July 28th, 2011 | 263 Entries

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263 Entries for “amuse”

  1. You amuse me, from time to time. But more often, you amaze me, with your charming ways, wonderful smile and the way you go about your everyday life. Your eyes twinkle when you’re amused, and I can’t help but think how bizarre it is that you’re mine. I wonder if I amuse you this way, too?

    By Ellie Sparkle URL on 07.29.2011

  2. The rabbit on the counter was not amused when I returned back from the store without his watch.

    “I ran out of money,” I said, with a shrug. “You know I spent it all.”

    He sniffed and pointed his pink nose high up in the air. “I don’t even pity the fool that lets herself fall into drugs. I want my watch back by 1:00.”

    I smirked then. “But how will I know when 1 is?”

    By Anya Marina URL on 07.29.2011

  3. I found his attitude amusing, standing there in all of his naked glory, fists in front of his face, ready to defend himself and the woman he’d fornicating with only moments ago. When the pepper spray hit his face, his attitude only changed slightly, but when it hit his privates, he turned into a blithering idiot.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 07.29.2011

  4. Me, using words to make a point, generally a stupid one. Saying things such as “My cat is not quite amused with the proceedings.” To make my friends laugh. It works.

    By Virginia Theis URL on 07.29.2011

  5. You amuse me with your lies, your pain. To you, you’re watching a television show; you’re eating popcorn, drinking pop, looking at the show you put on, saying “How can this chick be idiotic like this.” You laugh because you know you have me wrapped around your finger and I’m oblivious. You claim to love me, claim to only want me, but I’ve heard the rumors. Thing you don’t know is, I’m playing to your pawn to take you down later.

    By AspiringWriter URL on 07.29.2011

  6. At the park that afternoon we got on the ride that spun one way while looping us on a different vector and my stomach turned. G-force pushed you back into me and I thought that sickness was what love really felt like. Glad you live in Orlando and me here now.

    By Bryan URL on 07.29.2011

  7. the amusement flowed from his laughter; soft and velvety, a comfort touch to ears he’d long since loathed and forgotten.

    By Lora URL on 07.29.2011

  8. amuse me never sounds like a positive word. it resembles doubt. it resembles insinserity. OR mere adequacy. although this site is ammusing me…

    By Kenny on 07.29.2011

  9. A muse. Some one get the man a muse. He’s stuck with an idea. But its going nowhere. “wakling in circles, retracing steps” A muse is what he needs. To heal is broken thoughts and put them together in order. Then he will have all the art in the world.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 07.29.2011

  10. “It amuses me, you see.” She turned to him, a slight smile on her face.

    “I don’t see how it could,” he replied flatly.

    “That’s because you are so terribly human. Don’t worry. It’ll pass soon enough.”

    By Amai on 07.29.2011

  11. Am I just your amusement? A fun ride, but not someone you want to wife up? I fear thats all I will ever be to anyone anymore since him and I broke up. But who am I to judge? Some of these boys are just amusement as well… people I would never in life love. Dont hate the player, hate the game I guess.

    By Sunnie URL on 07.29.2011

  12. Don’t amuse with those small catlike eyes. What am I a clown here to amuse you….Do I amuse you? Amusement is subjective the simple minded find slapstick humor preferable while the intelligent enjoy the ramblings of the cynic.

    By Me on 07.29.2011

  13. I guess that the way decided to introduce themselves in this way was designed to engage and amuse me.

    By bob neely on 07.29.2011

  14. There is nothing that brings joy when one is filled with fury; and yet, despite Potter’s insolence, the corner of Snape’s mouth tugs upward into a faint smile of amusement. Perhaps, he thinks, the boy can be taught humility. Taught to be less like his father and more like his mother. He has her eyes, after all.

    “Ten points from Gryffindor.”

    By Marron Marvel URL on 07.29.2011

  15. laugh. giggle. smile. chuckle. look. inquire. think. like.

    By hailey on 07.29.2011

  16. bleating neon sign blasting car horn
    the sound of her voice noxious as it was
    hit the ground softly

    By judigoldberg URL on 07.29.2011

  17. He found it hard to amuse her. He smiled, frowned, groaned – all were met with indifference. He wondered if it was actauly him or was she feigning indifference to get him worked up. If that was her plan, it was working. He decided to play her game and simply stopped. As he looked into the distance, she perked up and asked him, “is there a problem?”

    By Will on 07.29.2011

  18. She sat with tiny hands clasping her tiny knees, her sparrow-like neck outstretched over the banister. The dancers twirled, seeming to look right at her, seeming to dance merely for her amusement.

    By Arelle URL on 07.29.2011

  19. My muse, she not amuse.

    By Hyperbole URL on 07.29.2011

  20. He quirked an eyebrow. I wanted to cover my face with my hands, but opted for something more on the offensive– I stuck out my tongue.

    He just laughed. “Don’t be so embarrassed.”

    “Well, don’t look at me like that!”

    By Annie P URL on 07.29.2011

  21. Red lips curved downward in a melodramatic show of displeasure. Blood trickled down her cheeks as the woman frowned at the thug before her. “Now now,” She cooed, her soft voice hauntingly sweet. “I thought knives amused you.” She laughed over his whimpering, tracing a finger through the trough she had carved through his leg.

    By heather URL on 07.29.2011

  22. Have you been to a drive in movie, but instead of watching the movie you just watch cars drive by and make up stories for all the people in the car and it’s totally worth it?

    By Joshua O'Brien on 07.29.2011

  23. The little puppy dog eyes looked up at her. Then he rolled over. She looked at him and analyzed him. She loved him instantly. She was amused by him. She was actually interested in something. She hadn’t found interest in anything these past few months.

    By Ariel K. URL on 07.29.2011