October 20th, 2014

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91 Responses to “terrain”

  1. It was something of a mystery, she didn’t quite know how to see it. The world she knew was gone, it was undone by whatever had broken the vale. The terrain was different, broken, people lay scattered all about limbs twisted and turned.
    This was chaos, it was wrong, it was evil. Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes.

    By Rachel on 10.20.2014

  2. He trampled all over the rocky terrain she called her heart until he had succeeded in smoothening the landscape. After all, it was he who had to graze in the pastures.

    By Aashna URL on 10.20.2014

  3. there is nothing
    like the beat of drum
    against my chest
    the feel of the sun
    upon my cheeks
    i feel no fear
    nothing besides the terrain beneath my feet
    i am nothing if not

    By Rachel on 10.20.2014

  4. He trampled all over the rocky terrain she called her heart until he had succeeded in smoothening the landscape. After all, it was he that had to graze in the (now) sunny pastures.

    By Aashna URL on 10.20.2014

  5. on a vast empty terrain, you pray for solace i pray for rain, still no advances came, wondering if ive anything left to gain, but alas, same remains the same im left wading thru your riddle and rhyme, you set my pain to poetry and chime, same remains the same and there is no endgame, no still not over you, like muddy waters im wading thru, stuck, in a vast empty terrain, you pray for lightening i pray away the pain, struck, with your unforgiving arrows, all this water and not a drop to drink. soaked to marrow, my ships beginning to sink , ive nothing left to go on so i keep on singing the same song, and all this time i believed, i was so strong, guess i was wrong, left hand on your gun hip ready to jump ship

    i was so wrong, now i bottle sip still singing the same song

    By lgrey on 10.20.2014

  6. Hello my name is Brandi. I’m just a young girl at age 26 still finding my way and purpose in life. I want to make friends and understand who I am

    By Brandi on 10.20.2014

  7. I’m just a young woman trying to find my purpose in life. I am so lost and I don’t know what I should do. I want to travel the world and meet people. I need money to do so. I want to want other lost souls like I am. I also want peace to the world and for people to get along and respect one another.

    By Brandi on 10.20.2014

  8. The train ride was long but as I looked out of my window, I saw the most beautiful scenery. The landscaping reminded me of a background that is automatically set to the background of my computer. The terrain was just breathtaking and the valleys riveted somewhat like ribbon. Jessica turned to me with big eyes and no asked if this is what it’s going to look like at our new home. I sighed and reassured her that it would be but I knew that there was nothing more than dull, gray buildings surrounding by a smog.

    By Victoria Estilette on 10.20.2014

  9. The terrain of a persons life has a lot to do with how they end up viewing the world.The rougher the road, the more conscientious the traveler.

    By Traci H on 10.21.2014

  10. the terrain was rough, patchy, and wet. i saw where the body had tried to been buried, heaps of mud slowing flowing back into where they once laid, only to be disturbed by the dozens of police officers tramping around the crime scene, ruining evidence. fuckers.

    By kelly on 10.21.2014

  11. I had no idea how large the terrain he owned would be. I was hoping it wasn’t too large. I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Too bad i couldn’t teleport. Well, that would’ve been pretty cool. But, oh, look, too bad, i can’t.
    Ok, now, which way to i fucking go? Ahh, i hate my life. Seriously, why the heck did i have to get involved in all this?
    I wanna go home. Or soewhere else. I’ll just go somewhere else. Hopefully somewhere nice where i can start over. Or not. Knowing my luck, i’ll probably just end up in a dump. Ooohh, wonderful. Don’t you just love this sweet, sweet life, Cole?

    By Anaid Skylight on 10.21.2014

  12. the ground is wet where I’ve been.

    By Ríghel on 10.21.2014

  13. The cracks and crevices in the terrain of my furrowed face are not unlike those in which I lay for months on end, barren and wasted and lifeless. My finger still coils around the ghost of the trigger like the snakes that writhed in that desert, and no more tears have fallen on these cheeks than raindrops fell on that ground.
    For what felt like an eternity I became part of that terrain, an insignificant swelling on the palm of the land, and for what will be too short a lifetime that terrain now haunts my own countenance.

    By Barber URL on 10.21.2014

  14. The terrain was exactly what we had expected. Lots of loose grit and slippery embankment. Nonetheless we all had a good time on our mountain bicycle.

    By victor URL on 10.21.2014

  15. They walked for hours to get to the terrain. They heard it was the most amazingly beautiful place in the world. But when they got there they realized the truth. The terrain was nothing but a piece empty land.

    By Amelia on 10.21.2014

  16. the earth has the most colorful terrain inside the universe because people have a sense of beauty

    By merhaba on 10.21.2014

  17. Even if we stumble into our life’s terrain. Just straighten your posture up again man. It’s not yet the end of the world. Don’t look back and walk like the world’s best fashion model. : )

    By Dhrean Fortess URL on 10.21.2014

  18. terrain
    turtle soup
    artichoke head
    desert hold
    bone dead

    By verityk URL on 10.21.2014

  19. Exploring new places wasn’t high on his list of fun things to do. There was no map and no one to guide him. There were bugs he’d never seen before in his life and the terrain was litter with mudholes, including one that ate one half of his new pair of boots.

    By Elise URL on 10.21.2014

  20. Terrain sounds like an Italian soup, although I know it’s nothing of the sort. Actually, this word has given me a fleeting glance of my mortality, especially since I feel the pangs of a sore throat and weariness today. I used to daydream that in heaven there are no headaches, which I hope is true. If I do get to the afterlife and have a headache, I’ll know I’m in the wrong place.

    By Daniel on 10.21.2014

  21. Terrain is a word that is used to describe a certain land. Whether it be a rough land, a smooth land, or even a land that has all kinds of terrains. I often use terrain in sentences that decribe something

    By Josh on 10.21.2014

  22. The importance of terrain is undervalued. It is the only true identifier that we can use on a location that presents anything of meaning. Otherwise we end up with a series of latitudes, and longitudes, but with nothing to know. Terrain is the only characteristic.

    By Zack URL on 10.21.2014

  23. When I think of the word terrain I think of the National Geographic documentaries that are always narrated by an english man with a deep voice. I can almost hear him say it. Terrain.

    By sadie on 10.21.2014

  24. In Zoo Tycoon, you have to select distinct terrains for each animal in order to keep them happy. You can’t put an elephant in the Amazon terrain or else the elephant will be super mad and then your zoo will lose ratings and money and then you will fail the objective of the game. Terrain is very important to success!!!!

    By Glglglglglglgl on 10.21.2014

  25. Alex looked over the edge of the cliff into the valley below and was taken aback. It looked as though the breath of fall had lit the entire terrain before him on fire, everything ablaze with red, orange, and gold. A rushing river cut the valley in two, a ribbon of silver

    By Alyssa's Wife on 10.21.2014

  26. up and down
    and on rocky roads
    whichever i go
    an endless terrain
    a forever-hike
    i’d rather get lost in nature
    than suffocate from city lights

    By Aya on 10.21.2014

  27. the terrain was bumby and didn’t look like anyone had traveled over it for years. It was dusty adn rocks of all sizes were strewn here and there. Not big rocks in one place and smaller ones in another, but just scattered. It made it hard to figure out which way to pull the cart.

    By Kirsten on 10.21.2014

  28. The terrain was rough; she didn’t want to even think about what it would do to his wound. He kept on plodding behind her. His occasional sharp intake of breath was the only indication that her suspicions were correct. He was more hurt than he had let on.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.21.2014

  29. the lions and tigers are sick of living in the small terrains in the zoo

    By beth on 10.21.2014

  30. The word terrain refers to the land and the pieces of rock that make up the land. It’s used in geography and social studies. It can be a difficult word to spell. I hope people remember the double R.

    By sara on 10.21.2014

  31. The knapsack was heavier than she originally thought. The strap was digging into her shoulder and she had to switch sides every few minutes now. She licked her lips and tried to swallow, hoping she’d come across a pond soon. But as far as she could see, the earth had turned into a cruel jigsaw puzzles colored clay red. There were no blue pieces.

    By Soft URL on 10.21.2014

  32. I want to create the place where the story happens. I want to create the buildings, the important hiding spot for the 5 year old run away, and the tree where the couple has there first kiss. My brother always wants to make the story, have his character grow and change in a display of magnificence. I just want to create the atmosphere.

    By Katie URL on 10.21.2014

  33. The terrain was bleak and not worthy of life. In fact, it blew his mind why anyone would live there. The heat, the scorpions, the foul stench of the inhabitants. Is this hell on earth? Perhaps.

    He made a mental note to never, ever visit Arizona again.

    By Daniel on 10.21.2014

  34. the terrain was haggard and torn; years of harsh winds and little rain had cracked the ground in deep chasams that ran on and on and on.

    By all4imagination URL on 10.21.2014

  35. The terrain in my area is very flat and i know for a fact that it ca flood because of m house. we flooded because the terrain is mad of clay and clay cannot absorb water fast enough when it rains heavily so i just don’t worry too much about it. i live in a urban are so terrain

    By Dylan DeJongh on 10.21.2014

  36. She looked at the sky. Then at the mountains. This beatuful terrain took her breath away.

    By July on 10.21.2014

  37. This sky was beautiful. The sun was shining and you culd see the rainbow. The trees were green.

    By July URL on 10.21.2014

  38. The terrain was rough while driving through the new path through the woods. I kept thinking it was good I was in an all terrain vehicle, while we were trying this new path.

    By Amber Daughdrill on 10.21.2014

  39. I love the terrain of the mountains. The trees and the wonderful smelling flowers make it all the better.

    By alissa fields URL on 10.21.2014

  40. The terrain was rough. Loose dirt, thorny bushes, and rocky gorges made the steep climb seem impossible. They only had one day of water left and the nearest town was still on the other side of the mountains. He wasn’t sure if they were going to make it.

    By dan URL on 10.21.2014