her words crackle over the speakers. I hitched up my pack, and shot a glance towards my young customer before turning on my heels and running into the cold, dank safety of my wine cellar. “Citizens of Newhope!” Grance trilled, following the usual staticky intermission; her voice boomed across the square like an oncoming storm; every man, woman and child knew that blood would be spilled on this night in the name of the wolf god.

    By Amber on 01.27.2015

  4. The wail of the siren made everybody’s hearts catch in their chests, we all knew that now was the time to scatter, now was the time to shut ourselves in safety and listen oh so carefully to whatever was soon to crackle over those ever-looming speakers.

    I hitched up my pack, and shot a “we’ll settle this later.” glance towards my young customer before swiftly turning on my heels and heading for the cold, dank safety of my wine cellar.

    “Citizens of Newhope!” Grance trilled – following her usual pre-speech staticky intermission. Her voice boomed across the square like an oncoming storm; and in that same old agonising lull, every man, woman and child crouched in the darkness knew that blood would be spilled on this night, in the name of the mighty wolf god.

    By Deer-hat URL on 01.27.2015

  5. Achtung, Achtung, dies ist eine wichtige Durchsage für alle Passagiere der Linie 8.
    Stehen Sie bitte nicht so schlauchig in den Gängen, halten Sie sich gut an den Haltegriffen fest und stehen Sie gerade. Ihr Rücken wird es Ihnen danken. Und nicht nur der. Danke für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit.

    By LotteZwo URL on 01.27.2015

  6. It was a great shock to me I could not believe that it actually happened. The grief on my parents face, the horror on my wife’s. I did not want it to happen, none of us did, yet it happened as not a single one of us could influence their choice. I was the one they wanted to die … I had to in order t o save them. Government announced my number … I am to be this years Sacrifice !

    By Omnix URL on 01.27.2015

  7. to be kept within for the most of his youth
    then to change his mind
    a wave, a wind, the tide
    he told the world what he knew of himself
    to be loved, to love, without doubt

    By Ben on 01.27.2015

  8. sharing good news, marriage, engagement, speaker, audience, president, press release, important, authority,

    By kelley on 01.27.2015

  9. There’s got to be a better way, a better way to tell everyone what has happened, without somehow exposing myself and the terrible way I feel about it. This announcement is driving me to drink. Well, it’s making it worse anyway.

    By Lewis URL on 01.27.2015

  10. The kids were in the auditorium sweating up a storm, waiting for the principal to take the mic. Just earlier that week, the senior class took part in the 38th annual pre-graduation prank day. But, they did what no other class had done before.

    By Lili on 01.27.2015

  11. The dictator walked up to the front of the stage, reflecting on the public he saw all of them either cheering or looking at him with murderous eyes.

    He didn’t have the time for any of it, he had an announcement to make.

    By Angela on 01.27.2015

  12. his fists clenched, words lodged in his throat. no. it couldn’t be. his brother– he didn’t– didn’t choose to stay there. didn’t leave him. would never leave him. he promised to come back, didn’t he? what they were saying– they were all lying. they had to be. it had to be a cruel joke, designed to toy with his feelings. it had to be. there was no way his brother would choose his job over him. not when they only had each other left.

    By kihyun on 01.27.2015

  13. Given that the class had endured literally hundreds of mistakes in their maths lecturer’s notes during the year, the announcement of a correction in the test paper was met with a round of derisive applause and some cheers; – clearly, some bets had been placed; – and won. By the time it got to the sixth announcement of a correction, though, it was not so funny. Some students had given up and walked out, others had to rewrite entire answers that they now found were based on incorrect assumptions. Even the principal was dragged away from his drinks cabinet to deal with the situation. In the end, it was hushed up, but nobody failed that exam, regardless of their answers.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.27.2015

  14. I have a big announcement to make. What is it? What is it? It’s a snow day in most of the world on the east coast but not for me. For me it’s an in-the-snow day because you know neither rain, nor sleet, nor ….

    By norma on 01.27.2015

  15. There was an announcement-made by me-of how awesome the Universe is in all its powers to help one be great…all you have to do is thik great with the Universe and all the riches that you want will be yours. Just reach out…

    By trkstr67 URL on 01.27.2015

  16. JJaclyn was excited about making the important announcement of her pregnancy.

    By scratchingbark URL on 01.27.2015

  17. His palms were slick and there was a knot in his stomach the size of a grapefruit. If only he could run to the bathroom. He held back a groan when he saw the room had filled completely. His eyes scanned every corner, searching for a clear ‘Exit’. His plan was to walk calmly to the stage, deliver the worst news they never expected, and then try to get out of there.

    By Soft URL on 01.27.2015

  18. The goals that he had set to accomplish seemed far from reality. He accepted defeat sooner that he thought he would, and announced his resignation from the game of life. His announcement was in the form of self-loathing and a subsequent loss of life from earth.

    By joker on 01.27.2015

  19. I don’t have an announcement to make. I have nothing, I hurt becuase my body doesn’t work and I’m tired all the time for the same reason, but there’s nothing to say. Just doing my best.

    By Emz on 01.27.2015

  20. It came over the loudspeaker, an ancient device that was among the many artifacts in the compound that miraculously still worked. Something had waited for us, for someone, to come. Perhaps it was the age of the place that gave it a patina of mystery, or the small miracle that after millenia this tomb of another age contained functional automata. We are accustomed to seamless, self-directed technology, fully integrated with biology. This place reminded us of the awkward beginnings of the machine, its clunky but evocative whirrings, cracklings, the voice of the engine so long silenced, risen from the dead, absorbed us completely, distracting us from the message. “This is not a test. Lockdown commencing. Brace for impact.”

    By Clayton on 01.27.2015

  21. The announcement came on over the loud speaker with static echoing through the concrete building. The intercome started to buzz with life and a voice poured out of the speakers in the rooms all over the building.

    By Nellie Bradford on 01.27.2015

  22. You guys, I have an announcement. Andreas and I are not getting married. We have been together for five months, so obviously we are not getting married. we have not even talked about it or thought about it, just like you havent. Just thought I would let you know, because we are not getting married.

    By Tiril on 01.27.2015

  23. We all were assembled into the auditorium for a big announcement. We are remodeling the gym! This is huge for everyone!

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.27.2015

  24. The announcement went up at noon on the board in the town hall. He was getting married. That fucker was getting married. She looked sweet, I suppose. Maybe she didn’t know what a fucker he was. I tore the page down, ripping it into tiny pieces of confetti and letting them go in the wind when I got back out to the street.

    By Andrea URL on 01.27.2015

  25. He was about to announce something, something great and he was eager to see the reactions it would evoke; if only he knew what the truth was, if only he judged the situation a little better

    By Krupa Patil URL on 01.27.2015

  26. Announcement: An act to spread out information to a large group of people.

    An announcement for a salary raise. An upgrade in the computer system. Changes in personnel.

    Invitation to a wedding. Or for that matter, a funeral. The coming, and surely, going, of lovers.

    The outbreak of an epidemic. The passing of our Great Leader. New archeological discoveries. Alleged alien sightings.

    We do these announcements because we suppose the intended audience care about what we have to say.

    But very often, they don’t.

    By andyprue URL on 01.27.2015

  27. “It’s official!” He announced to the crowd. I tried to feign a smile but my stomach twisted at his words. They looked back at us with a mixture of surprise and discomfort.

    By Meg Babee URL on 01.27.2015

  28. I’m making the announcement to all who list, I want to tell you how much I really do not like the blatant disregard for human life that is glorified. On that note, I also do not like it when people use something as propaganda in favor of a racist and unjust war. If you are one of those that cannot differentiate between nationalism and patriotism then it is within both of our interests that you just go your own way.

    By Jon Prince URL on 01.27.2015

  29. When she dropped the envelope, another announcement hit the floor. The crowd gasped at the sight of the yellow paper stock; everyone knew what it read.

    Cynthia grabbed the card and pulled it into her angry hands.

    By Joyce Derenas URL on 01.27.2015

  30. “Everyone, I’ve gathered you all here to make an announcement. As of this afternoon my mother, and the CEO of our fine organization, has died. It comes as a shock to us all, but we’re more than prepared to fill in the spaces left vacant.”

    By Hank URL on 01.27.2015

  31. The announcement shook the supernatural community like an earthquake. Some didn’t heed it it, believing their government too benevolent to enact that sort of tyranny. But Aki knew better.

    By Baekhesten URL on 01.27.2015

  32. Out of the blue
    Like rain from a cloudless sky
    The buffalo came
    To announce when the
    Rivers will bloom
    And when the flowers
    Will flow again
    When enemies will be friends
    And broken ends
    Mended into new beginnings

    By Sappho on 01.27.2015

  33. “I have an announcement. I serve no one” – said the unemployed.

    By dimeey URL on 01.27.2015

  34. Pencils drop. Heads jerk towards the source of the noise – the searing noise of a bell ringing. Their skull seems to throb. I’m becoming all head, they think. Their head will expand, crushing anything in the way – buildings, trees, humans, planaria, protozoa, the soul of an expired milk carton – until it is only a few atoms wide and the weakest puff of primordial wind can gently scatter its structure into dust.

    By Isis on 01.27.2015

  35. The noon alarm sounds throughout the town causing him to stir. Looking at the ceiling, a small sigh leaves him as he turns onto his side draping his arm over his lover’s waist, leaving a feather like kiss on their nose before letting sleep engulf him once again.

    By Leah Nicole URL on 01.27.2015