February 7th, 2011 | 638 Entries

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638 Entries for “alarm”

  1. Once I woke up to my alarm on my phone and I thought it was a bomb ticking away. I got so scared that I threw my phone against the wall. Then I realized if it really was a bomb that would not be a good idea since the bomb might explode. Now I have to buy a new phone all due to my imagination. :(

    By Allora on 02.07.2011

  2. The sound that penetrates the eardrums of mankind every day made no difference in my head. No change in the jackhammering of my eardrums. I hear the sound, and yet am immune to it – not hearing it. Deaf to the tones, I close my eyes and go back to sleep.

    By garrett-tyler URL on 02.07.2011

  3. my alarm didn’t go off this morning. i was awoken nearly half an hour late. i managed to get ready in ten minutes. a new record for me. it wasnt until half way through my class that i realized i was missing a vital component of my equipment, necessary for my next class. A sole item that decided my grade. Damn alarm

    By Hilary URL on 02.07.2011

  4. there’s no such thing as an alarm, its the fucking people who must carry a fucking cartel with that damn word on it, because of all the bullshit that they spill out when its the worst moment, alarm is for the weak, just to warn our wisdom.

    By lola on 02.07.2011

  5. My alarm woke me up to the sound of birds chirping. Not sure which one is louder yet. Most people hate alarms. I love them. They get me up to face a day. I don’t know what my day will hold, but I awake with high hopes. Some days I go to bed dreading the alarm because the day was bad. But tomorrow is a new day.

    By Sarah URL on 02.07.2011

  6. I hate it when my alarm goes off in the morning. I would just like to hit snooze and sleep all day. My alarm is very annoying and I wish they didn’t exist. Alarms are the biggest pieces of shit that I know of.

    By Alison Petersen on 02.07.2011

  7. I hate the fire alarm at school. It’s only gone off once this year for real, but they test it ALL the time. The sprinklers don’t even work in my building, so the fire safety system is faulty at best. Way to go, university. Keeping me safe as I pay my money, right?

    By imshort123 URL on 02.07.2011

  8. The alarm in my head sounds. I shouldn’t be doing this. But I press the snooze button and move on because somehow you are the one thing in my life that is real lately. The one thing that I feel is not going to leave me. I smile up at you because you get it. I can’t help to reach up on my toes and kiss your sweet lips.

    By Jessica Houser URL on 02.07.2011

  9. Hearing my familiar alarm in my memories reminds me of my time in college, waking up to it every day. It was a different time and somehow, I slept through the loud buzzing of it every now and then, but I at least usually woke up.

    By TTGG URL on 02.07.2011

  10. An alarm goes off in the back of my mind. Something isn’t quite right. You are setting off bells, warnings everywhere. I ignore them, pressing on into the deep unknown. Pressing on into you. But now, because of you, these alarms are stronger. Because of you I can no longer ignore the alarm. Because of you I woke up.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 02.07.2011

  11. waking up in the morning sucks butt. i hate when my alarm goes off and i feel comfy in my bed. you’re never that comfortable until the alarm sounds. then it’s like you’ve never felt more warm and secure in your life. plus, the annoying sound it makes? ugh. no good. then the fact that the alarm means i’ll be heading to work soon? that just makes it so much worse. i like my job, but why does it have to be so early? not that my kid isn’t an alarm himself. he’s really my alarm. i rarely ever use my real one. the boy is almost like clockwork.

    By Jessica on 02.07.2011

  12. Alarm bells go off frequently. The go off on cars when someone walks past a little too close. They go off in buildings when there is smoke or when someone “accidentally” bumps the alarm. They go off all too frequently, but not when they are needed.

    By Imperfect.In.deed URL on 02.07.2011

  13. It alarms me when my alarm goes off in the morning. Dazed and disoriented, I struggle and fumble to find my phone. My alarm rings with such zest that I almost envy the thing. I am not awake, stop alarming me. Why must my alarm keep this up? Alarm, go away.

    By Lauren Berry on 02.07.2011

  14. this is the most annoying noise in the morning. the dread of leaving my warm sanctuary fills my veins with anger, burning and PISSING ME OFF. fuck alarms.

    By eep on 02.07.2011

  15. I woke up to th e sound of my alarm going off. God I hate that sound. It just means another end to another dream, and that dream always seemed to be about the one thing I could never have, It klls me everytime I’m pulled from that place and those sensations, but life must go on. Even though life is nothing compared to the dream.

    By MaliceLarmi on 02.07.2011

  16. I was alarmed to learn that I was not the only girl in his life. Alarmed to know that I wasn’t going to have my way with him. Not that i intended anything immoral. I just wanted to marry him, that was all. And now she came along and ruined everything.

    By Julie URL on 02.07.2011

  17. when my alarm goes off in the morning i hit the snoose button….5….maybe 6 times. a little shorter period of time each time, until i don’t fall asleep anymore between. this causes me to be later and later picking up sean every morning to the point where we walk into class around 10 mintues later than planned.

    By Becca on 02.07.2011

  18. well, first off i get annoyed when i hear you. the thought of having to wake up is upsetting. but i’m glad you worked actually cuz i’d be even more upset if i had overslept. bittersweet shit. then of course, there’s things like fire alarms that are also annoying and most people tend to ignore it at school like there’s no real emergency. but i rather not take my chances. more bittersweet shit.

    By Nina on 02.07.2011

  19. It’s entirely too early to be waking up. This is stupid. Why is that alarm so….

    Annoying. I can’t stand its beep-beep-beeping. I want to sleep. This is stupid. Or is it a fire alarm? I dunno. Let

    By Bill on 02.07.2011

  20. it goes off
    you realize
    your the one
    who will
    have to repair it

    it was nothing more
    than your own

    I love it when
    you come
    into the room

    By marianne on 02.07.2011

  21. I hate it when it goes off in the morning. Alarms are not my friend. They never come in time to wake me up from the bad dreams. But always seem to ruin the good ones. Alarms scare me. they annoy me. I wish we didn’t need them. I wish we could come and go as we please. Everywhere.

    By Katelyn URL on 02.07.2011

  22. Set. Ticking. One way or another. It comes for you. Like that nightmare around the corner. Hide if you can, someday, your time will be up. Listen, wake. Or ignore and dream.

    By Kaijine on 02.07.2011

  23. i hate when i hear my alarm. i oanic everytime i hear a beep. most of the time i never wake up to my first alarm. alarm is a negative word all together. there is no happy alarm. like oh happy alarm you win a million dollars. oh alaarm dont wake up you sleep in. nothing good occc

    By Samantha on 02.07.2011

  24. the alarm goes off and tell me to wake up, get dressed and live my life. it is loud but i need it. my life is in shambles.

    By lauragill URL on 02.07.2011

  25. This morning I woke up to an alarm. It wasn’t all that great, as I was only feeling okay. Right now I’m feeling better, but at the same time it’s not all that fantastic. Anyway, I think I’m just in a slump and need to find whatever it is that’s going to make me feel better and then I’ll start to feel better. I think next week if the weather is better then I’ll feel a lot better, as I usually do when the weather gets nicer. I should go check that out now.

    By Nate URL on 02.07.2011

  26. beep snooze awake or asleep on a cloud in the sun in the sky idle as a plane passes by you’re sunglasses shield the wind seagulls pass beneath the beep keeps going but its alright the sun will carry will you away from here

    By Chloe on 02.07.2011

  27. Wakefulness hits me like a brick as my alarm blares relentlessly by my head. In a rehearsed maneuver, I snatch it from my night stand and toss it to the floor. A few minutes to rub the blear from my eyes, and I reach down to rustle on the floor for my jeans, fishing a pack of smokes from the pocket. Sitting in the first rays of the morning, I light my first and let the world slide by.

    By chii URL on 02.07.2011

  28. when i wake up to this fierce sound, my heart is pounding with confusion. there’s so many things to be done in so little time. i can’t think straight, my mouth is stuck to my pillow, and i don’t know what’s going on. i have to do so much! ah! what to do?! BEEEP BEEEEP!! then i come to realization that hey, i gotta get up.

    By Lindsey Bennett on 02.07.2011

  29. OHHHHHH the alarm, the most dreaded sound in this earth. I always push snooze just for those extra five minutes of sleep, even though we all know that in reality those five minutes are nothing. But in those first few moments of consciousness after waking, those are the most valuable five minutes of the whole day. <3

    By Ali URL on 02.07.2011

  30. The alarm wakes me up, ring ring ring. Nahh shut up shut up. I was dreaming a nice dream. Please don’t wake me up. I hide under the blanket to avoid the piercing sound of my alarm. Shhh ring ring ring ring. Leave me be please. Please. I wake up. Time to get up. Ok.

    By Nate on 02.07.2011

  31. The alarm went off, flashing red lights down the hall. The Sentinel, already dressed in his usual attire, looked up with mild calm. Calling his teammates, he prepped for the day. Or he would, were they not still asleep.

    By Zac Schneider on 02.07.2011

  32. my alarm goes off every morning and it is almost the worst part of my day but really the worst is setting it every night, the fact that I’m setting myself up for it every morning…

    By nicoletta on 02.07.2011

  33. Alarms make me think of fire alarms. Which I always enjoy cause you get out of class for a good five minutes. And I normally don’t enjoy the class I have when there is a fire drill. Also, they make me think of Tornado alarms things in the summer, which sometimes, scare me, but I enjoy storms anyways.

    By Natasha on 02.07.2011

  34. the alarm clock rings and i push it to fall back asleep because i don’t want to wake up cause then i have to go to school.. waaaaa! school sucks!! i don’t enjoy one bti

    By Kayla on 02.07.2011

  35. The alarm’s shrill clang jarred me from my dream. Another morning, another day to try and find a job. One that I wasn’t over or under qualified for.

    By Jan Patterson on 02.07.2011

  36. Don’t be alarmed. Don’t alarm me. I am in a precarious state right now. Respect that and I will try to respect your needs. We’re all just trying to get through this- so please, let’s look at one another and really try to see who’s behind that face, those clothes, that smile.

    By lola on 02.07.2011

  37. panic, attack. breathing fear. wondering, remembering, scrounging, stumbling. thoughts, memories, expectations, suspicions, fears. beep beep beep beep impenetrating your dreams. expected but so unexpected, wanted but so unwanted and needed but so unnecessary.

    By sarah on 02.07.2011

  38. I wake up in the morning. it shouts at me. i really hate it. like really really hate it. its so conformist. every day. at the same time to this stupid annoying buzzer. I really wish you would go fuck off. I have my own dreams and let them be. It is a pretty cool thing right. Now leave me alone alarm

    By Mike on 02.07.2011

  39. snooze button. dark outside. warm bed. yawn. snore. alarm again. snooze again. turn over. pull covers over head. reenter dream. alarm. big sigh. four letter word. throw covers off and put feet on cold floor

    By christine on 02.07.2011

  40. The alarm went off at 6:45 am. Sometimes, I just lay there, listening, knowing that this can’t be happening. There’s no way I’ll go to calc. Well, there I am 2 hours later suddenly aware that at some point, I got dressed, drank coffee, made it out the door, and got in the right seat for class.

    By baloofish11 URL on 02.07.2011