May 29th, 2010 | 194 Entries

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194 Entries for “wrapped”

  1. Wrapped around his finger but she has not one clue. Thinking she’s being a good girlfriend, when she’s really just being used. Sad how some people are blinded.

    By tini on 05.30.2010

  2. covered packaged mummified gift reward baby plastic smothered string love suitcase

    By nainisingh on 05.30.2010

  3. We’re all so wrapped up in our own selves. And by we, I mean America. I think we need to take a day off. As a country.

    By Mikah on 05.30.2010

  4. Number 4. She was only a replacement, she knew, but that was okay. Sooner or later, they’d all see her real potential.

    But actually, that didn’t matter much either. She didn’t need power or infamy. Nothing like that. She just wanted her brother back.

    The enemy of her enemy was her friend, right? As long as she could get him back…as long as…

    But she was still wrapped in her own nightmares, tangled in the web of the Spiders with no hope of redemption.

    By sentinel's glory on 05.30.2010

  5. It had three feet of tape around it. The paper was easy enough to tear, once I finally got to it. This was yet another example of how it might be time to put our Aunt in a home. She was obviously not thinking clearly.

    By Scubydum URL on 05.30.2010

  6. the rug was wrapped tight. and it was heavier than i thought it would be. still, i managed to get it into the back of my car.

    By izzy URL on 05.30.2010

  7. WRAPPED. Like candy. Or people. Candy is delicious on the inside, and so are some people. Some people acquire false wrappers over the years, making them unlovable. Like friends. They change at the speed of light when they hit highschool. With new wrappers that you don’t like.

    By Liz on 05.30.2010

  8. Wrapped.
    I’m trapped.
    Surrounded by cellophane.
    A clear wall of pain.
    I’m wrapped.

    By Tim Green on 05.30.2010

  9. My mind is wrapped around an idea that has yet to formulate, solidly. This requires a leap of faith instead of absolute information…and that is an unfamiliar place for this heart to reside.

    By LunarStandstill on 05.30.2010

  10. i’m all wrapped up in fear you know? i feel like him having his arms around me is exactly what i need to get my mind off you. but that’s not the case. right now i’m still sort of craving you. and i know he’ll always love me better than you could ever. but i can’t get rid of the thought. what’s wrong with me?! why am i always so awkward?

    By natalle on 05.30.2010

  11. They were wrapped around each other as they said hello for the first time in a long time when he returned from war.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 05.30.2010

  12. you and i saw something, caught our eyes a time. shared an understanding in sielce most profound
    it is on my mind now and i cant get it off, fleeting pantom shadow, an elusive metapjore

    By David Aitchison URL on 05.30.2010

  13. I spun and spun as my mother spun the cloth around my body. We were both laughing and I stopped in front of the mirror.

    I was absolutely beautiful for my dance recital today. My family will be so proud.

    By Alex on 05.30.2010

  14. hey! finnaly i found u! i have something to u right here…- then, she took out from her pocket a rope and some gift papper n wrappthe guy, took him to home and raped him…

    By Saulo on 05.30.2010

  15. “OK everybody, we’re wrapped!”
    As soon as the director said it, the whole set went up in a cheer. It was over. After three months of flirting, he finally grabbed me and his mouth was suddenly on mine.

    By SareyB URL on 05.30.2010

  16. I already wrote about wrapped. Scroll down, you’ll see mine. About candy and kids in high school.

    By Liz URL on 05.30.2010

  17. She wrapped herself in his hairy arms, feeling his warm caress. But it was awkward, like the first day at a new school. As much as she wished the uncomfortable feeling would go away, it didn’t. It remained, lingering, leaving a taste of mildew and sour milk on her tongue,

    By Meeshy on 05.30.2010

  18. i unwrapped my gifts on christmas day to find happiness. yet the following months caused myself to be wrapped up in my emotions leading to new found love. im wrapped again.

    By lina on 05.30.2010

  19. The women danced about, wrapping him among their veils. He was overcome with a sublime feeling of homoeroticism.

    By Sean(!) on 05.30.2010

  20. in love in warmth inside a blanket in a pigs blanked wrapped up in your love christmas time packages and parcel wrapped around your little finger; wrapping up this gig; wrapped inside my head; candy wrappers; wrap yourself in love

    By Simmi Isaac on 05.30.2010

  21. wrapped. when i think of wrapped, i think of birthdays and christmas and all other holidays in which presents are given. the thought of giving presents to other people always puts a hige smile on my face, and makes me feel as though i am doing something nice for another person.

    By Katherine Reinmann on 05.30.2010

  22. I will soon be wrapped in your arms, and I can tell you that I can’t wait for that moment – I miss your hugs and we will have so much to make up for when I finally see you again. 17 days until I get to see you, Romeo <3

    By Chloe URL on 05.30.2010

  23. I was wrapped up in all I wanted to be, never achieving the first step to getting there. Where was I to start? I wanted that big leap, but I was stuck.

    By Brittany on 05.30.2010

  24. presents. we all wrap presents at christmas time or birthdays. something wrapped usually means whatever’s inside is a surprise. you wrap things to go in the mail too. to protect things. keep them fresh, like food.

    By esiforshort URL on 05.30.2010

  25. I am wrapped in an empty embrace. The only thing that I am wrapped in concerning a feeling is when I am cold, and I need to be warm. Wrapped means nothing but wrapped grill food at Dairy Queen to me. Wrapped. To be or not to be, that is the question.

    By Melissa on 05.30.2010

  26. wrapped is a fun word. You can use it in many different ways like: i’m all wrapped up in you. or i just wrapped that prestent. and yeah that s about it.

    By Lou on 05.30.2010

  27. a PRESENT! I like presents. Ok so I have a friend who has been dating this guy for less than me and my boyfriend have been dating which has only been two months and they just got engaged. That is pretty scary

    By Elena on 05.30.2010

  28. Wrapping gifts, bodies, cats, trophies, earrings, birthday surprises. plastic wrap, its great for food. food? yeah, that stuff’s the bomb. love it!!

    By laura on 05.30.2010

  29. I feel sort of wrapped… I’m not sure whether this is good or not… I’m almost at peace but there’s danger near? Am I in a blanket or in the shadows?

    By Frankovich URL on 05.30.2010

  30. the serpent wrapped its lithe body around the smalll, helpless mouse. its ribs glided around its thin fur and crushed the last ounces of breath out of the mouse’s tiny lungs. there was no sound, no wind, only silence.

    By Bo on 05.30.2010

  31. They wrap presents. They wrap surprises. It’s the wrapping that tells you the most about the giver. Did they care? Was it rushed? The present is second to the wrapping because it’s the thought AND effort that counts.

    By Kent Robertson on 05.30.2010

  32. She was wrapped in cellophane. she looked pretty. the baby was wrapped before the door. it was late. the pastrami sandwich was wrapped in paper. I always wanted to eat just a little bit of that paper. especially the parts with the meat juice and cheese.

    By chris on 05.30.2010

  33. I the corner of the mouse’s house was a christmas present for the dog. The dog had earlier stopped the cat from murdering the mouse, what a nice dog.

    By josh URL on 05.30.2010

  34. wrapped in thoughts wondering of you, wrapped in your arms excited by you, wrapped in our passion I am forever yours.

    By Gerardo URL on 05.30.2010