August 15th, 2012 | 561 Entries

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561 Entries for “zone”

  1. Area is too common a word… the space around her… it was more like a zone. An entity in itself, a landmark in it’s own right. It was so beautiful and open. Yes, she thought to herself, this is a zone above all else.

    By Courtney on 08.17.2012

  2. It’s hard to get in the fucking zone when this is your umpteenth surgery and this time last year on the hottest weekend you also could not party because you busted my knee. I am in the FAIL zone. That’s where I am at. Take me to the pub, I say. No you can’t these nurses mutter back at me, for you see you can’t drink for 48 hours – fuck this zone

    By bits of ralph 2.0., Esq. on 08.17.2012

  3. zones are for peoples who need boundaries in life, airport zones, football zones, country zones, office zones, religious zones, zones within a religion, political zones, so many zones in this world! THE WORLD IS MADE UP OF ZONESSS!

    By Rach on 08.17.2012

  4. ozone, get zoned, be in the zone. everyday is an attempt to get in the zone for maximum performance and ease of being.

    By eye in the sky URL on 08.17.2012

  5. He was completely in the zone when fighting. It was difficult to explain the feeling, the rush of excitement that he felt in it. But that’s the way it was. He forgot everything when he was in the midst of a battle. Maybe that’s why he always did so well in them. All his worries were finally gone when he was completely focused on fighting; it made it the only time when all his thoughts were empty – just the way he liked them.

    By Jessica on 08.17.2012

  6. in my zone, I am focused an ready to accomplish anything i wish to. Its is a state of mind. a personality type perhaps. tremendous concentration. Bowling at the “zone”.

    By Jessica on 08.17.2012

  7. He was completely in the zone when fighting. It was difficult to explain the feeling, the rush of excitement that he felt in it. But that’s the way it was. He forgot everything when he was in the midst of a battle. Maybe that’s why he always did so well in them. All his worries were finally gone when he was completely focused on fighting; it made it the only time when all his thoughts were empty – just the way he liked them.

    By Jayden D'Ambrosio URL on 08.17.2012

  8. skyzone ozone. stay in your own zone. spaces and places that ill never be. endzone just one with a z .

    By luisa on 08.17.2012

  9. No hunting or poaching is allowed in the core zone of a forest. It is very sensitive and contains rare species of plants and animals.

    By Max Delgado on 08.17.2012

  10. place, of where i see things, chavs,
    im in the zone, comfort zone, step out of your

    By edwina on 08.17.2012

  11. go

    By cscarson58 URL on 08.17.2012

  12. “You cannot escape,” Mike chuckled.
    “Yes, I can! You won’t find me!” Gillian said.
    “All the zones are my territory now.” Mike said.

    Gillian’s character ran but in the end “Game over” was on Gillian’s computer screen.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 08.17.2012

  13. zone of the enders, awesome game! when i play it i was in the zone! Zone, Z 1 ?
    Zone in dutch how you pronounce it its like your saying son.

    By Google on 08.17.2012

  14. The endzone is the goal. It is the purpose of the game. When the player makes it to the ‘zone, and he has carried the ball, he does a victory dance.

    By ldavis on 08.17.2012

  15. I’m in the zone. Distract me and you will regret it. My fingers fly across the keyboard, tapping fast as a torrential rainfall after a long drought. They do not pause. My mind works faster than my fingers can, telling me the story. I stuggle to keep up, frantically forming words. This is the zone.

    By azza on 08.17.2012

  16. Don’t let me get in my zone I’m now entering my zone hahaha I’m so bored right now I guess in a way were all in our own little zones it’s kinda weird cause it seems like the people who try to step away from there own zones are considered different .

    By Angel on 08.17.2012

  17. i was in the wrong zone i knew it i should have backed out. those people were staring at me. why didnt i think of it before. what had i dont. well, it was too late, the. i

    By Lola URL on 08.17.2012

  18. the zone where I feel ok is when i am with u. is the zone where lights are all over the place and nothing see is issuing. give me the keys of that zone, so that nobody enters to it, no more. it smells like summer

    By Alicia on 08.17.2012

  19. There are three places I could take this conversation. I feel as if I stand on a concrete driving course with orange cones marking the most dangerous zones. It depends on the word. The one word. Or the three words. If the wrong syllable topples from my lips, I could lose her.

    By aria autumn URL on 08.17.2012

  20. my mind
    gone in one little world
    my life
    wished away into
    the zone

    By Aspen Hilden URL on 08.17.2012

  21. Being in the zone in sports, nothing else around you matters. Everything is in slow motion as you are moving full speed. It is effortless as you continue to dominate in whatever sport it may be. Being in the “zone” is a great thing!

    By Blake on 08.17.2012

  22. time flies by
    my mind lost in a world
    gone in another place
    in not here
    I’m in my

    By jukebox URL on 08.17.2012

  23. “Okay, here’s the plan. Zones one through three are inaccessible by the main routes. We’ll have to go underground to gain entry.”

    Wasn’t looking forward to that. Going underground to gain access to the blocked-off zones would be tricky, and the patrols would be looking for us.

    But then, I guess that means we just make sure not to get caught. It’s what we do, after all. We’re the best team here – that’s why we were chosen for this mission, after all.

    –Cassie, One Night at a Time

    By Solo Rae URL on 08.17.2012

  24. We were up by one and it was the bottom of the ninth inning. They had two people in scoring position and one of their big hitters was up. Luckily we managed to already get two outs. The count was three balls, two strikes. I took a deep breath as I zoned in on the catcher’s mit. I pulled back my arm and threw the ball with all I had. I sat there listening, for anything. THUD. I looked up just in time to see the ump putting his fist up in a ‘you’re out’ motion as our catcher jumped up, the ball in his glove, and run over and tackle me. We had won the game.

    By Kaci on 08.17.2012

  25. Hey class. Welcome to grade now. It’s 8;30, so its attendance time.

    I cringed as he said my name.

    “Zone”, he reread my name in disbelief,”err, Zone Asker, is that how you pronounce your name”.

    A couple kids snickered as I nodded meakly.

    2 minutes into the school year and already people think im an idiot

    By usernameofawesome URL on 08.17.2012

  26. I somehow relate this word to sports… ‘In the zone…’ or shopping. In the shopping zone (which I always am :/). Or to climate zones. Maybe one is shopping for sporting goods for five different climate zones? I don’t know. I’m not very creative today.

    By Catori URL on 08.17.2012

  27. a place where you feel out of it
    you are alone and you can focus
    a zone is somewhere where no one can bug you it is a place that everyone has

    By Erin on 08.17.2012

  28. Zone. I think of my mom’s chore schedule when I was younger, she divided our entire house into “zone’s” and we each had a designated area to clean. I also think of how Justin teases me for saying “zoned out” whenever my eyes unfocus on my surroundings.

    By Anna on 08.17.2012

  29. In the zone. A place where no one else can reach me. Where I am what I am and no one’s opinion matters at all. Where everything is intense. Everything is happening. Right. Now.

    By Dana on 08.17.2012

  30. He was in the zone. He had to move faster – no time to think, and no time to stop. He sprinted ahead of his opponents, going further into the woods.

    By OneBadJoke on 08.17.2012

  31. In this place where I am situated, I find myself thinking about where I should be. Why, instead, do I not focus on where I am? This place I find myself inside, is my zone. I am in that zone. This is mine. The space, abstract and all, belongs to me. I am in my zone.

    By Ayenia on 08.17.2012

  32. first thing that come to mind is focus. I am in the zone, I am focused, ready to perform at the highest level. I also means terri

    By Max on 08.17.2012

  33. There are three zones of my brain, my mind- terrified, humiliated, and the occasional cynical. They never meet, but rather are cut through with highways- the cars circumstances and imagination.

    By Bailey URL on 08.17.2012

  34. It was official, he was in love. He would do anything to be near her, to make her happy. Even if meant sacrificing his own wants. Once she asked him to help paint her apartment. He spent three days mulling over colors, hauling cans up the steps to her 3rd floor walkup, and rolling three coats of the perfect shade of butterscotch on her walls. He was rewarded with time and hope. Time spent in her presence, which he craved, and hope that someday soon she would realize that what she wanted had been right in front of her all along. Such is life int he friend zone.

    By Sboe URL on 08.17.2012

  35. Zodiac zones zoom by zoometrics.

    By Marianne URL on 08.17.2012

  36. My zone. Its where I’m free to be who i am. You can’t judge me. I won’t let you, not when I’m in my zone anyways. What people don’t understand is that just because you’re different doesn’t mean its a bad thing. when the star athletes get in the zone people don’t look at them weird. when artists make art people don’t judge them. don’t judge me.

    By SurferGurl3 URL on 08.17.2012

  37. there is a place called zone somewhere beyond reality. But somehow though you and I cannot understand, it draws boundaries for you and me. This zone is beyond comprehension. what it is made up of and what it says about you and me is awesome. sharo

    By sharon on 08.17.2012

  38. Zone has been the word for more than a day now. I skipped yesterday hoping to get out of the zone zone but it didn’t happen. So I shall find my zone and write more about the zone. Good to get me in the writing zone at least, even if I’m not at all interested in writing about it again.

    By Jane URL on 08.17.2012

  39. I’m in the zone, I can really feel it. But when I’m not in the zone, I can’t do anything, I can’t think, I can’t feel, I can’t feel, I can’t love. It’s all or nothing. It’s either to the extremes where anything is possible[ (that’s in the zone); Or it’s nothing, where I am nothing, I have only apathy, and I don’t even know if I wish to ever be in the zone again (thi

    By Tiffany on 08.17.2012

  40. zones are an imaginary boundaries.
    they can be for anything.
    wifi zone- boundary for wifi, beyond which it might not work.
    smoking zone- a boundary within which you can smoke.

    By Ismael on 08.17.2012