August 15th, 2012 | 561 Entries

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561 Entries for “zone”

  1. That’s where I would like to be. In the zone. My art deserves it, but I have no time for it. Right now, Brian Setzer is doing an amazing job getting me there, but one always needs more.

    By Kenneth URL on 08.17.2012

  2. I remember getting into my first ‘sad zone’. Everyone was worried and nobody quite knew what to do with me. It wasn’t a real sadness. It was just a sadness that made everything seam a bit dimmer than before. A bit more…hollow. It goes away, but some of the best things I’ve written have come from the ‘sad zone’.

    By Kristen Fuller on 08.17.2012

  3. “non-patrolled Zone” the sign read.
    he ducked under the low wires, feeling like a dog escaping his yard, and reached back to drag his full pack underneath as well. although he considered himself to have lived a pretty happy, free, life back at home, where he was standing now, in a meter of fresh snow, not a sound except the dulled swish of falling flakes and the occasional thump of a tree collapsing under the weight of the drifts, his breath hanging in the air in front of him like a small cloud, here, he felt like laughing at the freedom of his pre-fence hopping life.

    By matty URL on 08.17.2012

  4. no se que cony representa aquesta pagina absurda… pero estic completament avorrida i es millor fer aixo que mirar les mussaranyes desde la gàbia de vidre. em sobra molt de temps.

    By ishaka on 08.17.2012

  5. I like to be in my zone. I like to be in others zones. A zone is a place of comfort and serenity where you let out anything that you feel and you just let go. When Im in the zone I feel free and I keep a good flow at whatever Im doing. It feels great. I could stay there forever but every once in a while I have to step out of my comfort zone. Stepping out of the comfort zone means facing the truth of anything Im going through and moving on and appreciating facts of life.

    By Jane wise on 08.17.2012

  6. I am in the Zone right now, I have clear seeing, clear thinking, clear vision. I have let the ideas that were holding me back go and I can move forward without any regrets. I am exited, full of life, and I am ready at last.

    By Kathleen Greenfield on 08.17.2012

  7. The place where things happen and reality isn’t what it seems. The end and the beginning of a place. Vast emptiness where surreal and real are both welcome and here. Grey areas and things and impossibilities that happen to be true and all at once nothingness

    By Adie O'Reilly URL on 08.17.2012

  8. focus.
    center of all your centers.


    seek no other answers.
    destiny awaits.

    By Samantha URL on 08.17.2012

  9. She was in the zone, ready.
    Ready to go, the ball poised in her hands as she stood on the line. The cheering, the rage, the voices of everyone else around her tuned at as she stood and stared at the ring. A swish, she could do it, she had to do it. Her team mates watched on as she stood, it was a split second to them but to her it was eternity. She pushed out her hands and let go.

    By Anna on 08.17.2012

  10. I don’t really know what to type about ‘zone’. Um… loading zones? I really don’t like loading zones. You can only run your car there for a few minutes, at most. And you can’t part. They’re a pain. Of course, they are there for a reason; I understand that. But, that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    By quinis on 08.17.2012

  11. I was walking down the corridor with Jane when it all started. Within the blink of an eye there was commotion left, right, and center. A group of girls came out of the bathroom laughing when a heel flew out in the air and the girls started screeching in their high pitched voices. The principle walked out of the office to address the screamers and it hit her square in the head. The teacher behind her tried to resort some peace with wide eyes and wild hand gestures. while everyone else started gathering and pointing at each other and screaming “its him or her!” from the sky- or wait roof, glue started falling down. From what I suspected was the back door, loud laughter could be heard. Jane and I looked at each other with wide eyes. It felt like we were in the twilight zone. I squinted my eyes at the door again, at least I had my suspects.

    By Famk on 08.17.2012

  12. There can be different kinds of zones: pedestrian only zone, non-smoking zone, zones in the airport. Zone is usually surrounded by a fence. Everyone who is inside the zone is called ‘zonby’.

    By Marina on 08.17.2012

  13. i was in the zone. I was ready. I took a deep breath and saw myself take flight, I saw myself make the perfect leap – high, graceful.

    By frich on 08.17.2012

  14. You’re in the red, that’s where they all lie, if you want to stand up you’ve got to be in the blue. Here, come here. This is the green bit, what happens here, you caqn fly I think, oops, no, you can just jump. Where are we gonna land? somewhere soft, I hope, have you got the time? Why? Because I want to know when we’ll arrive. Well how high up are we, erm..

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  15. be there just don’t be restrictive, let me while you embrace and surround me let me and my whereabouts reconcile, be and let be.

    By sara on 08.17.2012

  16. Get out of my hair, what? there’s old woman who’s been living just behind my ear in one of my pigtails all week, I’ve send eviction notices out my ears but she’s just not taking any notice. Frickin’ head gypsies. Well take her down the police station and see if they have one of those shoe horns, well what’s that going to do, you can coax her out with it, bitches love shoe horns.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  17. the purple bit is where i like to relax, there’s something about the way the shapes move in there, they seem to fizz about, you can almost feel them going through you, and stroking over the surface of your organs. the red bit is different, totally different. Perverted shades, there, they seem to dive straight between your thighs and are quite disappointing down there, too

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  18. the cones lined the road like little soldier figurines, they drifted about in the wind, staring straight forward wishing they could join in the riot, but for now they were the guardians of the truck, the truck had broken down on one of it’s long corn gathering expeditions and the cowboys were preparing their attack. They’d asked the indians for help.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  19. comfort zone that’s what came to my mind with this word. No one wants to get out of their comfort zone. We are just too scared to experiment to, try new things, which is wrong and unfair. We have to give ourselves a chance to try out something new which maybe better than something we are already doing. Comfort zone is very bounding, get out of it.

    By aastha on 08.17.2012

  20. Just around here, OUCH ok, that was close, but just it’s alittle tender round there, ok, babe, just lie back and let me try ok. His tongue licked around the sides of the car window while the passenger looked bemused. Gerogia looked on, straddling her hand and watching his tongue drag along the chrome surface.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  21. I just saw pictures of the “Cool Zone” from an abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans. Everything at the park was destroyed and very eerie-looking. It’s amazing how a storm can destroy something that was so precious and entertaining to the people of the town. I suppose that’s a metaphor for life, really: don’t take anything for granted, because something could wipe it out at any moment.

    By Shelby Buck on 08.17.2012

  22. We could not understand what all the fuss was about nutil we were force into an area name the red Zone. this area was off limit from all visitors and we wasted alot of time tring to find our way back to the entrence.

    By victor URL on 08.17.2012

  23. Damnit! The same as yesterday. Come on, One Word people, get in the zone and update your words on a more regular basis.

    By Ara on 08.17.2012

  24. being in the zone, the friend zone, war zones, time zones. it’s all human-constructed. it doesn’t even matter, does it? it doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, because in the end, you know someone is trying to place you there. trying to keep you in line. keeping you in place.

    keeping you in the zone.

    By Gehad on 08.17.2012

  25. It’s hard to be there when you have a six year old running electric toys and constantly chattering in your ear. When is summer vacation over? Next week! I’ll get back there, I’ll be able to write, we’ll make it someday. We’ll make it to the ends of the earth and this love of this place will conquer all.

    By Rosarita on 08.17.2012

  26. there is a place here. It may be a place in which you go to stay safe… it may be a place in which you can meet people. Zone…. rhymes with phone, cone, moan, loan….. I like the word zone!!!!

    By Naomi on 08.17.2012

  27. As in space, as in stay out of mine.
    As in you are adult, I am child. One who has ventured into the great knowing world of adulthood; recognise me as such.
    Stop playing your old,sad songs of loss and let me be, let me breathe, let me believe in my gods without having to knock down yours with a hammer woven from my malcontent.

    Let me breathe without having to kill you.
    Let me love without having to cut you loose.

    By Shereen Younes on 08.17.2012

  28. i love my life and my love zone….

    By kaneshia on 08.17.2012

  29. Personal space.
    I read it out loud, over and over again, the idea of it cold, unwanted.
    I looked up at my care worker, she nodded, she wanted me to identify with it, to practise it when meeting new people.
    It was as strange to me as the word, ‘asperger’, that she seemed to pin to my forehead.
    Space, Zone, alien.
    I didn’t want to be here. I never did. Final Frontier,

    By Shereen URL on 08.17.2012

  30. What the hell kind of show is the twilight zone. And for that matter who really enjoys spending their valuable tv nights getting freaked the hell out. I just really never saw the point of that show. Even the theme song gives me nightmares and I’m not okay with that.

    By Cory on 08.17.2012

  31. This marks his territory, the place where he can sit and rest and read all of his stories about the conquests of the green tank, the one that took over the west side of mcdonalds with only a pike and by pike I mean the fish, it was an impressive feat. noone cuold enter beyond those boundaries, and it was his, and he loved it, until the rain came, and washed the ink away into the blotchy paper.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  32. its just one word.. one word can make everything to be good or bad ..
    One word matters sometimes .. it’s simple its just one word..

    By Dayana on 08.17.2012

  33. smoke it properly, draw it back into your lungs and feel it reach striving into every corner of your body. it fills you like a balloon, pressurising, waiting to be released back into the world anew, take it back with your lips and feel it rush over the rocks of your teeth, then spew it back out ito the cold world and watch it dance before you.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  34. peown! the bullets rush past me as I duck and dive beneath the glitter trees. They shimmer and distract the enemy as they pursue me on foot. I draw the glitter from the trees with the vaccum, switch it to reverse and expel it like a spell towards them, immobilizing them but for a second, I use this time to rig up the satellite and signal for the glitter bomb, they won’t know what hit them.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  35. I’m drifting out, everything blurs and turns an unsettling shade of blue, the kind you see when something is coming towards you at such a speed that everything else around it seems to slow down. I don’t even know how I got here, that old man can barely stand, I could break out, I’m sure of it, if the window wasn’t so high, I would climb straight out and jump to the trees.

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  36. it makes a kind of whirring sound. it’s pleasing to the hear, relaxing, almost. It sounds like it would feel, you’d hope, at least, the guy from the backyard boys came round about 5 minutes after and asked to try it, I said no, I don’t know what you would’ve done, he just looked untrustworthy, and he had a camera with him that just looked more prying than other cameras, so I shut the door on his face

    By Joey Nguyen-Thomas URL on 08.17.2012

  37. I’m not quite in it, but hope to be. There’s some serious work to be done, but I’m dancing around the edges of it, false starts, cups of coffee. I need to get in the zone so that the next few hours turn fluid and stream around and past me. At the end, I hope, the job well done. Starting can be difficult, though. Like catching a wave. Where is it?

    By Liz URL on 08.17.2012

  38. OMG I ALREADY WROTE ABOUT ZONE!!! Okay whatever I will write about my comfort zone I feel comfortable when I am on my bed which I am doing right now it is just so comfortable I love my bed its cute.. like me. Okay I’m not that conceited

    By MarIsa Bald on 08.17.2012

  39. in the zone? Is that what they call it? What do you need to be in the zone? what does it take for you to get there. I guess these are questions we have to contemplate so we can establish a routine for lack of a better word to get ourselves in the zone and getting things done right? So, think about it. What time of the day are you most in the zone? Why?

    By Isabel Pinaud on 08.17.2012

  40. Turn up the music and leave the rest of the world. Forget every problem you ever had. Turn up the volume and let the music take you away from the rest of the world.

    By Noob on 08.17.2012