December 5th, 2010 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “admit”

  1. you have to do that because it’s up to you if you are a lyer or not. Everything

    By Oana on 12.06.2010

  2. I admit
    I cannot save you

    I admit
    you may hurt more than you help

    I admit
    I can do better than this

    I willingly surrender
    that I need to do greater

    that I can do greater

    that I shall do greater

    I have an untapped potential to change
    my own world,
    radiate outward,
    through family,
    friends, schools,
    towns, nations,
    the world.

    By Adeona URL on 12.06.2010

  3. Between them hung silence following a round of hinted accusations. Aidan dropped his head. His lips were sealed tight in a characteristic smirk – God, Rigby hated that smirk. He glared at Aidan over a cigarette.

    “I think you killed that kid back home and I think that’s what you been runnin’ from,” Rigby said curtly. “How the hell is that for deduction?”

    Aidan’s smirk dropped till his mouth was a thin line and still he wouldn’t admit to anything.

    By Special Kae URL on 12.06.2010

  4. Sometimes i don’t like to admit when i’m wrong so i keep arguing even though everyone knows i’m wrong. Afterwards I feel silly.

    By Posy on 12.06.2010

  5. I don’t like to admit that I miss my old boyfriend and that I am scared of being alone. To me, admitting these things is admitting that I am weak. I want to be a strong person.

    By Nicky on 12.06.2010

  6. i had to admit it. there was really no other choice i knew i had to. but how are you supposed to say a thing like that? how am i supposed to tell her. its so despecible, so atrocious… so…… not like me…… Im sick with myself. im lost. ill just admit it. admit it. ADMIT IT GOD DAMN IT! i cant… i cant…..

    By evan gelder on 12.06.2010

  7. i have a secret. i think i may be falling for you. not in love, but into infatuation. you’re like an addiction. i think about you constantly. i’ll admit it, i’m scared. i can’t get hurt again, not like that. and i know you’ll only hurt me. but i want you so bad that it aches. what hurts worse?

    By Lauren URL on 12.06.2010

  8. I will admit to this, I have sinned. I cannot take back what I have done. I apologize for hurting you. This is my fault. Not your’s. Not his. Not our’s. Mine. I hope that you have it in your heart to forgive and forget.

    By Elyse on 12.06.2010

  9. Softly, she brushed aside some of her hair. She was surprised he had come this far, that he had finally figured out her secret. He was waiting patiently, he wanted to know her reasons, her faults and her strengths.

    By Rachel URL on 12.06.2010