December 5th, 2010 | 329 Entries

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329 Entries for “admit”

  1. something you get off your chest, something you tell someone that you might not be proud of, or maybe you are embarrassed of, something you give in to eventually and just “admit” to, to confess to

    By Shannon on 12.06.2010

  2. I admit I have a lot to fix about myself. I admit that nobody is perfect. I admit I’ll try my best.

    By Brad on 12.06.2010

  3. I admit to many of my faults as a person and a friend. I admit to many things when I am wrong, because to do otherwise makes one look like a fool. I admit that I could be better to my Grandparents, but it just takes a lot to see them as often as I would like

    By Alesa on 12.06.2010

  4. I admit it, it was my own damn fault. I stole his heart. I stole it on purpose! I wanted him to love me and only me, even though I don’t love him back. I admit it. I am nothing more than a thief.

    By Elizabeth on 12.06.2010

  5. I’ll admit that I had no idea what to write here. I just looked at the word and my mind went blank. But admitting is telling a secret kinda so here goes. I’m in love with a guy my entire family and church hate. They don’t even think I’m back with him and if they did, they would send me to Kansas City to live with my grandparents. Great huh?

    By Lyss URL on 12.06.2010

  6. telling the trutha bout what you’ve done. to get into an event after paying. I’ll admit to one thing and that is to never say never. It can get you in trouble.

    By Tina on 12.06.2010

  7. Why can’t Republicans just admit that Sarah Palin is nuts and divorce her already?

    By smacky URL on 12.06.2010

  8. i admit to donig a crime
    cops always like that you admit to most things
    if you do wrong admit it
    never admit something that you dident do

    By stephy URL on 12.06.2010

  9. I admit, my life has been pretty good lately. I found the best group of friends I could ever ask for. They made me smile when I feel like there’s no hope, and make me laugh harder than I thought I was capable. Thanks God for these friends

    By Amy Greenlee on 12.06.2010

  10. admit means you admit to something you did or didnt do. i admit to the mess i made and didnt clean it up i admit im a wonderful speller

    By asia URL on 12.06.2010

  11. Admitting something can be hard or very easy depending on who you are, “Like I admit i cheated.”

    By RaeRae URL on 12.06.2010

  12. i admit that i did something wrong. why didnt you admit to the crime.

    By Richy URL on 12.06.2010

  13. i admit that i took the cookie. he admited that he hit him. it was crazy, he admited to killing her

    By jace URL on 12.06.2010

  14. Admit is a weird word if you think about it, its like a combo. of add and mitt. Yeah, it sounds funny if you say it REALLY fast 10 times.

    By Jasmine URL on 12.06.2010

  15. admit it, you think it’s cool. you think it’s fucking amazing how the kids walk around with their confidence. you think it’s insane to watch them lite their cigarettes at the end of class, before the bell has even wrung. admit it, you wish you were them. you wish you were a cracked-out looking whore, with little to no clothes on, walking down the hall on the arm of some drug lord. why won’t you just admit it? to yourself at the very least. you’re pathetic. worse than them.

    By sam URL on 12.06.2010

  16. To confess. To tell some one (or something) what you have done that you were trying to keep a secret. To tell your mom that you broke the lamp.

    By happyfeet on 12.06.2010

  17. Secrets, Confessions, Lies!?!?!?!?! What to say is there anything to say? I don’t know. Admit is an akward word with a lot of truth behind it. I guess it is good to admit, but most people don’t always like to.

    By Katie!$!$!$ URL on 12.06.2010

  18. I admit that i stole my brothers game. I am not going to tell him but i admit i took it and lost his brand new game. It was a cool looking game so i took it and hit it now i can’t find it. I’ll tell him when i find it again.

    By guadalupe.r URL on 12.06.2010

  19. I never like to admit that I’ve done something wrong. It is not fun and I can always feel my self tense up. Even though it is not fun doing it, I always feel better after I admit to doing something wrong.

    By Amber URL on 12.06.2010

  20. Admit has two vowels. ‘A’ and ‘I’. Admit has five letters. It means that if you know something that someone else doesn’t you should admit it.

    By Et-Han URL on 12.06.2010

  21. this is an intense word, to whom do we admit things to? ourselves? our partners? our best friends? it’s a word that is empowering and daunting at the same time. it looms in front of me more menacing than Everest, an endless struggle.

    By blah URL on 12.06.2010

  22. I do not know to write. Admit is a stupid word. I don’t to write about a dumb word.

    By Remington URL on 12.06.2010

  23. I admit to eating the cookies when my parents weren’t there. I also admit to having friends over without permission. I admit that I don’t really care if I get in trouble. I also admit to having my friend sneak over almost every night for the past month

    By Broke825 URL on 12.06.2010

  24. admit means to admit your guitly. to tell someone that you did it. like you could admit that you took the cookies from the cookie jar. Admit has five letters and two vowels

    By Remington URL on 12.06.2010

  25. I never admit that I’m wrong I have when people say”your wrong”. If I do admit that I’m wrong its because people keep bugging me about it. i don’t like it when people say “admit you’re wrong blah blah blah.”

    By pimk123 on 12.06.2010

  26. Admit is to tell someone the truth about something like if you lie you should admit if you did it of not. You should always admit something if you do something wrong and try not to lie.

    By carlee URL on 12.06.2010

  27. To say something you have been keeping like a secret. I have admit that i love St, Patricks Day because it is my birthday.

    By iloveemhaterz145 on 12.06.2010

  28. I want to admit to the world that I’m an avid thief, but I’m afraid of being arrested. When I’m stealing, being arrested isn’t so scary.

    By Lindsay on 12.06.2010

  29. I admit I am not strong enoguh to protect the ones i love properly and that someday I may lose them. I admit I can be a bit of a bitch sometimes to the eople I care most about and put them down without any sense of caring for

    By tyler Desjardins on 12.06.2010

  30. I can’t admit that I’m human – that I want, that I need and breathe and bleed – because if I’m a human that wants and needs and bleeds and breathes far too deeply you’ll know you can hurt me without even trying. I cannot admit to you that you already have that much power over me.

    By Hyperbole URL on 12.06.2010

  31. Admit it. Face reality.

    A man who won’t tell you his real name, who pays for everything with wads of cash he pulls from the inside pocket of his coat? Not a keeper, darling, no.

    Now I’m not automatically assuming he’s in the Mafia. I try not to think in cliches. But darling – you’re involved with one!

    By Mibbi on 12.06.2010

  32. Admit it. You’re a cannibal. Admit it turns you on to think about swallowing all of us whole.

    By Hyperbole URL on 12.06.2010

  33. When I’m not writing I work as a bouncer.

    And I admit that I never know who I’m going to admit and who I’m gonna bar. People are ALL wierd. How am I supposed to know whether you’re on drugs or not?

    Particularly when I’m off my face too – every single bloody night!

    By Mibbi on 12.06.2010

  34. einlassen, aufnehmen, herreinbitten, loben, beglückwünschen, einverstanden sein,

    By Silvya on 12.06.2010

  35. i don’t think i will.
    yes, i’d prefer not to.

    By rachel on 12.06.2010

  36. Admitting to your soul what is true, what you cannot even imagine is true and it is fact. Admitting seems bad as if you were to admit to someone you have lied. Instead admit to someone you love them and always have. Love your admittance.

    By patricia URL on 12.06.2010

  37. I will admit nothing, its easier to others that way.

    By P.A. Diaz URL on 12.06.2010

  38. Admit is to tell someone that you did something. For instance, “Yes, I chopped down the apple tree.” Admitted Frank.

    By Caleb on 12.06.2010

  39. i must admit that i’m pretty ashamed my first attempt at this is “awaiting moderation.”
    i think it’s because i cussed.
    freedom of speech, am i right?!

    By helen lindsay URL on 12.06.2010

  40. To admit is to tell someone that you did something (generally something bad). For instance, Frank admitted “Yes, I broke the flowerpot.”

    By Caleb on 12.06.2010