July 22nd, 2014

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52 Responses to “prank”

  1. That was probably the one thing he hated about his lover. The pranks he would always play. No matter what, there would be something set up somewhere in the house. Something that would leave him screaming his name and on a chase to find the playful kid. He’d always laugh about it and soon he’d join in, despite being butthurt. That’s just how they were.

    By Lackyducks URL on 07.22.2014

  2. A prank. That’s what you called it, a prank. The bruises, green, blu-ish, violet. “A dragon pranked me,” you told me laughing.

    By Tindomérel on 07.22.2014

  3. I’m a prankster. What can I say? Someone needs to do it. Keeps people on their toes, never lets anyone get too settled in where they are. That’s how it should be. See, there’s actually a strategy to choosing a “victim” (and I use this word on very light terms… getting pranked really isn’t that bad). You can’t always target the lowlifes, sometimes you gotta go for higher up in the system. Don’t let anyone get too cocky. Really, the government should be paying me for this kind of thinking.

    By Leasha P. URL on 07.22.2014

  4. And then fate was at it’s most cunning. Trying to trip her up and watch her fall into the depths of bad decisions because he was everything she could never have. Fate always was a trickster.

    By Ruth URL on 07.22.2014

  5. Life is a prank in itself.
    We stymble thourgh it blindly trying to find our way,
    But mostly we fail miserably
    The joke is on us, because it turned to ash long ago

    By Yolanda URL on 07.22.2014

  6. What a cruel prank love can be. It fools you into thinking that everything wil be okay, that things will always remain the same, when in reality, love tricks you into thinking nothing bad can ever happen. It blinds you from the truth. It makes you think that one person is yours for an eternity. But love can also be a truly beautiful prank as well-because it can make you think that you can’t live without a person and that might very well be the best feeling in the world.

    By Junco URL on 07.22.2014

  7. After treating his Uncle Antoine to a rohypnol infused Kir Royale, Anatole planted his uncle’s unconcious body on a block in the faux morgue that he had built and filled with actors cleverly made up as Antoine’s deceased friends. This would be a birthday party his elderly uncle would never forget, and Anatole felt that he had finally created a prank that could not be bested by his sister Eloise.

    By Erica on 07.22.2014

  8. I sat and watched from within the dank hiding hole behind the old, mossy wall. He walked closer and closer to the car, at any moment a shrieking alarm would begin to cry and I could run out and laugh. He would take me in his arms, and we would laugh together and forget about the event that had driven us so much further apart. But the alarm didn’t go off and I was left in silence.

    By SG on 07.22.2014

  9. up and down
    back and forth
    an everlasting battle
    an exhausting ride
    striving to scale the waves
    or, better, to balance the middle ground
    then, once again, falling to the whims of gravity
    up and down
    back and forth
    as if to prank myself
    into ever thinking I could gain control

    and do I trap myself now?
    or is it fate who’s on the line
    maybe joke’s on you
    ive made the choice
    and choice means this life is mine

    By unbornsymphony URL on 07.22.2014

  10. like is as in love
    tripped as we fell as rug
    pulled out from underneath
    cruel prank
    laughter from the gallery
    to which to wit to why not
    the focused unfurl
    trick like lies
    respected almost not so much

    By matty m on 07.22.2014

  11. I just got this word, i would like to see a different one please.

    A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to prank call our boyfriends, and her’s got really mad at us because he didn’t think it was funny. Mine thought it was really funny and played along with it.

    By Chelsea Martin on 07.22.2014

  12. she didn’t mean for it to end up inflating into a prank, but she couldn’t help but go along with what her friends were doing. as a rather clean cut student, she was at first very apprehensive – you don’t want to pull jokes on your teachers, after all. but she was quickly assured that nothing truly bad would end up happening to them and they’d just be getting a quick laugh. no harm would be done.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 07.22.2014

  13. all the world’s a stage
    and the stage is but a prank
    pulled by the string-pullers
    pulling your strings
    as a puppet you dance across this stage
    whether you be Romeo, Juliet, Polonius or just a page
    boy when you’re around
    I feel like it’s a prank
    my feelings are doused
    with doubt and lust
    love lost
    is but a prank

    By Eva URL on 07.22.2014

  14. I like to make pranks.

    By Hilquia URL on 07.22.2014

  15. me and my sister always play a prank on each other when we put a way the cups from the dishwasher and when we open the cuboored cups start to fall out

    By sarah on 07.22.2014

  16. She didn’t really know too much about it. But Sally Jackerbsen knew a lot about the football uniforms, the new ones, that she helped pick out. However that was nothing, she said, compared to the cheer squad uniforms that were going to shut everyone over at Mount Holly up. Combined the whole stadium would be a sea of purple and yellow, dazzling audiences on Friday nights. We didn’t have many questions for her. She didn’t want the prank to delay the pep rally.

    By DMM URL on 07.22.2014

  17. Maybe Thor’s coming to the library was a mundane prank – asking me to run lines with him, asking for dish soap, making excuses to come into the front office – maybe they were all designed to fuck with me.

    By Ella Emma Em on 07.22.2014

  18. I hate it when my brother plays his pranks. He does things ranging from putting toads in our toilets to taking all of my shaving cream and emptying the contents into the bathtub. I am absolutely sick of it.

    By Hayley on 07.22.2014

  19. I think the best prank I ever participated in was when we papered a house during senior prom. It was a blast. I don’t know whose house it was but I know that I was having a blast throwing rolls of toilet paper into the trees and watching it land. And it was actually a pretty sight when we were done. I wish that I had a camera at the time, but the only memory I have is in my mind.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 07.22.2014

  20. One day there was a prankster. He wanted to get his mom back for not letting him play video games. He went downstairs, and the joke was on him. Tune in tomorrow to see what happened to him as his foot touched the last stair

    By lauwree on 07.22.2014

  21. the house was full of energy, in just a few minuyites, it would be the 1st of april, people were locking themselves in rooms, some were hiding under beds. But at the end of the day, there will only be one victor, one who can out prank the others, and they will be the leader for the next year.

    By brinda short URL on 07.22.2014

  22. “It was a prank!” she screamed at me, her face bright red and the tears nearly turning to steam on her broiling cheeks. “It was a prank, and how dare you suggest it was anything more than that!”

    We were facing off in the living room like it was a battle zone, the carpet a symbol for no man’s land. On my side, my uncle and aunt, who had raised me ever since my parents had kicked me out. And my apparently not true lover, flanked by her Bible-bearing parents, ensuring that the battle would be brutal.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.22.2014

  23. I’ll never forget the first time I realized how unnecessarily cruel people could be. It was middle school. The spring dance was in a few weeks, and all I wanted was for my crush to ask me. When he finally did, I was thrilled. I called it my first date.
    He and his friends called it their best prank.

    By Emily URL on 07.22.2014

  24. destiny was not her friend. It seemed that every moment that passed, her face got redder and redder. Then the blood came out of her shoes. It was not much of a scare to her, but the others panicked and ran. The acid had eaten through the soles of her shoes, but the nerves had died long ago. She could not feel anything.

    By whaleofatale URL on 07.22.2014

  25. Slap him down
    and keep it frank
    catch ’em off guard
    keep it rank
    it’s behind you
    now it’s not
    funny to someone
    to the rest
    silly slapstick

    By Protean on 07.22.2014

  26. It was just a prank.
    That’s all it was, all it was ever supposed to be; just a harmless joke. Something they could all laugh about later, when they all sprawled on the floor of Jenna’s parents’ basement, drunk off cheap wine and even cheaper beer. Just another in a series of childish games that they’d been playing since they were actual children.
    It was just a PRANK.
    How’d it all turn out so wrong?

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 07.22.2014

  27. The prank went horribly wrong. Adrian and Henry stood over Alice while thirty feet away, Michael held Alice’s hand.

    By StatiKink URL on 07.22.2014

  28. Chanyeol loved using pranks as a ways to get to know people. Though he knew that people hated being tricked, if he could trick the right person, they wouldn’t mind being tricked. Or so he always thought to himself. What he didn’t know was that the more you prank someone, the more infatuated and attached you can be to them. So as he watched Baekhyun, his all time crush walk away without so much a ‘good luck’ or ‘good-bye’ after their graduation, he was left standing there with a broken heart.
    He was the one who had been pranked this whole time.

    By Christine on 07.22.2014

  29. I’ve never done a really great prank. The closest I’ve come is rickrolling my friends into going to (do not go there). I used to send things like, “hey our school just recruited the #3 QB in the country” and send a link that looked like ESPN, only to have them get meatspun. It’s been years since I’ve gotten my buddy with that. I might try again soon.

    By B URL on 07.22.2014

  30. I couldn’t breathe anymore. Something inside me was panicking and I was scared that I would lose my life. Their screaming and yelling stopped and rushed to my side, as if just realizing what they had done.
    “It was a prank! I’m so sorry!”
    Their hands rush to my face and I couldn’t remember what had happened next.

    By CTBOB URL on 07.22.2014

  31. Was it a joke
    The way you loved me
    A prank played upon a silly fool
    Were your friends waiting to hear
    The outcome of my tears
    The ending of our years together

    Was it pure jest
    That you laid upon my feet
    Filled with stars and rapture
    And glittering promises to keep
    To keep

    By Eileen Maki URL on 07.22.2014

  32. I don’t like pranks. I played one once. It didn’t turn out well. I tripped a girl think she would stumble and we would laugh. But she didn’t stumble, she fell and hit her knee on the hard floor. She had recent knee surgery. I felt aweful. The ambulance came to pick her up. No more pranks for me…ever.

    By Kim on 07.22.2014

  33. ha ha ha you just got pranked fol so what do i write why about this word

    By kassy URL on 07.22.2014

  34. You could get me to prank someone or maybe you won’t. I don’t really know. It has to be the moment or the feeling of that present time. I remember I did a lot of pranks back in middle school, oh man I was a prank master. I could still prank someone. I could.

    By theavidpatient URL on 07.22.2014

  35. It was just a prank, telling them that he’d been arrested. Of course. I mean, he wasn’t the type of person to get arrested, right? How could they have believed him? What did that say about him, about what they thought of him? Did they really believe he was phoning from the police station, that he’d been caught exposing himself in the library stacks? They really believed that? Really?

    By Kimberly URL on 07.22.2014

  36. prank
    well prank mean to do something to someone else
    and then just say oh it just a prank .

    “ha ha ha ha” as they laugh at me and this other girl
    they had just done something on my face when I was asleep. The teachers of the camp came looking for as but we were no where to be seen but some kids from our class must of seen as going away. “ when are you going and why ”they asked
    “They did this and why because i hate it here you now”.

    By kassy URL on 07.22.2014

  37. that was so hard don’t you think

    By kassy URL on 07.22.2014

  38. I thought it was a trick
    Your treat to me
    I am speechless sick
    Only leaving lost words
    I ship them out to sea
    To you
    Floating patiently to shore
    But my message melts to sand
    And I can not seem to keep my
    Head above water I’m dreading the
    Day I sink I’m thrashing trying to trap
    Air in my lungs my ankles feel like weights
    I have been waiting for you to hear me
    But I just keep fucking talking
    And sometimes I don’t even know
    If I’m saying things aloud or in my head
    Sometimes i will ask a question
    Clear as day
    To the person next to me
    And they just literally
    Do not respond
    I don’t want to always have to yell

    By stargirl URL on 07.22.2014

  39. prank? what why does this word keep appearing everywhere i go. Whether i am walking past the local shops the word PRANK somehow always seems to appear. For example the other day i was at school when out of nowhere the teacher writes the word prank on the board.

    By f on 07.22.2014

  40. It was the best prank she ever pulled. Possibly, also the meanest. And the one that takes up the most space in my brain. Because, I believe it led to the death of Charlotte Lee. It all started with a road trip. And a can of tuna. And also, faux chrysanthemums. But that’s not the point. The point is she’s dead, becuase of this stupid, stupid prank.

    By Lynnika URL on 07.22.2014