August 6th, 2014

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40 Responses to “radius”

  1. a piercing ray of light
    through the half-closed blinds
    caresses my face
    traces a line down my skin
    and hits the floor unceremoniously

    By Suzy URL on 08.06.2014

  2. Amelia held the strange object between her pale hands. It wouldn’t have seemed so abnormal if Airik hadn’t just told her that it was perhaps one of the most powerful artifacts to be recovered this milenium. She held it delicately between her palms with her fingers fanned away from it. It looked like a simple wooden wheel with a radius of no more than four inches. How this thing could win them the war, she had no clue…

    By Tone Deaf The Bard URL on 08.06.2014

  3. The diameter of the circle we form is made by a single piece of white string. I hold one end and my love holds the other. Couples hold the strings between themselves, connecting and enduring.

    By Suzy URL on 08.06.2014

  4. the radius of a circle is unimportant regarding this dialogue thusly I will continue to write about the radius of pie. A pie is a circular pastry which is delicious and good. I love pie. Pie is good. yum,yum,yum.

    By Acarcher URL on 08.06.2014

  5. Math has its radius and we went in circles going forward then back again. We went back again and stayed. Around in circles until you left. You left and never entered the circle.

    By Dharma URL on 08.06.2014

  6. I try to stay in my place within my radius but every once in a while i get the urge to burst out and over step my bounds be cause that is how leaders are made. How change happens.

    By Radical Rose on 08.06.2014

  7. The radius of a circle is a tricky thing to understand. It is only half of a diameter. So why is it so important? Sometimes you don’t have to look at the big picture, it is the small things that matter the most.

    By Emily URL on 08.06.2014

  8. i don’t belong here i feel out of my place
    How can i fit in a circle that i didn’t help create
    Trying to write my own life with a pen without ink
    Jumping out the boat praying not to sink

    By Radical Rose on 08.06.2014

  9. By the time I had drawn out the circle’s radius on my binder paper, I was feeling impending exhaustion settle onto my shoulders and press hard against my head. I had not been able to properly sleep for two nights now, the anxiety that I was becoming accustomed to nearly disorienting. It didn’t matter how much people told me things were and were going to be okay. My worries were taking a deep, physical toll. And it wasn’t long before the teacher noticed.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.06.2014

  10. her eyes were the perfect size, the perfect shape. god had made the radius of her pupils so exact, and i stared deeply into them, trying to measure how deeply i had fallen.

    By FB URL on 08.06.2014

  11. The station spun at a speed designed to simulate earth gravity, which had one fun consequence: if you made your way to the center, walking along the radius of the ship, you were weightless.

    By Krejgo URL on 08.06.2014

  12. radius.
    trying to remember the formula for that test, freshman year, and i can’t can’t can’t because of something in the back of my mind — looming, dark, like a big black bear. that boy i sit with at lunch, he’s not what i thought he was, and now it’s crushing my mind and the radius is out of the question.

    By Mana on 08.06.2014

  13. “I broke my radius.”
    “What did you do?”
    “Well, I thought I was Spider-Man and tried to climb on the ceiling from my bunk-bed. And then I fell off.”
    I slapped my hand to my forehead. “You’re an idiot.”
    “No, I almost got it. I just need more sticky stuff.”

    By Susan E. Rother URL on 08.06.2014

  14. The radius was all I needed to see. It was our secret term for the gun. Once I saw the radius, I knew my life was in danger. She had turned on me and I was headed for the end. It was moments before I would see black.

    By Crystal URL on 08.06.2014

  15. I have never been like this before. On one hand I feel stupid and vulnerable, but on the other hand I want to enjoy this feeling while it lasts. Some things, some people, are just too good to be true.

    By t URL on 08.06.2014

  16. She drew a dot, then a straight line connected to the dot.

    It struck me as a little /too/ straight.

    But I did not truly think that something was odd until she drew an absolutely perfect circle, using the line as the radius.

    By a terrible poet URL on 08.06.2014

  17. Radius… I first learned about radiuses? Radi-i? Whatever, in the seventh grade. I was supposed to learn it in 5th, but I was moved up a grade then and just skipped a whole year of math… heh, So I kinda looked like an idiot during a test later on

    By GG URL on 08.06.2014

  18. The radius of the planet was much bigger than expected by the scientist. He was astonished at how big it was.

    By Jerri URL on 08.06.2014

  19. the radius is half of the diameter of a circle. have we reached the radius of our life? are we far past it? our days are numbered. we don’t know how many numbers are in it, we could be far past the radius and almost the complete diameter. it may be scary, but its comforting also.

    By Sara on 08.06.2014

  20. In the time of man the earth gravitated around the sun and so became a oneness of harmony. the radius is a key to lifestyles and navigation in one lives upon which the earth shatters into a million pieces. this dissolves any theory about man and ape. The saying goes life is a circle and so is a radius of fear and passion for survival.

    By julie noreen on 08.06.2014

  21. And I’m back. Looking around, finding a sack on the soaking ground. There is a #radius in the sky, and amazing radiance in my mind. Looking up, I feel enough, can I touch? #oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.06.2014

  22. “Most people know that the ulna is the bone opposite the side of the thumb in the fore arm, but what they do not know is that it is also called the radius. I learned that the other day in my Anatomy class”, Mercy said.
    “Well, I don’t care what they call it “, Freedom responded, “all I know is mine hurts like Hell since you banged it with that damn shovel. Come on keep digging. We have to get this body burried before someone sees us”.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 08.06.2014

  23. Ohara had traveled around a good bit of Central Tokyo making inquiries about the girl, but had learned little. As the day wore on, something else started niggling at his attention. The police presence around the Imperial Palace was huge. There were riot police manning every intersection in a 1 kilometer radius around the Palace, and a bit further to the north. Was all of this, he wondered, for the benefit of Detective Makita’s “bigshot” visitor?

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 08.06.2014

  24. “Now, did you understand ANY of what I just said?”
    I swallowed, wiping sweaty palms on my jeans as I met her eyes. “Uhm…I THINK I know what a radius is?”
    She sighed but nodded. “Well…it’s a start,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.06.2014

  25. Und schreien konnte er. Unglaublich. Welches Organ Gott in ihn reingesetzt haben musste – zu welchem Zweck? Um mich besser anschreien zu können? Ich war schon ganz taub. Aber nicht mit den Ohren.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.06.2014

  26. The radius of the circle was a whole number, making the problem simple enough for an Algebra 1 student. I glanced up from my test, suspicious, to steal a quick glance at my teacher. I wanted to see if he was testing me on something other than formulas from middle school math classes–was it a trick question? He looked perfectly innocent, so I returned to frowning at problem number 9.

    By Simone URL on 08.06.2014

  27. you’d always complimented my math notes
    and my clear, unbroken lines
    always earned your praise.

    so it shouldn’t have surprised either of us
    when i brought sharpened graphite to paper
    and firmly etched a clear radius around my heart.

    i was only trying to protect myself
    after all, we’d marvelled together
    at the unyielding nature of a perfect sphere.

    but as you stand on the outside
    calloused hands smudged in unrelenting poison
    i can no longer speak in geometry.

    it was never my goal to hurt you.

    By S URL on 08.06.2014

  28. It was true that the radius of her waist was about the same as the earth itself, but it didn’t mean she didn’t think she was pretty and all that matters.

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.07.2014

  29. Sun road to the centre, reaching in, reaching out, connecting what is to what might be in a straight line, radius, ray, radiance, hope.

    By eleia on 08.07.2014

  30. the radius between me and it was short. long in perception, but short. all it took/takes was/is taking a step forward. toward it. toward the center. i hesitate to take that step. though i hate it here. im afraid of what may be there.

    By Safon URL on 08.07.2014

  31. The radius of the hole in the shaft was incorrect and it was difficult to get it aligned with the axle. We therefore had to wait another two weeks to get another one.

    By victor URL on 08.07.2014

  32. why are these words so boring? I can’t think of anything beautiful about the word radius, and honestly why is there a picture of a boob in my head?! I want a new word :(

    By Mandy URL on 08.07.2014

  33. Marlena stoood in the antechamber holding the disk in her hand, puzzling over its dimensions. If only she could figure out its radius, she could find the correct slot for the disc and open the sliding door to the next chamber. This was supposed to be simple, she wasn’t an initiate any more, but without her tools….

    By Dara Epstein on 08.07.2014

  34. Inspired by a story I read, I can’t remember the title. Oh, and the “one word.”

    By Dara Epstein on 08.07.2014

  35. the circular half-life
    you me a distance away
    orbiting my person
    orbiting my soul
    orbiting my gravity

    the weight of it

    By Kristopher URL on 08.07.2014

  36. The radius of a circle is
    nothing more than a bridge
    Thereis little you can do
    from the center
    but look at the long fall
    suspended between
    a hard ground
    and a blue sky
    The radius
    gives you just enough
    to hope at the other side
    to decide
    that you understand the distance
    and perhaps
    what is waiting
    is not so different after all

    By Steph on 08.07.2014

  37. The radius of a circle is half of the diameter; half the distance to cross through the deepest darkest center;

    By suezn on 08.07.2014

  38. A vast expanse stretched out in front of me. I reached my hand out with some unrealistic thought that may I could touch the horizon if I were to only try. I turned, surveying the radius, examing the boundaries

    By Brandy Spani on 08.07.2014

  39. “Where are they coming from?” I asked in a low, urgent tone.

    “Shut up,” Laura snarled. She had her fingers curled in her hair, hunched over, she looked completely and violently ill. But her eyes were glowing that fierce red, and my hair stood on edge. She was deeper beyond the Veil than I had ever seen her go. How far could she see, with the Sight? There was no way to tell.

    I heard an echoing shout in the room to our left. Laura’s eyes snapped back to normal. She rose to her feet, staggered, but I caught her.

    “They have us surrounded,” she said, bleakly, and I knew all was lost.

    By haywirehay URL on 08.07.2014

  40. Isn’t it strange to think we spend so much of our lives worrying, and by the time the anticipated event passes, those worries flee our minds until the next occasion.

    By t URL on 08.07.2014