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    i truly and honestly loved my sister more than anyone or anything else in this world. from day one, we seemed to belong together like it was all part of the natural order.

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    hirato is always the one who stands tall and proud. out of the two of them, he’s the only one who never seems to be afraid, nor does it ever seem like he’s weak for any reason. the way what is supposed to be their status quo (fragile after all) is so effortlessly wrecked is why tsukumo finds herself so distressed over him falling ill.…[Read more]

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    what strikes tsukumo so strongly with erisyuka, the girl she’s been assigned to guard and care for just like she does with nai, is the way she’ll stare out through the window of her newly assigned room with such a peculiar look in her eyes for someone so young when she thinks she’s being sneaky. tsukumo finds herself wanting to say something, her…[Read more]

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    tsukumo remembers her first time at the beach with utmost clarity. she remembers the cool water splashing up against her ankles and the cries of seagulls far above among the clouds. that feeling of sand between her toes is still fresh in her mind, and so is exactly how much she decided on the spot to hate that sensation. last but not least, she…[Read more]

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    one of the earliest observations tsukitachi makes when it comes to hirato is that despite first impressions, he is really quite high-strung. always alert and subtly stiff both in body and in spirit as if watching out for something. it’s not like tsukitachi to ponder on these things and he finds it both strange and fascinating how these things seem…[Read more]

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    when she’s still very small but also considerably taller than before, tsukumo makes a habit out of holding on to his sleeve at times. it seems like she prefers that to holding hands for some reason that lies beyond hirato’s realm of understanding. no, he certainly doesn’t understand it, but clearly the gesture brings her comfort, so he slowly…[Read more]

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    akari has never imagined that he would end up coming to terms with things quite like this. no, in his dreams it was never this miserable. in his dreams there were confessions and feelings being returned. he’s imagined that maybe they would both be smiling when all was said and done. maybe he could reach out and touch tokitatsu and for once feel…[Read more]

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    when she daydreams about putting together a montage for the two of them, it strikes her that she has no photos of him. only of herself.