October 19th, 2014

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75 Responses to “steadfast”

  1. He stood as a rock, unmoving in the face of extreme opposition. His shield, thick. His sword, sharp. He held the pass for five days before the army before him broke.

    By David Foget Noltensmeier URL on 10.20.2014

  2. he was steadfast and true in his gratitude for the Universe because he knew that it was all about being thankful for all he had before he had it. That was the way it works

    By trkstr67 on 10.20.2014

  3. There was be no changing her mind once she made it up. It may be suicide, but Piper was steadfast in her decision to avenge her grandfather’s death. She had been the moment she saw the blaster shot hit him in the chest.

    By Elise URL on 10.20.2014

  4. He was hearty
    strong and quick
    whatever would he do
    if he lost himself
    like he already had.
    The steadfast boy was steadfast no more.

    By Cassidy on 10.20.2014

  5. Steadfast

    He was hearty strong and quick
    whatever would he do
    if he lost himself
    like he already had.
    The steadfast boy was steadfast no more.

    By Cassidy on 10.20.2014

  6. The ship was moored securely as the captain awaited the last of the barrels to be loaded into its depths. Breathing in deeply, he took one long last look at the bustling docks and markets, and prepared for the solitary once more.

    By Benjamin Smith on 10.20.2014

  7. If you are able to be steadfast in anything that you do, then you are a winner. Likewise, never give up the determination in being steadfast. Be steadfast, live steadfast. Moreover, be steadfast in your life. Do not give up on being steadfast.

    By Sarah Mary on 10.20.2014

  8. The driver was steadfast in his determination, foot to pedal, pedal to the floor. The wind whipped by his windows, fans roaring, lights changing. Red. Yellow. Green. Buzzer sounded. He awoke, sat upright in his bed. Good morning.

    By Danielle Rosini on 10.20.2014

  9. Not my best, but it’s done.

    By Danielle Rosini on 10.20.2014

  10. She was a steadfast friend—the kind that I would almost regret stabbing in the back later.

    By WearyWater URL on 10.20.2014

  11. I am Dutch and though my English is quite alright, I don’t know what this word means. Stead makes me think of bread. Fast makes me think of … fast. Fast bread. I am imagining a bakery that sells bread that is really fast. I don’t know what it looks like. Do you?

    By Silja Coombs on 10.20.2014

  12. :)

    By Silja Coombs on 10.20.2014

  13. That’s what you call a “Fels in der Brandung” in German. To me, the humanification of the adjective “steadfast” is Dumbledore which is funny, because he isn’t even a real human.

    By Fredda URL on 10.20.2014

  14. I am steadfast to complete my job in what ever I do

    By Josephine on 10.20.2014

  15. remain steadfast in your intention, they say. but what happens when the intention is lost—or its there but we have no clue what it means to remain steadfast in it. fast in which direction—how–where—when do i begin with the steadfast motion.remain steadfast in figuring it out.

    By Safon on 10.20.2014

  16. The handsome night and his steadfast shield rode away at a gallop on the most beautiful horse in the world

    By Emily Morris URL on 10.20.2014

  17. Clutching his back came naturally like breathing. They’d done this a few dozen times, but as soon as they jumped, fear would reappear like an pesky beggar. They were floating on air and the wind was their sail.

    By Soft URL on 10.20.2014

  18. When Spencer came home from school today, he showed me the dent in his car. He had been driving too fast and hit a parked car. While he was a little bit afraid to tell me what had happened, he was confident that my love for him was steadfast and would not change because of this situation.

    By Kris Moser on 10.20.2014

  19. I sat at the desk, counting the number of times my pencil waved back and forth before my eyes. One, two, three… on and on it went. As it flew past my face I couldn’t help but nervously glance at the door to the private room, half-expecting to see my disapproving boss standing and opening her mouth to fire me.

    Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen… still on and on it went. No matter how nervous I was getting and no matter how stupid I knew I was being I just couldn’t focus. I knew I should have at least tried to steadfastly do my work, but the piles of paperwork and hours of filing just weren’t appealing to me that day.

    Twenty-two, twenty-three… twenty-seven… forty-one… My pencil just swung and swung. Eventually I went to work, but my mind was elsewhere. Normally the mind-numbing work I preformed day after day would have drawn me as it was a distraction from my life, but that day all I wanted to do was live.

    That was the day I received the news. My husband had been honorably-discharged and would be arriving in the airport the next day; my life would no longer be filled with the worry and the longing it had been filled with since the day he left 4 years beforehand, almost to the day. I still had a job, friends and hobbies, but once you experience full, real love there isn’t much else that truly matters. That would be the day I would truly begin to live again.

    By Jocelyn on 10.20.2014

  20. up in my head it is already decided, yet in many circumstances i waver. i cannot hold on to the vision. no steadfast decision was ever attained. tell me how, what can motivate me?

    By Aya on 10.20.2014

  21. One day I was with my mom and we were going to a steadfast I don’t know what it is but I like to try new things! After we were done we went back home and I wanted to do it all over again. Maybe you could try going to one too!

    By Annika on 10.20.2014

  22. The boy was lost in the woods, he was steadfast to find his way out..

    By Donovan on 10.20.2014

  23. to stay in something and not to give up…

    By Shane Novak URL on 10.20.2014

  24. He was steadfast in his decision to rekindle the small flame he felt. it had been three years, but seeing her again flooded him with desire. As he walked towards her doubts crept in to his mind,

    By cmejia on 10.20.2014

  25. There is no freedom on land like that granted by the waters of the endless sea — capricious and calming all at once, and, yet, driven ever on by the journey to know what it is that lies beyond that furthest horizon, and the yearning to know what mysteries lay hidden in those steadfast and fathomless depths.

    By LordSriya on 10.20.2014

  26. I’m 90% sure he is the reason I have a middle finger.

    By Tuesday Rae on 10.20.2014

  27. Loyal honest ethical moral trusted obsessed stalker turned love choices

    By Leja on 10.20.2014

  28. Firm in one’s convictions.

    By Lisa Smith on 10.20.2014

  29. She was a constant, a fact. She… just was and nothing could ever change that. People thought they knew her but it was a lie that they knew because she understood that they didn’t understand and they never could. It was all I could do not to cry. She knew that she was too wonderful a thing to exist in this world and yet she despised no one for it.

    By A. G. Russell on 10.20.2014

  30. Psalm 51:10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

    By Amelia on 10.20.2014

  31. He walked along a dirtied stone path. Thousands of feet before his had been there. He kicked a rock along with him. He did not want to walk there. Yet he walked anyways.

    By Jack on 10.20.2014

  32. steadfast is a word that means something but i cant tell u what that means because i don’t know or never heard of it before or let alone the word

    By beth on 10.20.2014

  33. I am not sure what steadfast means said the lowly student. well he wont get very far in lift thougt the teacer smugly.

    By Aron Green on 10.20.2014

  34. I have loved you with a steadfast love your whole life I have been there every step of the way every tear you have ever cried I hold in my hand! I am there for you always! I am God!

    By Isabella on 10.20.2014

  35. Steadfast is onceagain another word i do not know. It sounds as if it’s another word for a fast stead.

    By alissa fields URL on 10.20.2014