November 6th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “alarmist”

  1. i feel like the fire was going to spread over my entire being. the door knob was hot, the flames were engulfing everything i loved, and i shouldve known…the alarmist has always been around warning me of the terrors to come, i’ve just been too ignorant to take notice, or move in stride towards what i was supposed to do.

    By Kelsey Frazier on 11.07.2011

  2. oh my god what does that mean? in the house? ahhh call the cops I don’t know what to do! ADT ad on TV, someone’s breaking in, call the police now now now! protect your loved ones and forget the rest!

    By Bonnie on 11.07.2011

  3. What’s an alarmist? Someone who operates an alarm clock? Like a little homonculus inside the alarm who keeps watch and makes sure the alarm goes off on time. Reminds me of the Flinstones, really. My homunculus must be disabled or something, since he makes the alarm go off even when I don’t tell him to.

    By Elze on 11.07.2011

  4. I am someone who wants to alarm those around me. I am unsettled, thus making others unsettled as well. I could be someone focused on setting off alarms. Either way, I am not in peace nor am happy.

    By Alexandra on 11.07.2011

  5. on guard,
    hairs always on end,
    that’s how you define me.
    never blinking,
    never breathing,
    always stuck
    in the whims
    of anticipation.
    and no matter
    how i step to you,
    you always believe
    that there’s nothing
    nothing real about

    By NuSol URL on 11.07.2011

  6. I think Sybill Trelawney is an alarmist. McGonagall said she’s prophesied the death of a student each year she’s worked at Hogwarts, but none of them have come true. An alarmist is someone who raises alarm, like predicting calamities.

    By Damaris URL on 11.07.2011

  7. As he rushed toward us I heard a great beeping. “What’s that” the screams echoed around the streets like a storm. The boom silenced everyone.

    By AlwaysAlly on 11.07.2011

  8. i set off an alarm once. i was in kindergarten and we were cooking for thanksgiving dinner before break. my job was to help my teacher cook the potatoes. i was supposed to sit in a chair and tell her if they were done. well i fell asleep in that chair and they burned…causing smoke….there goes the alarm…guess i am an alarmist <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 11.07.2011

  9. I honestly have no thoughts about this word. Is that alarming? I don’t think so. Not having an immediate reaction to a word is, I think, similar to saying, “no comment is a comment in itself.” Although, now that I think about it, this all makes absolutely no sense, which isn’t alarming in the slightest, considering the source.

    By Maryam URL on 11.07.2011

  10. im scared, its late. and im worried i wont make it in time. Im an alarmist. help me . i dont want to hurt him or her. but what if i do. i cannot undo it.

    By tiffany rebello on 11.07.2011

  11. Being an individual who alarms or directs attention to something that they feel is important.

    By alek on 11.07.2011

  12. משה זורע בהלה בכל מקום אליו הוא מגיע. הוא נוהג לקפוץ ולהשתולל בכל רגע נתון ולצעוק בפתאומיות כשהוא רואה חבר או אדם מוכר.

    By אומץ on 11.07.2011

  13. Moses alarmist everywhere he goes. He jumps and rave at any given moment and scream abruptly when he sees a friend or someone familiar

    By אומץ on 11.07.2011

  14. Smoothing out the blanket she unfurled her body and lay with one hand resting under her cheek. In the past, before the trouble started she had been to busy to do this. To busy to enjoy life. Now, things were different. The sun shone down and caressed her other cheek and she rested by the river.

    By DLSH on 11.07.2011

  15. tv alluvioni bambini stupri acqua berluconi clandestini coop nonni morte sadness

    By spaty on 11.07.2011

  16. the alarmist shouted that they were going to be late so they sped up. they were not late. evry one said that the alarmist was wrong(they were write). tthe alarmist got angry and made them so alarmed that they all jumped of a cliff the end full stop no comers.

    By george on 11.07.2011

  17. the alarmist shouted that they were going to be late so they sped up. they were not late. evry one said that the alarmist was wrong(they were write). tthe alarmist got angry and made them so alarmed that they all jumped of a cliff the end.

    By george on 11.07.2011

  18. I am not quite certain I know what an alarmist might be. Perhaps it is a person – a thing, deity – that frightens you. And its only duty is to do just that. To alarm you.

    By Deni on 11.07.2011

  19. the alarmists,
    they run,
    and look around with
    each step
    and each leaf falling
    and each pin dropping.
    they do it for the
    the frenzy,
    the adrenaline
    and they keep going
    on a cycle
    running and running and running

    By Iffath URL on 11.07.2011

  20. Perhaps an alarmist is someone who causes uneasiness. Disrupts the still. Disrupts the easiness – the flow.

    By Deni URL on 11.07.2011

  21. what is that exactly? someone who makes alarm clocks? what an awful job. no seriously, i’m not really sure what an alarmist is. someone who is alarmed at all times? someone who rehearses being alarmed in case of emergencies? to the dictionary!

    By Cordelia URL on 11.07.2011

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    By george on 11.07.2011

  23. An alarmist can cause undue harm or can be a person with great insight. The difference is situational. The situation in which an alarmist can be beneficial allows for a proactive response to a scenario. When the alarmist is in a situation where undue harm can be of concern, this is when the person is overreacting

    By Lynnette on 11.07.2011

  24. I’m not totally sure what this word is, by definition. But I think it’s someone who is very alarming. ALARMist. Maybe they cry wolf a lot and alarm everyone do often that they aren’t trustworthy. Or maybe they are trustworthy and are te people we turn to to get opinions because they can tell when something is wrong or something…

    By Sydney on 11.07.2011

  25. Is an alarmist the person who sounds the alarm when theres an emergency, and is it a definite job, or can it be anyone?

    By just582 URL on 11.07.2011

  26. An alarmist came in to fix my alarm clock. He made me pay him $2,000 dollars. Not worth it

    By packer backer on 11.07.2011

  27. its an alarm that tells everyone that there is danger

    By christian ward URL on 11.07.2011

  28. scared…AHHH… IDK!!! I dont know what it means..!!!! Help…

    By audz123 on 11.07.2011

  29. she was deinetly an alarmist. Always shouting always screaming. Always blowing up all kinds of information. She is crazy!

    By Emily on 11.07.2011

  30. You’re an alarmist. My guard is always up around you. I’m scared to hurt you and I’m scared that you’ll hurt me.
    Please stop sending me mixed signals. Please =]

    By laughalot on 11.07.2011

  31. He thought about, it but couldn’t think. The knife caught his skin and his eyes widen with alarm. He was going to die and he knew it. He knew this day would come.

    By Jenny on 11.07.2011

  32. a person who alarms. a fire engine where there’s a fire and the children are running out of the house and the dogs but the mom leaves the baby and goes back. the alarmist runs around the neighborhood screaming at the top of his lungs and everyone tries to help out the poor woman. she ends up saving the baby but sacrifices herself.

    By Rachel on 11.07.2011

  33. i hate the word alarmist because the first thing that comes to my mind is the word alarm, which i happen to hate. I hate it because it wakes me up in the morning when i’ll i want to do is sleep, all anyone ever wants to do that early in the morning is sleep. unless you’re like some crazy fisherman guy that likes to get up early to catch a nice Carp

    By samantha navas on 11.07.2011

  34. someone who overeacts

    By jayne schoch URL on 11.07.2011

  35. I’ve never really heard of the term alarmist before.I have heard of alarm before. It involves raising panic or fear. From this, I can infer an alarmist is one who raises alarm. They must go around spreading paranoia, frightening those who easily believe in such thing. However, if one is not gullible, I’m sure an alarmist would be no problem for them.

    By Bartna on 11.07.2011

  36. alarmist .. I’ve already written on this word this morning, however the system told me that I’d already written .. nah ah. I’ll try again. I wonder if an alarmist is one who sits by an alarm. You know, like a harpist is someone who plays the harp? It could happen, who knows anyway. An alarmist is

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 11.07.2011

  37. there is panic but its not proved yet. he is screaming about it but the majority of people are unconcerned until one more starts to listen, and then one more, and one more, and the man has reached his goal of making people listen.

    By Cassandy on 11.07.2011

  38. Alarmist as the day is young, said grandma.

    What the hell does that supposedly mean? cried Sheila

    It means you kids got no damned respect, grumbled granny.

    I respect those who deserve respect, and I mean that the world is ending.

    You mark my words, Sheila, this whole nu-cu-ler thing will blow over.

    You’re talking out of your second ass, grandma.

    By Chris URL on 11.07.2011

  39. As they ran into the wild in fear of their pursuers, the alarmists began yelling. They were becoming chaotic and their control over the crowd would soon diminish. She knew that if they had any chance of survival, she would need to step up and take charge.

    By Drea URL on 11.07.2011

  40. i am an alarmist. I never tell people i am. i keep it inside, to stay safe. to not let people know my weakness.

    By Allie on 11.07.2011