August 22nd, 2014

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55 Responses to “pleading”

  1. And there I was again, below her tread, pleading. Please don’t leave me, please love me, I’ll stay here, I’ll stop. I’ll do whatever she wants. I can’t understand what she is saying, but my mind fills in the blanks with ‘you are the most pathetic man I have ever met’.

    But this time, I don’t wait for permission to stand.

    By a terrible poet URL on 08.23.2014

  2. She looks at me with her pleading eyes, begging me not to leave. Tears welled up in her eyes, as her eyelashes hung low and heavy with teardrops after every blink. They ran like rivers down her heart-shaped face, a beautiful face now creased in grief and sadness. I could not wipe away her tears because my hands were immovably wrapped around her, in reciprocation to her own tight clutch on me. Her delicate hands showed a surprising amount of strength (or was it due to desperation?) as she grasped the lapels of my coat. “Please, don’t go- you don’t have to!” she cried out in a choked voice, roughened by tears. She looked into my eyes again, but the words could not come out of her mouth when she realized that I had already made my decision. More tears dropped down her face in streams, and she held back her sobs and buried her tear-streaked face in my chest. I gave her a tighter embrace as her body trembled with every breath she took. ‘Don’t cry for me,’ I wanted to say. ‘I’m sorry, forgive me…’ But I couldn’t. I couldn’t because she had every right to cry and because it wasn’t my fault that I was being forced to leave. Whose fault was it then? The war’s? The peoples’ who have started this conflict that has already taken so many lives and continue to do so? I couldn’t comfort her with lies or excuses- I could only grip her tighter and hope that it was good enough. After a long moment of unspoken words and silence, I said those words- words that were laden with finality.
    “I have to go.”
    She lifted her face and looked at me. Her tears had stopped, but I could see them trying to burst through and escape freely again. Seeing her face messy with tears, I blurted out the first words that came out of my mouth. (Who cares about a filter right now?) “Smile for me,” I said. She blinked at me and just stared. Then her mouth quirked into a small smile, and she giggled. (I will never forget that charming sound for the rest of my life.) I grinned back at her, and lightly kissed her forehead. (If I kissed her on the lips, I don’t think I would be able to leave.) Sighing softly, she loosened her hold on my lapels; small imprints of her hands remained on them.
    I did not say goodbye. A goodbye would mean a possibility of never seeing each other again. A goodbye would mean the end. So I said the words that I hoped would be more suitable. “I’ll see you soon, my love.”

    By Nuinui URL on 08.23.2014

  3. Do you remember pleading with Mum at 1 in the morning that you didn’t really need to go to sleep? I don’t. I guess these are the things you only learn after someone’s gone.
    “Oh yes, she was always like that”
    “I knew this was coming”.
    If they knew any of this rubbish was going to come then what on Earth made them think it was okay?

    By Audrey Lowe URL on 08.23.2014

  4. He was pleading with the universe to help him get his shit together but it was just not gonna happen until let go of the pain and resentment he had for others.

    By trkstr67 URL on 08.23.2014

  5. All Pleading for the release of the dog was in vain, as the land owner sought redress from the damage caused by the dog after it had attacked his sheep as they grazed on the open field.

    By victor URL on 08.23.2014

  6. I will not plead, or beg. I am not a dog, and I won’t grovel at your feet for scraps. Besides, you’re the only bitch here.

    By John Doe on 08.23.2014

  7. “Oh, Please!” She yelled over her shoulder as she stormed down the back stairway and crawled into her Jeep. She roared out of the parking lot with one hand on the steering wheel and the other cramming the combination of Adderol and Xanax down her throat.
    She would text him later, from HIS bed, and plead forgiveness.
    Peas belong in pea pods, not in carrot patches.

    By ZBooty URL on 08.23.2014

  8. “No! You can’t do this, please!” She pleaded, wondering how in the world they could see fit to doing something so atrocious. It wasn’t fair to her, or to her girlfriend. “I’ll do anything!”
    “Anything?” He repeated, turning on his heel to face for. “Careful what you promise, girl.”

    By Ianna Douglas URL on 08.23.2014

  9. she begged her not to fall into the trap but she was caught by pretty lies and words of silk, and his lips tasted so perfectly lovely on hers

    By evelyn on 08.23.2014

  10. she was so sure he would walk away and he was so sure she wouldn’t say anything, but she fell to her knees and it was then that he smiled because now he knew she was wrapped up in his lies and around his little finger.

    By ari URL on 08.23.2014

  11. It seems like this is what I do every day. Pleading. With myself. with other. I must stop pleading and simply ask.

    By helen on 08.23.2014

  12. You fall, again and again and again in her dreams. You reach out for her, to tell her that you’re all right, that what she saw never happened and never will, cannot happen to one so powerful as you, but you can’t. Instead you spend you nights in her dreams pleading with her to realize that there’s no reason to be trapped in the past.

    By Seth URL on 08.23.2014

  13. I sat with my knees bare on those granite floors for over a year till the skin wore through the fabric and I was as skinny as a twig. Most bow before the lord who say he’s God but I knelled. I begged like so many for an answer, pleading for a purpose.

    By Eric Harrell URL on 08.23.2014

  14. Wenn ich nur wüsste, wo ich meine Brille – ah, da ist sie ja! Wo du dich immer rumtreibst, mein kleines Nasenfahrrad! Nun denn, es ist an der Zeit, weiter zu machen. Frankenstein baut sich ja nicht von selbst! Ha, das wird ein Spaß!

    By chRIsTinA URL on 08.23.2014

  15. Oh if I can only find a way to get my mother to understand why I need that computer. I keep pleading with her but she does not listen. A mac laptop is one of the best computers one can have. You rarely have to worry about getting a virus or loosing all your documents and pictures.

    By Diane on 08.23.2014