April 2nd, 2014

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67 Responses to “overt”

  1. Overt means friendly. I really think that I am overt. Many students though are not overt. Maggie Fitzgerald for example is not very overt at all.

    By Emily Johnson on 04.02.2014

  2. Being overt can be a very good personality quality. Someone who is overt has a good personality and is very outgoing. The opposite of overt would be being quiet and very reserved.

    By Maggie Fitzgerald on 04.02.2014

  3. overt? like, an overt glance. a sneaky glance? an overly sneaky glance? i had donuts this morning, which share 2 letters with this ambiguous word. yeah i don’t clearly know what ‘overt’ means. guess i’ll find out soon though.

    By Alex Light URL on 04.02.2014

  4. I hope people think I’m overt. People who are out for musical are very overt. Lonely people aren’t overt. Comedians are very overt.

    By Nate Yetmar URL on 04.02.2014

  5. I don’t know what overt means.

    By Emily Johnson on 04.02.2014

  6. People that i know that go to this school are usually overt.

    By Tanner Howelll on 04.02.2014

  7. The overt glare of the sun shining on the pistol nearly blinded him. He stared not at the gun, but its holder.

    By 709 on 04.02.2014

  8. Oh I don’t know if I like this word. I automatically turned it into adverb:
    but now I am thinking “inadvertently” which is an unrelated word
    I rely too heavily upon adverbs, and I know that is a sign of shotty writing.

    By Haley URL on 04.02.2014

  9. In the Fault in Our Stars, the two main characters Hazel and Gus would be considered the least overt people. They don’t enjoy the company of strangers and it seems that their world revolves around them and no one else. Hazel, in particular does not want to go to her cancer support group in fear of having to share her feelings and express herself.

    By Tara Ferguson on 04.02.2014

  10. I am overtly aware of how disgusting I look today. I am invertly unaware of how he thinks about it. Interesting how we perceive each other…him to me and me to him…what could he possibly be attracted to? What kind of miracle is this?

    By Alex URL on 04.02.2014

  11. I am not overt.

    By Tara Ferguson on 04.02.2014

  12. am i too overt with you?
    or am i really being honest?

    why do we live in a world where it’s unacceptable to express how we feel?

    By sarah marie URL on 04.02.2014

  13. we measure someone’s worth by how much we have invested.
    add up all the figures, pay up only what’s suggested.
    each person has a value, an expense they represent
    when he died, we only noticed because he hadn’t paid the rent.

    By Carly URL on 04.02.2014

  14. It was a covert affair. I felt as sneaky as a snake avoiding the sun but i was never to be revealed. Though i couldn’t hide my feelings they were plainly overt. It was as if the silence was have a screaming match with my mind but backed down last minute leaving my thoughts in open air. Revealed yet concealed i lay there like a oasis in the middle of a desert waiting to be discovered but never to be found.

    By RealitySpeaks on 04.02.2014

  15. The way she looked at me, as if she knew exactly what she was doing. The way she left her bag on the floor, like the floor was myself and the bag was the wright of her being there, the weight of her presence – the way she looked at me as if I could have been a friend of hers, the way she walked away, as if there was somewhere really important for her to get to, as if there was anywhere else worth walking towards but here.

    By crabmuffins URL on 04.02.2014

  16. The gesture wasn’t overt, but just enough of a wink accompanied it that Meredith was pretty sure she’d gotten hold of a live one. She had almost a sixth sense when it came to identifying a mark, Brendan had told her. It was a big compliment, coming from him.

    By Mexichick URL on 04.02.2014

  17. im telling a story that’s already been told
    i don’t cared if its a thousand years old
    excuse me if im being overt
    forgive me if your feelings are heart
    but i have something im dying to say
    if only if only this feeling would go away
    i could once be at peace
    If the madness would cease
    well i guess ill just suck it up and speak my truth
    I must confess it has stained my youth
    My life is twisted like a braid
    There’s the riddle, feel betrayed?

    By SheHasSpoken on 04.02.2014

  18. She was an overt listener and allowed people to tell her what they knew about a certain subject or a specific person. But she didn’t like it. She loved to learn but she hated it, as well. Her life was a contradiction, and she hated it, yet she loved the feel of it.

    By Bristol URL on 04.02.2014

  19. It was obvious, what he was going for. Too cool for school, too hip to try. Maybe that’s what he saw in his reflection, but the people around him knew better. Too scared to try, to afraid of failure.

    By Beth A URL on 04.02.2014

  20. PSSSST. What’s the answer to number one?

    The kid with the fake French accent sat next to me in Chemistry class when he transferred in March of my junior year. Prejudice be damned: this kid was a dumbass.

    By asavas URL on 04.02.2014

  21. let’s keep this between us.
    let’s let it hang.
    long and awkward and not
    quite the right amount of space.
    It dangles and the bucket
    wobbles again.
    i am in danger of letting you have this one.
    but i will have myself.
    take your fucking rope.

    By Kairn URL on 04.02.2014

  22. Masked and covered he usually was. He hid his true self with a disguise of poverty and weakness.
    “How could this be our king” where the whispers often spoken in the homes of secret closed doors. Armies came to take the king away, surely this was the time to be overt. Off came the ear of the enemy – be still spoke the king. “Who is the king? Who is in control? Who is to be slain?” Asked the enemies. “I am” spoke the king, in a voice of rumbling rapids, his mask on the floor. He now totally unveiled – light shone brighter than any star. Every man lay on the floor as if dead. Back on the king put on his mask, he gave himself over to them.

    By Jose on 04.02.2014

  23. i feel like i have opened my body and light is filtering out. i am dancing round a lightbulb because it is night time outside. i will only live for 24 hours and i think it is obvious that the colour is rubbing from my wings. i left traces of it on your cheek whilst you were sleeping. will you look in the mirror today?

    By Katia URL on 04.02.2014

  24. overt. That took way too long to type; I was typing in DVORAK
    It is fun but also terrifyingly difficult

    By mack on 04.02.2014

  25. it’s overtly displayed, but it’s important, it’s dear to you—so overt, though, that it could be fake, it could be hiding in plain sight. Or it could not be. It’s difficult to say, but all the same you’ve never been able to give up the doubts that you carry around all day, every day, to everyone.

    By Jessica URL on 04.02.2014

  26. I love softball I am a catcher and a first base player I love GOD I love my family and my friends I like school

    By browningky3 URL on 04.02.2014

  27. “Her feelings are pretty overt, man,” the barista told me, referring to her coworker, who stood in the corner with her back turned as she repeatedly washed the same glass in the sink.

    I sighed. “I’m flattered,” I said. “Really, I am. But I’m happily taken.”

    The barista shrugged. “Anything could change.”

    “And I plan to propose to her,” I added sternly.

    “Still, anything could change.”

    “Like your attitude?” I sneered.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.02.2014

  28. He tried everything he could to make his hatred for her very overt and obvious. Despite his attempts, she was dumb struck with love for him, and thought he reciprocated her feelings. She was anticipating a wedding soon. Eventually, he left to another country without notice, leaving no trail behind, and she got the message.

    By Amanda URL on 04.02.2014

  29. After the welcome speech by the department manager, everybody went back to work, but it soon became clear that there was an overt attitude of hostility towards him, an anger, that far exceeded the sense of rivalry he had expected from his co-workers.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.02.2014

  30. She flashed me a grin and winked. I smiled back, not sure how to respond to such an overt gesture. She disappeared for a moment as someone moved between us. When I side stepped to bring her back into view, she wasn’t there. Then I saw her, moving through the crow towards me.

    By _Kate_ URL on 04.02.2014

  31. Overt your eyes. Something suspicious is happening over here. My face burns as I stand closer to the fire, closer, closer still as he beckons me forward. One more step and I’ll be in the flames. The voices cry louder and louder. Breathing deeply, I look at him with a smirk and take the action I know will end my wretched life.

    By Hailey URL on 04.02.2014

  32. Was it that obvious? All this time blind and running in the wrong direction? I love you I love you I chant but it isn’t enough. I want to hold you, beg you to stay but nothing comes but those dreamless nightmare that plague my mind. When did I fall, when did we let go? It’s hard to say goodbye when there is no one to hear you

    By Spark URL on 04.02.2014

  33. before I head out,
    so you have something from me to read

    perp etrator
    strange craters cats craft creation
    a mention to the callers
    balling, balling
    stuck straight
    running with diamons
    in hands, and the ears
    where they once were?
    Daggers dangling

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 04.02.2014

  34. I chuckled at my Mom’s overt attempts to set me up with a last-minute date for the Winter Dance this Friday. She’s sweet, not gonna lie––but really, I wasn’t interested in hanging out with a bunch of kids whose focus was only going to be getting wasted or banging people they didn’t even take to the dance with them.
    No, that’s not my style. I’d rather curl up in front of the fireplace and read a good book.

    By AJ Kenobi on 04.02.2014

  35. since my face does any talking for me
    my expressions tend to be overt
    and i am learning
    to find joy in that

    By lily URL on 04.02.2014

  36. There was an overt hostility present in the room and she was intent on leaving as soon as the doors opened.

    By Analisa URL on 04.02.2014

  37. Wide open no wall to hide behind. Here I am for all to see and to believe. Covert is not where I’m at, stay in the open and be there for all to see.

    By James Foster URL on 04.02.2014

  38. An overt personality, thats what I used to be. Always wanting to tell more about myself and ready to experience new things. Except now, it has turned into constantly having my head buried in work and worries. Always wanting to succeed, never wanting to fail. Feeling lost in my own skin and as if nothing is ever good enough. Amazing how something can change you or how those who have left you still have an impact and make you feel insignificant.

    By Theresa on 04.02.2014

  39. Cancel me out, hear me out. There for all to see and hear. Hide no more and hit you over the head blunt trauma. A direct blow, a shot in the face.

    By Protean URL on 04.02.2014

  40. Mister please come and make me better, Mister that rusty crowbar you keep in the backyard garage if you could just pry open my rib cage I have forgotten what color my heart has turned. Mister don’t worry about breaking bones, perfection is not a necessity I only want to be seen.

    By Brooke Fowler URL on 04.02.2014