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    Where does one begin with the construction of reality? The people, the places, the experiences that mold us take shape in our reality, but from where do they come? If our experiences are our reality we can shape our reality to anything we want – our fantasies can become our reality if we set out to experience what we’ve only seen in our dreams.…[Read more]

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    Please. Key? This is so unoriginal and uncreative it gives me writer’s block. See you tomorrow.

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    He clasped her hand tightly, saw the fear in her eyes, and smiled. He let go, and she dropped down into the void, her screams echoing off the cliff. He stood up, brushed himself off, and watched as far down below, the diseased-ridden humans converged around her lifeless body and began to eat.

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    The light, the flashes, a whirlwind of visual magic, her eyes followed the spiral of sparkles up into the blue sunny sky.

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    She twirled the spiral pasta on the end of her fork, watching it whiz around and around in a hypnotising cycle. It helped to block out the loud voices coming from her parents’ bedroom down the hall. To block out the fact that her name came up too many times. It was all her fault anyway; she had had another incident at school.