February 7th, 2011 | 638 Entries

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638 Entries for “alarm”

  1. I absolutely cannot stand the sound of my alarm clock. it simply ruins my day. this afternoon i woke up from my nap feeling completely renewed. WITHOUT my alarm going off. my roommate said i looked so relaxed. and its even worse when it’s before that class. where you sit two seats over from me and before which i check my profile out in the mirror because it’s all you’ll be seeing, i wont turn my face to you- all because he hasnt, ever.

    By olivestick on 02.07.2011

  2. Wake up. It’s a new day, but I can already predict today’s future before the sun comes up. Routine takes has (is) taking it’s toll on me. I feel it pushing on all sides of the bed, urging me to leap up… but I resist. I think if I can force my eyes shut just a little longer, I might be able to wakeup someplace else. Anywhere else. Lead me into the oblivion. But the snooze period is over. The alarm rings again, urging me to open my eyes. I obey.

    By Chelsea URL on 02.07.2011

  3. Beep!!!!
    The alarm blared as he jerked awake. Monday morning had once again come too soon. If he allowed himself, he would think about the wonderful things of the weekend, but he knew it was all too good to be true. As soon as he got out of bed, it was back to reality and the harsh truth that she would never be in his life again.

    By Alexandra URL on 02.07.2011

  4. The alarm rang in Jimmy’s ears, loud as a firehorn. The helicopter was spinning towards earth with velocities he did not know possible, and Andy already lay dead in the next seat. He couldn’t help but think: is this really the end of it all? Somalia had never before seemed so grim.

    By Michael URL on 02.07.2011

  5. I wake up every morning to an alarm. It’s loud and annoying and I dread hearing it. It’s so annoying, wow. It’s a really weird ring tone actually, and it easily wakes me up, because Im a light sleeper anyways. But I do have weird dreams a lot, even though I wake up so easily. My dreams never make sense…Alarms…yeah.

    By Cori URL on 02.07.2011

  6. makes me think mostly about waking up. and how waking up is so alarming….i always wake up with a start worried i slept too late or start worrying about how much i have to do. you would think this jolt of adrenaline would be enough to stay awake and start the day…but instead i want to forget all of it for as long as possible and i seem to fall back asleep quite soundly. i wish waking up wasn’t so closely related to the word alarm.

    By Katie on 02.07.2011

  7. I don’t want to hear you. I’m going to turn you off now. Shut up I thought I turned you off. God dammit I don’t want to wake up. I don’t want to go to work. Great now I’m dreaming about going to work. AND my alarm is still going off. I guess I better get up.

    By Bridget Reynolds on 02.07.2011

  8. something that shows the time. you can also set it to wake you up in the morning. usually has an annoying beeping sound. you can plug your ipod into it, or you can just listen to the radio from it. it is very useful for a whole variety of reasons.

    By carter on 02.07.2011

  9. sounded screaming
    we fled
    the stairs through the garden in
    the snow slipping through
    ash and flakes
    of red

    By Ben Stonebraker on 02.07.2011

  10. He didn’t know which way to turn. Up, and to her window, or down, and to his safety. He clung on the window as a crowd gathered below, beckoning.
    With the claxon ringing in his ears and heat rising at his back, he finally turned and leaped.
    She grabbed his hand as he reached through the window. They fell, together.

    By notthecaptain URL on 02.07.2011

  11. The whirring in my ears. The calming alluring sense of sleep suddenly disabled by the static convulsion of my cell phone. Suddenly it is morning. I am flowing out of forests of fake life into the meaty hands of the morning. Everything swarms in. The thoughts cascading over each other piling and piling until I shoot myself up out of the covers and place my toes on the cool wood. It is no longer the dream.

    By jenna URL on 02.07.2011

  12. Alarm? I hate my alarm. I used to buy shitty alarms from walmart just so I could smash them to pieces when I didn’t want to get up. I was even in Dubai one time and bought an alarm that spat our the muslim prayer… that wasn’t so bad. Now I use my iphone 4… can’t smash that.

    By Andy on 02.07.2011

  13. I hate when the alarm goes off. The best is when you just wake up right before, almost dazed, unsure if it 10pm, 2am or 8am d you wake to find out that it is exactly 2 minutes fore you would have to hear that alarm! So, you can sit there and just ponder how the day is going to be without hearing any horrible squealing. There is such an appreciation for that moment.
    I used to wake up every day before my alarm. I feel like that was such a happy stable time in my life. Recently – as recently as this morning – I finally woke up again before my alarm and I was awake. Sure, I was slightly awakened by the panic of realizing that my best friend will be visiting from Belgium the same weekend that I am supposed to have a production, and to be honest to wake up with a sense of panic is sort of as-disturbing as the sound of the alarm. But, I was able to lay there quietly and sort through the idea without feeling the urgency that is commanded by the alarm clock.

    By meg on 02.07.2011

  14. a bell siren or sound that tells you a message, amessage to take action, move , wake up, and go live your life.

    By Jacob on 02.07.2011

  15. The snooze button is used to my persistent application of my electrically charged fingers to it’s label. Apparently iphones are not touch sensitive, but electrically sensitive. I just signed up for the Jeopardy college test and I am pretty excited about it. Philippians Chapter 1.

    By Jade URL on 02.07.2011

  16. I hate when my alarm goes off in the morning because that means i have to go to school. i never wanna get up and its a total pain in my ass to get ready every morning. high school sucks sometimes..and my high school days start with an alarm.

    By Hannah URL on 02.07.2011

  17. alarms are maddening in the morning when your eyes are so heavy thast you just cannot stand to get out of bed. It makes me want to rip my hair out and scream, but then I hit the snooze button and it is as though all is well in the world again. why do they make alarms so freaking annoying?

    By Ambre on 02.07.2011

  18. it beeps incessantly, like a soviet war bugle waiting for the daily morning news, and i stumble out of bed in soft grey lighting as i fumble for the beeping snooze button that i can never find right away. stop. total silence in the calm of the morning.

    By austin moore on 02.07.2011

  19. Jimmy raised the alarm. They were everywhere. Coming at them from all sides, endless. There was no way out, no way back to safety. This was it. The only thing he could do was take as many of the bastards to Hell with him as he possibly could.

    By Alex Severin URL on 02.07.2011

  20. That horrible feeling, being smacked in the back of the head with a baseball bat. Oh wait no, it’s reality. That’s why I hate whoever wakes me up. Beware automated waker-upper.

    By M Slingenbergh on 02.07.2011

  21. I hate my alarm. It’s the bane of my existence. Every morning, it reminds me of the countless trials ahead. It awakens me from that deep, calming, effortless sleep where no problems exist and I have have a quiet place to think to myself. I can dream all I want there but the alarm interrupts it.

    By Emily on 02.07.2011

  22. I woke up with the loud clanging in my head, and leapt out of bed, startled and scared. I shook my head to clear it, then stumbled out the door and down the hall. I was almost to the top of the stairs when the thought hit me that maybe running toward the alarm was not the best idea I’d ever had.

    By Candy on 02.07.2011

  23. Ring ring ring ring. Another morning of getting up. Another morning of waiting and counting down the minutes through one mundane activity after another until the “sweet” release of sleep. The “sweet” release of sleep which is actually putting off sleep until the moment it comes up behind and whacks you on the back of the head until…. ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring…

    By Laura URL on 02.07.2011

  24. scared need help need person love sine sometimes happiness idk lol fire!!!!!! madness

    By maggi on 02.07.2011

  25. the alarm clock makes me sad bcause I hate to get up in the morning and go to work. the only time its fun to set an alarm is when you have to get up in the morning to fly somewhere. the work actually grosses me out. Its like the word fart – it just grosses you out.

    By Lori on 02.07.2011

  26. I woke up this morning and the alarm just would not stop ringing. I must have hit the snooze button at least a dozen times. I thought it was suppose to give you an extra nine minutes or so to sleep but it seemed as though it would go off again in just two seconds.

    By Hattie on 02.07.2011

  27. beep beep beep. woken abruptly, painfully breaking me from a short, deep sleep, from the best dream I have ever had. I will never get that feeling back, no longer will i see that image. All because of a simple alarm.

    By Liah on 02.07.2011

  28. I hate this word. I’ve always been bad at waking up in the morning. I love to sleep.
    Snooze. That’s all I think when I see alarm.
    Alarmed me.

    By Rayra on 02.07.2011

  29. time to sleep not to wake up i don’t wanna wake up please stop the alarm i don’t want to get up this alarm is alarming me i don’t wanna be alarmed. time to sleep. beep beep beep alarm in my head i was having a good dream and now i cant dream because of this alarm, please sound the alarm a fire is burning.

    By Michelle on 02.07.2011

  30. The shrill of the alarm jolted the woman from her dream. Groaning she blindly felt for the silencing switch. As the shriek cut off abruptly, she heaved a sigh of relief. Closing her eyes, she once again reached for her imaginary world. It was there, with its brilliant moments of freedom, that she found the strength to deal with the coming reality.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 02.07.2011

  31. My alarm went off at 4:50 this morning. Then again, at 4:55. And once again, at 5:00. I struggled out of bed, took a piss, and slid into my pants, shirt, work overalls, and steel toed boots. I gathered up my wallet, keys, cigarettes, and lighter, and exited my trailer, to take off for the hell I know as “work”.

    By Phil on 02.07.2011

  32. The alarm woke me up this morning, I was unhappy with the sound. That single sound brought on the arrival of a new day. Just another day doing the same boring stuff. It makes me sick. I want something new, something exciting But no, probably wont happen.

    By Sierra on 02.07.2011

  33. My alarm didn’t go off today. Which was the start of my terrible day. Nothing went my way, and everything I planned to say went astray.

    By Amber URL on 02.07.2011

  34. He angrily stabbed his wand in the air to end the alarm charm he had set. He then waved it and let out an angry breath when the time illuminated across the ceiling. Some people may think that waking up at seven o’clock on a Thursday morning was reasonable but Draco Malfoy was not one those people.

    By Meredith Ellen URL on 02.07.2011

  35. The alarm clock won’t stop ringing. God I hate that sound. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. Or hearing you’re about to be fired. Or listening to someone take a deep breath before they tell you a long, boring story. During all of these things, you don’t want to be disturbed. You’d much rather hear silence. Alarms. Not necessary.

    By Lindsey on 02.07.2011

  36. I’m scared …run fire help waer i can’t b whylife fast runspeak u lap it up sunshine here no fear

    By jen on 02.07.2011

  37. The look on her face was so
    shocked and scared that I nearly
    took it back. It was too late.

    In the moments that had past,
    I had bared it all
    and then some more.
    In the waves of excess
    I knew I;d lost her heart.

    By Destin URL on 02.07.2011

  38. The sound of her alarm woke her from her dreamless sleep. Her head was filled with the clouds of a restless night, and she felt the dull pain of another dreary day encase her. After severalmotionless minutes under her coveers, she rose to bitter winter-morning air and faced her day with sceptisism. She streched her aching back, which was, as always, accompanied by several unfriendly snaps and pops.

    By Claire on 02.07.2011

  39. I hate the mornings. I feel so weak and pathetic. I feel like I’m still sleep. I know I should still be sleeping. But what’s it for? Its to make sure those that go back to bed aren’t successful. It’s so that the ones that get their asses up out of bed, no matter how late they stayed up, and got their shit done. Because that’s what the world needs.

    By Raven on 02.07.2011

  40. cranky loud john mayer good morning too early too many red shit useful

    By barbie on 02.07.2011