April 18th, 2014

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44 Responses to “withhold”

  1. I need the information Porter, I need it right now. Don’t you undesrtand how important this is and if the CIA keeps withholding the names of the involved agents we are never getting near the end of this investiogation. It’s a National Security deal. Understood?

    By Alonso Herrera URL on 04.18.2014

  2. There’s a lot I don’t know about my own life, a fact that is both relieving and infuriating. As a full-time employee–and one who works harder than at least half of my coworkers–I fee entitled to knowing at least some of the things going on in the community to which I dedicate 37.5 hours of my week.

    By Erin Michael URL on 04.18.2014

  3. You cannot withhold who you are. You have to put yourself out there for people to know and love. If you always sit back and do nothing then you will miss so many fun things. I once was too shy to visit other countries, but I did not withhold my desire to travel and volunt

    By Marianne on 04.18.2014

  4. Withhold, withhold with thee eyes, the eyes of the grinning tiger
    Piercing gleams shoot from his eyes, his hide sleek against the wind
    Slowly, steadily, he comes to a halt
    Looking up, he sees who dares to stand in his path. No one can seek through the treacherous path of the tiger.

    By Huh? on 04.18.2014

  5. She was upset. There was no need to bother but still she decided to withhold the information from him. It wasn’t like it was a massive secret after all, but she didn’t want to make him angry, or worse, disappointed. There was nothing worse than someone disappointed in you.

    By Robyn on 04.18.2014

  6. “This classifies as withholding evidence, Jon.” Inspector Marsden raised the Manila folder and waved it around, his eyes holding disapproval. “Why didn’t you show this to the police earlier?”

    Jon sighed, as if the reasoning was the most obvious thing in the world. “Inspector I told you, I had to protect Grace or else you all would’ve torn her to shreds! That picture proves she wasn’t there at the time of the murder—”

    “Keep in mind that you’re not a cop, you’re a reporter, and barely one at that.” Marsden cut him off, eyes flashing with anger. “Stay out of the way and let me do my job, or else I’ll have them keep a jail cell nice and comfy for you.”

    By Blue Iris on 04.18.2014

  7. He knew she was keeping some sort of secret; withholding something that was eating her on the inside—but should he even ask her about it? They’d been through so much together, and yet trust was one of the few issues they still struggled with.

    “Listen, um…is…everything okay?”

    She didn’t even bother to glance up at him. “I’m fine.”

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.18.2014

  8. hi there, my name is billy. Today i was walking along the street to the bank. I wanted to get a deposit.

    By spencer on 04.18.2014

  9. To claim ownership ownership for knowledge that does not belong solely to you. To play god.

    By kate on 04.18.2014

  10. To keep information that does not belong solely to you is to play god.

    By kate on 04.18.2014

  11. withhold the silliness of the silliness and over and over and over again
    for the silliness is rather silly I think
    and the silliness is everything
    so who am I to decide everything is silly if I am one of the silly’s myself

    And I won’t tell you about this
    That is what happens when you withhold information
    So, no one will ever know why I think I am such a great silly
    To think that the world is a very silly place

    But this might be silly of me to think
    That withholding is the way
    Because is all the sillies withheld all their silly thoughts than no one would know anything at all

    By Kayleigh on 04.18.2014

  12. To withhold? Hmm… that is a good question indeed. To have withheld something is to have taken it from someone, or something. Depending on the context would you use the word in the current situation and time of which you are in at the moment in which to withhold what you are withholding. Now that you know, go away… I have better things to do at the moment. Good day to you.

    By #hatemylife on 04.18.2014

  13. I can no longer withhold from grabbing him and screaming, “I need more, I need to feel wanted and needed.” It has almost become impossible, as our communication degrades our relationship has become a sunken pit of fake emotions. Yet, I can’t let go, knowing how it used to be and craving that same feeling again. How do I know what to do? I know I deserve better, but I don’t have the strength to leave, the strength to make a change.

    By foost URL on 04.18.2014

  14. “It is not okay to withhold this valuable information from our students,” Jean Thompson, Dean of Humanities, uttered, “nor is it okay to act like you never had it to begin with.”

    “It is irrelevant to the daily routine of our – ”

    “It is ENTIRELY relevant, President Viti,” Thompson interrupted, slapping her palm down hard on the table for emphasis. “This is their tuition. It is their investment. And if you squander, you will have the hounds on your heels.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.18.2014

  15. Why withhold the truth of our history from our children. They need to know the truth our our forefathers and the struggle for freedom.

    By victor URL on 04.18.2014

  16. withhold my thoughts
    withhold my feelings
    it’s better for you
    for me
    for everyone
    if I just withhold
    it all

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 04.18.2014

  17. withhold your emotions, don’t let them show
    if they see, then they will know
    if you can’t hide it, let them go

    By paige URL on 04.18.2014

  18. Witholding from everyone else is a struggle. But it’s the safest way to assure that I won’t get hurt again. And I can’t trust anybody after what happened last time.

    By Fiona URL on 04.18.2014

  19. Jenkins kept quiet, though he knew Melinda wanted to hear his side of the story. He refused to bow to her manner of resolving issues.

    By judyb on 04.18.2014

  20. Never withhold from saying what you truly want to say. It often does not do us any good to keep our true feelings locked up inside. Let the words flow from your mouth, because yes, they could be harmful, but they could also be the same words that will change your life forever. Say what is on your mind and maybe you will help someone out who had trouble seeking assistance.

    By Theresa on 04.18.2014

  21. Do not withhold. Do not, do not withhold.
    This love inside, in which all hope shall abide.
    Do not do not withhold.
    Be brave, let it shine, like the ancient kings of old.
    Do not, do not withhold
    This smile, this light; that could rid the world of mould
    Do not, not withhold
    This embrace that would never – ever loosen its hold.

    By Jose on 04.18.2014

  22. The dam was breaking, each little crack splitting off into three more. They became wider and wider until, after years of strength and stability, the foundations crumbled, letting a tumbling flood of water come forth.

    By Rach P on 04.18.2014

  23. Don’t breathe. Don’t let anyone know that you are terrified. Your body is wrapped in a thick ribbon of anxiety and your words aren’t real anymore. Forget about all of it. Just smile, nod, and keep breathing.

    By Catherine on 04.18.2014

  24. I have no ability to withhold information from an individual that demands it. It is not my job to do so. I am simply a means of transporting information to and from the thought processes of others, not a cognizant being, but a carrier. I need not to feel or think, just act. For that is all a book can do.

    By Alli on 04.18.2014

  25. Furfrou didn’t like sharing all his secrets with Samantha. Or, any secrets, really.

    It wasn’t because he didn’t trust her- even though her fashion sense was questionable and not exactly trustworthy itself, actually. But he was just secretive in general, he supposed. He didn’t tell anyone much of anything, really. Sometimes he’d jot down his mental whisperings in a journal he kept by his bed, but frequently he’d just keep them stored away somewhere in his mind. He didn’t really have friends to whispers the secrets to, under the false privacy the corners of rooms and sitting behind walls gave.

    But then again, nobody told him their secrets either. So it kind of evened out.

    By korpuskat URL on 04.18.2014

  26. I am withholding. Meaning that I withhold information. I don’t tell people things. Mostly things that are bothering me or that I am struggling with. There is one person though that I do tell things to and that is my therapist. Even if I don’t want to she can somehow make me feel safe enough to tell her. So I don’t withhold so much with her.

    By Crystal URL on 04.18.2014

  27. It’s a secret, a terrible, precious, secret, and it’s one that she knows would destroy him. But er brother’s happiness is the most important thing in the world, and so she will keep this silence.

    By Jez URL on 04.18.2014

  28. I hadn’t lied, not really. Yes, I’d withheld information. But it was for her own benefit. She didn’t need to know about the things I had to do to keep her safe, to keep us safe. She deserved the chance to be young and free and more innocent than I could imagine.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.18.2014

  29. I’ve withheld myself
    in the sky and clouds
    for far too long.

    I’ve withheld joy
    and the company of others
    from myself, because I was scared
    of this mind– of this heart and its lessons.
    I was scared I’d hurt you.

    I’m done. Let it fly like ash to the wind.
    Perhaps someday, soon, you can know
    me as I long to know you.

    By Pandatry URL on 04.18.2014

  30. “i just…” he looks away and i feel my stomach sink. “i need to sort some things out. it wont take that long.” Will smiles but i can see the urgency behind it. he’s withholding something from me. to protect me. “Will,” I protest, “i can help. you don’t need to cut me out-”

    Will closes the space between us in two strides and cups my face in his hands, sweeping me into a deep kiss. when he breaks away there’s something new in his eyes. a mix of frustration and love. “please, let me handle this. its my problem-” he amends himself immediately at the look on my face. “situation,” he corrects, “its my situation, i can fix it. just let me do it alone for now. i dont want you getting hurt.” i glance away, withholding all the arguments that bubble to my surface.

    By Alibay on 04.18.2014

  31. The judge stared viciously at the prosecutor. “To withhold evidence of this man’s innocence, even as you plead before this court for him to be put to death for the crimes of which you falsely accuse him, is tantamount to attempted murder in itself!” His voice rose, almost screaming; ” You’re the one who should be on trial here, not him!” As those last words rang around the courtroom, District Attorney Morgan continued staring down at his notepad, at the notes he had made for his final arguments. Things were not going as well as he had expected…

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.18.2014

  32. She turned around, mouth snarling and eyes so bright it hurt to look at them. Slowly, she spat out the words that she had been holding in for so long: “And at what point did you think it would help us by withholding this information?!”

    By WearyWater URL on 04.18.2014

  33. You can’t withhold sex from me! he exclaimed. It’s in your job description.

    Just because I’m a prostitute, she replied, doesn’t mean I have to have sex with my husband every time he expects it! You aren’t paying me!

    You don’t pay all that rent money, you know. It’s my job at the plant that puts food in your mouth, so now you can put something else in it!

    By Kimberly URL on 04.18.2014

  34. Living ina place without any person on earth, ust emotions cursing your whoule body, a emotionless person can’t live in this world, but there’s just one person on this world that can feel it, and the other people are just random people walking around, they have no clue of what they are doing, but the keep walkig like if there was a future ahead. This person is called Kelloggs, yes, like the cereal.

    By Karla on 04.18.2014

  35. although he had been arrested and everyone believed he was guilty he was still adamant that he would withhold vital information

    By Alexandra URL on 04.19.2014

  36. After this sunset,
    There is nothing else I want to say to you

    By bb mm URL on 04.19.2014

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    By Little Fairy URL on 04.19.2014

  38. I am beautiful no matter what they say. i am so proud of my self. i have to be the best, today, tomorrow, and next, and wanna be i am and mine :)

    By Little Fairy URL on 04.19.2014

  39. you are withholding everything from me
    oh why?
    Do you withhold everything?

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 04.19.2014

  40. Everything was to be hers, from the throne down to the peasent’s tracked in dirt. Nothing could be withheld from the eyes of the palace, the King and Queen, more importantly the Princess. Sophia was the only true one to withhold the world from the kingdom, the cost when you had the power of a god trapped in the body of a mortal, still it could have been worse.

    By Eric Bone on 04.19.2014