August 5th, 2014

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55 Responses to “nobody”

  1. Nobody. Nobody cared for little Agatha Christie. She sat in her room with her books and her poems, and slowly, inside her mind, twisted visions of the future and past grew and grew. She knew all that she would come to be. She picked up a pen.

    By Alec Doerksen on 08.05.2014

  2. She was selfish and worthless – her mother had told her plenty of times, and her father made no objections to the harsh facts. It was the truth. She had come to accept it – what else could she do?

    By Caitlin URL on 08.05.2014

  3. hello are u a nobody… No I don’t think u are because do u know what a nobody is? I don’t think u do a nobody is a nobody.

    By Ally on 08.05.2014

  4. Once upon a time, there was nobody. And nobody cared about me. I loved nobody. I hated nobody. Nobody held me. Nobody talked to me, confused in me. And one day, he told me what his name had been before he was nobody.

    By Suzy on 08.05.2014

  5. Nobody is as nobody does. Nobody can see. Nobody can hear. Nobody is watching. Nobody loves me. Nobody is caring. Nobody holds me.

    By Suzy URL on 08.05.2014

  6. The person who I don’t see because I am too absorbed in myself to notice. It is the ghost of my former and future self that hides in the shadows. Out of sight out of mind. When someone asks me who I am looking at, I respond quite simply, “Nobody.” I don’t let anyone in, not until I can make some sense out of what is going on in this chaotic place I call my mind.

    By Dave URL on 08.05.2014

  7. We’re drifting apart and we both feel it. Yet we’re just sitting here letting it happen. Our friendship was supposed to be eternal. Why do I feel it nearing the end? I don’t understand. Sure, we’re both growing older, and maybe the age difference is finally catching up to us. Nobody could break us apart before. We told each other everything, EVERYTHING. Do you remember that? When did all of this change? I hate it, but I’m not stopping it and neither are you. Nobody knew me better than you. Nobody understood you like I did. Now I feel like I’m just a nobody to you…

    By Junco URL on 08.05.2014

  8. “Are you okay?”

    “Nobody asked you!” I snapped, before I realized who was talking to me. She had apparently just emerged from the bathroom stall, her dark hair tied in a ponytail and her face stoic.

    “Oh.” I exhaled. “I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t know…”

    “It’s okay,” she said. “I figured you were stressed out. Anything I can do?”

    “Rewind the last three months of my life?”

    She smirked. “Something I can do that works with the laws of physics, Kathryn.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.05.2014

  9. Oneself once before but now someone.

    By William on 08.05.2014

  10. whereof there is not hope, no light, no doors,
    we see ourselves as nobodies, denial is the essence of doubt,
    forsoothe, a vigilante of faith only lets such devour thee,
    he, or she, or it, whether reptile, bug, plant, or seed
    one shut door is closer to an open door,
    a house with knobs and locks lining up to the top of the door hinges,
    I pursue to continue to strive to combat,
    I turn open another door knob!

    By Milad URL on 08.05.2014

  11. No body nobody. That’s what they called him. That’s what he felt like. After the war left him with so little left to himself, he felt not only physically destroyed, but his self esteem was as low a what warranted those cruel names from the neighborhood kids. He didn’t see that there was much of any point in trying anymore. He didn’t even care enough to want to die. He just passed the time mostly by himself.

    By suezn on 08.05.2014

  12. She was a nobody, at least that is what she felt like. People told her otherwise all the time, but she could never really believe them. Inside she yearned to believe that she was somebody.

    By Sapphire on 08.05.2014

  13. I was a nobody. Just leaning against the wall, taking in the scene. Loud music, loud people. Too much sweat and heat and general stickiness. Why was I here again? Oh yeah – because that was my job. Blend in and be a nobody. That way the attack is a surprise.

    By Kristina URL on 08.05.2014

  14. nobody
    can pretend
    to see
    but only they
    that know this
    can be
    wiser than he
    that doesn’t
    see me

    By katiekieran URL on 08.05.2014

  15. Everybody is a nobody in theory. Right now I’m nobody. You have to be nobody before you become somebody. The key to life is figuring out what makes you feel valuable, what makes you escape nobodyism. It can be a person, a career, or over something right out of a fantasy

    By cynicalsteve URL on 08.05.2014

  16. My life had become a cascade of c.onstant boring routines. It was like I was screaming from inside and nobody cared to listen

    By Okpuzor Blessing URL on 08.05.2014

  17. Nobody wanted to hear your story, nobody wanted to hold your hand. Nobody wanted to send you a smile or help you to your feet to stand. Nobody wept, nobody cried, until the day nobody wanted to watch you die.

    By Emmy Fow on 08.05.2014

  18. There was nobody on the bridge as she slowed to a stop. Her sneakers squished along the rain-soaked timbers. She dropped her elbows over the railing and ducked her head. Her breath still pulsed quickly out of her chest as the water slipped smoothly away below her.

    By Kristin URL on 08.05.2014

  19. What do you do when you feel like nobody? Other people’s eyes slide right past me. I am average, invisible because I hide so well. Everything shocking about me is too tragic, too personal to share. Even my self-destructive habits are average. When I said I was stepping out for a cigarette, you expressed surprise. “You don’t look like a smoker,” you said. “You don’t look like that.” And I didn’t know how to respond, to be honest. What do you say to that? I guess I just don’t look like myself. I look like nobody.

    By rito URL on 08.05.2014

  20. nobody was in the street but him, the man of the hotel. he walked down crossing the square and reached the seaside. the sound of the water on the beach. this is what he was listening, only imagining the scene only because it was dark.

    By sam on 08.05.2014

  21. my mother language is italian. so, sorry if my english sentences are not correct 100%. thanks.

    By sam on 08.05.2014

  22. I am nobody. Sometimes that is how I feel. Like there is nobody inside of me, when really there is plenty inside of me. But sometimes I’m empty. Everyone inside scurries away and then nobody is home. That is an odd feeling. a feeling of vacancy. Of emptiness.

    By Crystal URL on 08.05.2014

  23. nobody was around, only that man of the hotel. that was a good time for walking in the quiet, no noise, no people screaming, the man was thinking. only a dog stopped to watch for a moment then went away again.

    By sam URL on 08.05.2014

  24. I feel like a nobody when I call my friends and they don’y answer. I feel like a nobody when my boyfriend breaks up with me with no real explanation. I feel like a nobody when I have so much to give and I give it all and don’t get anything in return. I feel like a nobody when my parents kick me out of my room. I feel like a nobody. I am a nobody.

    By Sierra URL on 08.05.2014

  25. The noise was at once beautiful and yet silently it eroded my ability to create. In the busy city there are so many opportunities, yet I find my self wishing myself alone, with nobody. #oznolem #oneword #nobody

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.05.2014

  26. be not nobody, they tell us all. be somebody to remember, to sing about, someone of note and worth and character. but they never tell us what happened to the multitudes who never learned to be not nobody.

    By Mana on 08.05.2014

  27. Nobody has looked into my eyes, held me close until the morning, kissed my head and touched my heart like you. Nobody has made me this happy, smiled so sweetly or laughed the way you do. There truly is nobody like you.

    By t URL on 08.05.2014

  28. nobody ever looked for her. she was like the air, everywhere but invisible. she existed, observing all and hearing all, but was never involved and nobody could recall her. she knew everyone and everything, names places favorite colors, but when others were asked about her, all they could say was “who?”

    By FB URL on 08.05.2014

  29. Nobody did it.

    Nobody had to do the sorts of awkward, menial tasks that no person else would take. And nobody was getting tired of it.

    By a terrible poet URL on 08.05.2014

  30. She was a nobody. That was the only way to describe her. There wasn’t a single person that had ever needed her, or wanted to be associated with her. She stopped believing in love when her parents got divorced, and because of her…weirdness…boys acted like she was the plague. Undateable. Kooky. Unattractive.

    But things changed when Antonio came into her life.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 08.05.2014

  31. You are given an algebraic equation. It’s called existence. You are N, the variable representing “nobody.” The ultimate solution is purpose. Your job is to narrow down the other numbers and variables, through process of elimination, to get to the solution, or get ruled out yourself. Find purpose, or die trying.

    By Steven P. URL on 08.05.2014

  32. Somebody without a name
    same place
    old place
    anyone to blame
    here it goes
    one more time
    take a walk down the path
    of timeless
    limitless mind

    By Protean on 08.05.2014

  33. “Why’re you doing this? I…I’m nothing, nobody. Just another orphan from Red Alley,”
    She smiled and, though the gesture couldn’t be called ‘soft’ by any stretch of the imagination, it WAS reassuring. “Oh no, darling. You…are so much more,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.05.2014

  34. I feel alone. I feel like an outcast. I feel ignored. I overwhelmed but I feel nothing. By feeling nothing I feel like a nobody. And by being nobody I can be anybody. And by anybody I can be everything.

    By Camila Ch. URL on 08.05.2014

  35. Nobody comes to mind when I think of love.
    Nobody comes to help when I ask for one.
    Nobody laughs with me.
    Nobody loves me.
    Nobody but me.

    By Lei URL on 08.05.2014

  36. ff

    By nicole URL on 08.05.2014

  37. nobody filled up my skin the way you did
    with something empty but breathable
    so I felt like I could float
    (for the first time, really)
    until you left and left nothing inside me
    and my skin wrapped around me again, unceremonious
    and I was nobody like I was before you showed up

    By caitlinmonster URL on 08.05.2014

  38. I was nobody when I was born, and I died as nobody. I looked my entire life, and somebodyhood never came to me. I don’t regret anything, but when people look at my life, they just don’t know how to tell what from what. I feel sad for them. I was happy and they never quite understood how someone who was no one could find happiness.

    By Jake on 08.06.2014

  39. nobody. i am a nobody. nobody loves me and nobody wants to be my friend. nobody is there. i am alone. nobody can help me. i hate being nobody. i am tired of being nobody. nobody cares and nobody ever will.

    By Macy on 08.06.2014

  40. The little boy nearly missed the tiny, shivering kitten that sat in the shade of the tree beside the old house. The tiny movement caught his eye and he crouched next to the animal, which stared up at him through gooey eyes. “Aw, kitty,” he said, patting its’ head.

    By Excruciata URL on 08.06.2014