June 29th, 2016 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “diabetes”

  1. My cat has diabetes. This just ruined the prompt. All i think about now is how to give insulin shots and how to maintain a low carb diet for a feline. I guess it’s helpful because I’m going to be a pharmacist. But it doesn’t help me as a writer. This is awkward. Wow. Maybe I should just stop writing.

    By Monet on 06.29.2016

  2. “Dude,” I said.


    “That’s, like, your fourth doughnut just today.” I grinned as she tried to wipe the powdered sugar up her upper lip. “What, you want diabetes before you turn thirty?”

    “Hey, man,” she replied. “May as well enjoy the sugar before my metabolism gets shot. Besides, aren’t you the one who drank three colas at the baseball game last night?”

    “I needed the caffeine.”

    “Like Hell you did – you were bouncing out of your seat!”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.29.2016

  3. A piece of your life, that can often be prevented. A lot of times you find yourself feeling cornered and left in depression thanks to this medical condition. Many a time it is a choice that is make throughout your life that you don’t think about until it is actually upon you.

    By Bree on 06.29.2016

  4. Diabetes – As a child, I used to dread it because my baba and dadi had it. As an adult, I understand it is not a disease. It is just a different way of life. Many children also have it. Their lifestyle changes and they continue to live normally.

    By Pallavi S Ojha URL on 06.29.2016

  5. She couldn’t believe the lab tests. They indicated high blood sugar. Diabetes was what other people got and all the prejudice flashed through her mind. She was the last person she would have imagined to get this disease. She sighed and thought about the medicine, but even more than that, she knew that she had to change her life.

    By chanpheng URL on 06.30.2016

  6. My mom and dad have both developed diabetes as they aged. Since neither of them are overweight, I decided to change some of my eating and exercise habits so that I hopefully do not inherit.

    By Wanda Dunaway URL on 06.30.2016

  7. A disease that took my grandfather away from me. Away from a lot of people. He had it growing up and had to get a wooden leg. He always stayed so positive and lighthearted. One time he smacked it with a golf club to freak everyone out who didn’t know it he had a wooden leg.

    By Brielle Arianna URL on 06.30.2016

  8. Her mother was staring again. Tamra rolled her eyes and took another angry bite of coconut custard pie. “You know my sister had to get her leg amputated, right before she died.” Tamra swallowed, savoring the sugar melting in her mouth, and gave her mother a fake smile.

    By YOLO4Sho URL on 06.30.2016

  9. this is stupid

    By zoe brock URL on 06.30.2016

  10. “Even looking at that cake is giving me diabetes,” she scoffed, her ski-jump nose wrinkling in disgust. It took all of my energy not to roll my eyes. I turned my attention back to Cynthia.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.30.2016

  11. It was a pain. An unfortunate, unavoidable pain. But he managed to live with it, because honestly, what other choice did he have.

    “Max, do you have enough snacks?” His mother would ask every morning.

    “Hmm, did you remember your insulin today?” Would come from his father.

    By hithlumhero URL on 06.30.2016

  12. I hate diabetes! I have been dealing with it for years and years and I can’t ever get it right! The guilt I feel every time I eat something I think I’m not suppose to always put me down.

    By Vanessa L Porta on 06.30.2016

  13. With her ‘Sugar’-coated lies, She convinced she’s not as harmful as that other girl called ‘cancer’. Slowly but steadily , she grew within me and kissed me the sweet death.She called herself the diabetes !!

    By epi URL on 06.30.2016

  14. sugar
    losing toes
    no sugar
    always sick
    checking bloodsugar

    By Jade Pippy on 06.30.2016

  15. Sixty-seconds to write about diabetes…. Damn, One Word, you really killed the mood.

    By DuaneW URL on 06.30.2016

  16. Diabetes

    Sugar is sweet and tasty.
    Diabetes is not good and leads to death because of the sugar that tasted so sweet

    By Empress on 06.30.2016

  17. My diabetes
    Eats candy in the nighttime
    Watches Biggest Loser

    By Charlie URL on 06.30.2016

  18. this word has a really negative meaning and aroma around it but it also sounds kind of sweet because its also really connected to sugar and good food

    By Sölvi Halldórsson on 06.30.2016

  19. im glad i dont have diabeetus if i have to die i hope itll be real cleanish
    and i know that i do
    just like the sky that is blue
    and when im gone
    i hope my hopes are gone too.

    By grld URL on 06.30.2016

  20. The sound of the word implies something … not very good. I used to associate it with weakness. Then I became a diabetic myself.

    Perhaps weakness is right. Lack of willpower to control my weight,
    control my food intake, get proper exercise.

    By chipschap URL on 06.30.2016

  21. Oh chocolate, the only one that never left her side. Every other being was out the door, with so many chocolate boxes left over from expired love; the lady still loved them all. Over time, another name finally loved the woman too, it was called Diabetes.

    By seawuito URL on 06.30.2016

  22. What a time for it to be such a bother. Even though I vowed not to be a burden on this venture, I’m still slowing everybody down. Diabetes has severely limited my ability to travel and contribute. I used to be so nimble.

    By TheSolomander URL on 06.30.2016

  23. diabetes. mom had it. jean is trying not to. jackie and frank had it. hopefully pam won’t get it. she and i do nothing to take care of ourselves so we don’t come down with this stuff. i need to try harder. better eating and exercise.

    By Noor URL on 06.30.2016

  24. now i am looking at this through the eyes of a writer, as if my pen could be the insulin and my words are the creature who needs the medicine. good, in time i will heal all the ills by writing. and be famous while I do it. :)

    By Noor URL on 06.30.2016

  25. sweet
    orange juice
    a real disease
    i’m sorry mom

    By Noor URL on 06.30.2016

  26. the diabetics come off as resplendent;
    all their counterparts are similar,
    all sugared up and accustomed to the blood sugar relish
    to cure their differed realm they find night-club malignancy,
    where’s plant-life savior medicine?
    not in a white coat,
    winnowing on a boat, somewhere
    down south
    far from a diabetic’s couch!

    By Milad URL on 06.30.2016

  27. diabetes is a lifestyle disease. though the heridity was blamed, heridity plays only 10% remaining 90% we are responsible for any disease.. all we need is the awarness..

    By vivek on 06.30.2016

  28. have you ever seen the commercial where that man with the mustache who used to be famous says “dia-beat-us”? my friend Joey and I saw it years ago and he used to say it in that same way at random times to make me laugh. it got funnier each time because inside jokes can be like that and anytime I hear the word I remember him fondly. My Dear Little Friend who had a knack for making jokes funnier by keeping them going for too long and who made me laugh harder than anyone.

    By Samira URL on 06.30.2016

  29. Court of the Sun

    He found a way
    to block out the sun

    the talent required
    mastery of stillness and silence

    blood will form on stones
    and one may become a caller of crows

    still all things
    the crows will come

    first one
    then another

    then a hundred
    then a thousand

    two thousand wings beating
    to the court of the sun

    foreign tongues
    turn native

    turn into flowers

    and the forest monkey
    will arrive with honeycomb

    By minimalist URL on 06.30.2016