October 19th, 2014

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75 Responses to “steadfast”

  1. He never stopped moving. His legs pumped harder. His breath came out raggedly. Running cramps formed in his side. He was going to keep steadfast and keep moving, never deterring from his goal.

    By Unny on 10.19.2014

  2. she was attempting to be steadfast in her plan but with everything disintegrating in front of her she could only act in desperation. an act that would only be in vain. she would never beat the power of good even though she wanted the best for her daughter.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.19.2014

  3. You are told hold steadfast to things. Your faith, or be steadfast in your work ethic. I feel like I’m missing some kind of steadfast-ness gene.

    By Stereochele URL on 10.19.2014

  4. What does steadfast mean idk i should probably buy a dictionary or look it up online cant you just give me a word i do understand

    By bshsh on 10.19.2014

  5. We stood there, staring them down though it was like looking in a mirror. A fight was in the air, on my knuckles, tingled in the soles of my feet. With an unknown trigger, everyone pounced at once, but never made contact. Instead we ran into an invisible barrier set exactly between us.

    By Kylie URL on 10.19.2014

  6. She was steadfast in her belief that life was a gift, not to be sad or to be taken for granted, but enjoyed each day.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 10.19.2014

  7. I named him Steadfast. Not because I knew what the word meant, mind you. But because, at 7 years old, I thought it sounded fast. And I wanted my first horse to have a strong, fast name. Little did I know that in the next 10 years, he would more than live up to the name I had given him.

    By ashley URL on 10.19.2014

  8. steadfast

    By daffka on 10.19.2014

  9. Its time to keep my hand steady as I write down everything I am afraid to tell you. I do love you and its tearing me apart because no matter how hard i try it will always be him. I will always wish you were him but you’re not and its not fair to put you through that. Its not fair to lead you on and lead you to believe this is more than what it is. But you are falling fast and I don’t think Im going to be ready to catch you. My arms are still outstretched for him.

    By nicole URL on 10.19.2014

  10. Strung, high as a kite, knotted and frayed and beyond repair
    though lovingly held onto, scattered in blue winds
    tail waving listlessly across the green.

    Take me, skies, to wherever you please;
    you are my muse and I am your earthbound paper bird.

    By teachthegirl URL on 10.19.2014

  11. Michael’s loyalty was what made Evan feel secure. Michael would never betray him. The cliche of the butler committing the crime was…well, cliche. There no way Michael could have killed her.

    The young man looked over to his butler, who was polishing off a knife. The blade glinted.


    By VickyWingz on 10.19.2014

  12. The world can be steadfast in an attempt at making it self relevant, but the fact of the matter is that it just one blip in the scheme of a massive and endless unfeeling universe.

    By Patrick URL on 10.19.2014

  13. His steadfast loyalty suits my needs. I need someone as dedicated to his work as strong as I am. I need this. Yes, he will do.
    “So will you hire me?”
    “No, I’ll have to think on it.” He’s perfect. “I’ll let you know by the end of the week.”
    “I’ll wait for your call,” he says.

    By Susan E. Rother URL on 10.19.2014

  14. Leafy branches towering over the rest of the forest with
    calm demeanor and
    steady solemnity.
    Resisting the face of the wind
    in mortal glory.

    By Lapulta URL on 10.19.2014

  15. She was determined to make him see her worth. Quietly, she stepped up to the plate, brushed it off with her bat, and squared her body for the upcoming pitch. She was steadfast. She would get a hit no matter what.

    By harlow URL on 10.19.2014

  16. oh no! what do I write? What does steadfast mean?!!! HELP! Miss Murphy has lost it!!!

    By Miss Murphy on 10.19.2014

  17. He stood at the entrance to the cave.
    “Hold fast, my friends,” he called to those traveling behind him, “For we are here!”

    By Nick on 10.19.2014

  18. Not 3 young friends singing to old people at church
    Not me in my relationships
    Not anyone

    By Amanda URL on 10.19.2014

  19. dig nails between your shoulderblades, puncture soft skin until i curl my fingers around your column-proud spine. dearest, dearest, nearest, i will always, always have your back
    (it is mine).

    By Miss-li-ding URL on 10.19.2014

  20. Listen to your virtues
    Don’t be swayed by
    Eloquent words
    Of promise and assurance
    Know your limits
    But exercise your freedom
    As you steadfastly hold to
    Your convictions.

    By Kumquat URL on 10.19.2014

  21. You’re a ship, you’re an ocean, you’ve been sailing for so long. You’re the sails, you’re the wind – God, you’re in every detail. They built you so well I’m convinced they did it with me in mind. Don’t fail them now.

    By Sea on 10.19.2014

  22. Steadfast and stubborn, the Angela III pushed furiously against the storm. Its captain, true to her word, kept her post at the wheel, despite the wave upon wave of overly salted water soaking her through her majestic coat and breeches. To the east was her sister ship, the Annamarie, bobbing up and down in the swarm of water and struggling desperately to remain upright.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.19.2014

  23. ‘A Harrington is steadfast in the face of adversity’, that’s what my grandfather used to say. I don’t remember much about him; just that Richard Andrew Gerard Harrington III, my gender-bent namesake, apparently used to say a LOT of things. And, apparently, they were memorable enough to warrant naming their first after him, which is how they got me, Richelle Andrea Gerharde Harrington the first (and only because I, unlike them, don’t hate my children).

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 10.19.2014

  24. Steadfast is a word I don’t really know or care much about. I assume it means ‘sturdy’ or ‘reliable’ and I am neither. It sounds terrifically boring. Steadfast, indeed.

    By Keri on 10.19.2014

  25. “Her mother is probably behind it all, she was steadfast against us marrying in the first place.” Dave said. Ohara put down his coffee cup. “You may feel like this is a ‘You against Them’ situation, but it’ s not. You have to resolve this, not win it.”

    By tonykeyesjapan on 10.19.2014

  26. Steady and fast that’s the way we always go. I don’t know any other way. Now what? What comes next? Heaven or hell? God only knows.

    By Theresa Miller on 10.19.2014

  27. steadfast is like jesus. they both like potatoes. Cuz you know what, potatoes are good. jesus is pretty good too. Cuz he gave me a boner just now. Thank jesus for boners. Jesus loves boners. Potatoes and steadfast is good because my anus is bleeding right now. I probably should have bought quilten northern.

    By Oscar Alvarez on 10.19.2014

  28. “Go on!” The man cried. I glanced back to look at him, perched unsteadily on the brink of the ship, through the sheets of rain, before looking back on the rocks. I hauled myself onto one of the sharp columns, blood dripping from my hands and mingling with the water. The rope trailed behind me, swung by the wind just as I was. If only I could find a steadfast place to secure it, perhaps everyone else could climb down along it.

    At the moment, though, I heavily resented being the best swimmer on crew.

    By a terrible poet URL on 10.19.2014

  29. she’s like a tear on a page, rigid beneath a microscope
    beaded through single-minded chaos; trapped on a thread
    this unbending composition becomes morbid preoccupation
    contradicting the simplicity of what she should be; beautifully
    sewn through the steadfast canvas
    rendering to faded satisfaction..

    By Tas URL on 10.19.2014

  30. He stood steadfast in his opinion. He wasn’t going to change his mind for anyone. Feeling justified in his beliefs, he would not waver no matter what his friends and family said. Many others disagreed with him, but he did not feel that he was in the wrong. To be steadfast meant to him to stand tall.

    By Jen on 10.19.2014

  31. what I should have been. What I wanted to be for him, because I loved him. But people like me just aren’t so stable. My heart was the first to go.
    My thoughts followed soon after. I wanted to be steadfast, ever ready, patient and giving. But I wasn’t built that way. So I have to let him down. I’ll have to keep letting people down until I have consumed enough hearts to satisfy my own. I only wanted to be steadfast, to be there for him.

    By MSG on 10.19.2014

  32. As much as he was hoping for, there was half the wind he would require to make steadfast his journey to the island. The boat was ready, the wind was not. It seemed he would require more patience.

    By Steve on 10.19.2014

  33. Carla looked up at the sky with a contented sigh. Things had been lovely. Life had been good. The mountains rose up behind her.

    By Amanda URL on 10.19.2014

  34. i keep steadfast and strong
    amidst the a world that seems so wrong
    i cling to you in an unending light
    forget me not for i’ve too much to loose

    By Lily URL on 10.19.2014

  35. The earl stood on a balcony overlooking the besieging force. We will never surrender! He screamed.

    By Mitchell on 10.20.2014

  36. Eyes fixed
    Never wavering
    Life seen
    from the periphery
    A blur of lines
    and angles
    dancing circles

    By Anu on 10.20.2014

  37. When I think of the things that are steadfast, I can’t help feeling they are weak and feeble. Think of a metal shield. When something big strikes on it, it inevitably shakes and changes shape.

    By Johnzzzz on 10.20.2014

  38. Nothing and no one but God is steadfast. Maybe we think we are, but the minute we get made to do something well outside our comfort zone, however large that zone is, we find we are no longer able to be there for all that need us, and I would know this. God is my rock and nothing will ever tear him away from me – death did not even part us. In fact, death draws us closer, because to die, one must first have lived.

    By Rachel on 10.20.2014

  39. to win the race at a steady pace. working hard and forward moving on. keep going.

    By lisa on 10.20.2014

  40. I am walking down the street slowly, but she remains steadfast.

    By Kodai Fumoto URL on 10.20.2014