September 29th, 2014

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109 Responses to “never”

  1. Never again will I decide to take the train. I mean its dirty and the people, oh don’t get me started about the people. They’re rude and obnoxious and I managed to meet one of the worst ones yet. And yet here we are getting coffee anyway. Maybe that never will just have to wait.

    By Yvonne on 09.29.2014

  2. Ever.

    By Intuition URL on 09.29.2014

  3. nevermore there is nothing everything is gone even though nothing essentially changes, this is a signifier of the lack of presence within a sentence, the comunication of lack of information within the construct of a larger idea form. The signi

    By Nathaniel on 09.29.2014

  4. Why was never such a strong word? It’s just one word, five letters. And yet it had so much meaning. Why never? Can someone ever really stay true to it? I mean never is a long time.

    By Yvonne URL on 09.29.2014

  5. Ha. Sure, that’s what you think now. But I know better. I know that fifteen years down the road, when you’re haggard, worn, and your biological clock’s winding down, you’ll begin to realize what I’ve known all along; ‘never’ is a very, very long time.

    By Tea URL on 09.29.2014

  6. never have I ever tried things that I am scared of. I am scared bc I am scred and it makes me immovabele very scared. never have I said never I am not justin beiber no no no never Never is a world that protects but never is also a word thatscars

    By Abby on 09.29.2014

  7. No, never. I never ever will. It never will happen. No, not ever. Never.

    You can hold my hand, but your skin will sting. It will never ever happen. Not ever. Never.

    You can try to kiss me, but your lips will feel like cold wax against cold wax. I am not interested in the frigidity of your grip. Never. I never will be. Not ever.

    I have love of my own. And you will never ever understand it. Not ever. Which is a damn shame.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.29.2014

  8. Never will I ever do that again. The embarasmant, the shame! How could i have let them just GO like that, without even a proper goodbye or a kiss on the cheek. When will the world know how to change this thing if i vant even. I am not sure how to put this lightly but now, i am a complete failure, i will never live to learn again.

    By Anonymous on 09.29.2014

  9. This wasn’t supposed to happen.
    I remember mother telling me as a child, “Never go near that place, Dolly. Never.”
    But it happened, damn that Paul and his twinkling eyes and charming smile. Damn him leading me into the woods.

    By Drodi on 09.29.2014

  10. Never leave me.
    Stay forever, in our bed.
    Let’s melt together.
    Our minds mingle.

    By Anna on 09.29.2014

  11. never have i felt so alive, and yet so sad
    never have i loved so strongly, and had my heartbroken so painfully,
    never will i be able to have you, entirely.
    never will i forget you, nor let our memories slip away.
    never will i say goodbye.

    By Cassandra on 09.29.2014

  12. Ill never go anywhere. Ill never do anything. Ill become a mom of 3 kids in a house with a part time job and a dead soul. NO. I refuse to never do anything . I will do everything. I will laugh, cry, bleed, die and I will always do everything. You can’t contain me with never.

    By Emma on 09.29.2014

  13. Somewhere in that living room I heard a quivering, yet stern word of instruction escape from my mother’s clenched teeth: “Never, never let your cat climb out that window again.”

    By asavas URL on 09.29.2014

  14. Never. Never is such a negative work. Jamais. Never ever. It’s strong like hate, angry, defiant. Never I will never. I would never do that. Really? It sounds pretty defensive, untrue, there is more to be said when someone says never. More to challenge. You won’t ever you’re restricting yourself, why would anyone want to limit their possibilities. Freedom is a right that shouldn’t ever be taken

    By EMW on 09.29.2014

  15. Never say never. Never say always. Those are the only two acceptable uses for the word never. I never say this out loud, but I always think it. Shit.

    By Joe Madsen on 09.29.2014

  16. I try to never say never because when ever I do say never, I always end up doing what I said that I would never do. Never is so final, so ending…it leaves no room for possibilities.

    By dk URL on 09.29.2014

  17. She never should’ve allowed herself to fall so much in love. It seemed stupid, like she was a lovesick damsel in a cheesy romance novel. She didn’t want to be lovesick, nor a damsel…and this was real life! But, of course, the fact of the matter was that she was sitting in her living room, waiting to announce her fourth child. Four children with this man.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 09.29.2014

  18. Never take for granted what you have
    Never let the pain of today destroy the good in tomorrow
    Never let your light flicker out
    Burn bright until the day you die

    By untamedimagination URL on 09.29.2014

  19. “Never have I ever…kissed anyone.” Condescending giggles bubbled into my ears as I felt my cheeks redden.
    “I can fix that.”
    My head whipped around as a caught sight of Ethan, a devilish smirk plastered across that chiseled face of his.

    By Kumquat URL on 09.29.2014

  20. As you smile up at me on bended knee, I feel the tears caress my cheeks as though to comfort me after I wake up and realize that this is only a dream and this will never be me.

    By Franchesca URL on 09.29.2014

  21. I never though life would be like this. I had idolized the future, but every day that I go, I realize that it’s going to be a long and tedious task to follow my dreams. Years of struggling will hopefully lead to years of success. But what do we measure success as? Money? Love? Family? Happiness? Our society’s definition doesn’t make sense to me. Do I go against the flow of drones or turn around and fight the current?

    By foost URL on 09.29.2014

  22. I never wanted to do this. I never, ever wanted to stand alone in a room only accompanied by the corpse of my beloved husband, but here I am and there’s really no turning back. I knew I had to burn the body, get rid of the evidence as soon as possible, but in the crisp white room, blood was blinding within contrast. There was nothing else to do but tell them the truth. Though, they would never believe me.

    By Assassin URL on 09.29.2014

  23. There’s a raven in my heart
    and it croaks of Poe and death,
    though not necessarily in that order.

    The eyes, oh the eyes, calling for
    destruction from the points of scavengers
    sadistic enough to pluck them from the dying.

    and we are kin, for she has crows
    within her throat–eyes for saving
    but teeth for tearing, as the birdsong
    erupts from all of us.

    my ribcage collapses in a heap of featherdust.

    (nevermore, scream I, oh god, please, nevermore.)

    By Pandatry URL on 09.29.2014

  24. Jesus never sinned

    By tyler URL on 09.29.2014

  25. I was sure I would never do it. 12 years. There was nobody in all that time that even made me come close to doing it. Then he came along. It was so wrong. Half my age. So hot. My days were spent thinking about him, until it came to a breaking point.

    By B on 09.29.2014

  26. Never in a million years will i change for him. Never in a million years will I change for anyone. I am me, and anyone who cant come to that realization on their own, will never have a chance with me.

    By bo on 09.29.2014

  27. “Never.” She says to the man in front of her as she kissed him under the tree.” Never , I will leave you.”

    By Miko Fullbuster on 09.29.2014

  28. I never thought anything like this could happen. Relationships can twist so fast, unnoticed. Pay more attention next time. Everything was there. Never say never

    All things can end.

    By elizabeth on 09.29.2014

  29. He shifted in his seat to be facing her more directly. “I will never leave you. Understand that! I may not be by your side every day, but I will always be with you, in my heart. In your heart too, as long as you want me there. I will always love you, and nothing will ever change that.”
    As he stared at her intently, she looked out the window for a few seconds, then turned to him and smiled.
    “Thanks, Dad, I know. I love you too.”
    She got out of the car and walked into the station. That was the last time he ever saw her.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 09.29.2014

  30. Never again. he promised he wouldn’t fucking do this. he promsied. never agian. i would never trust anyone again. He can’t do this to me. he can’t have this much power over me. No. I refuse. Never. Never. Never. I promised myself I wouldn’t let him, or anyone do that to me, but I’m such a dumb bitch, I fell for it again. I can’t do this anymore.

    By Noah Debruyn URL on 09.29.2014

  31. never in my life i will do something that will make me stress in the future, never will i give up on my dreams, for if i stress it distracts me on what i want.

    By cody URL on 09.29.2014

  32. I never wanted this.
    I never sat up at night praying for it. I certainly never begged whatever Gods may be for such a curse to weigh me down. This burden claimed me unaware, and at first hid beneath a guise of wonder. Tempting, so enticingly beautiful was the world around me, my very spirit changed within me! I drank it in, hardly aware of a slow burning that began to rise in my throat. Flowers had never before been so succulent, so fragrant and alive as they now appeared before my new eyes. Hours I spent content to traipse through the bustling nature surrounding me, but the flame licking my throat was becoming ever more insistent as time passed on. It soon consumed me, and my delight shriveled beneath the heat of that fire. Birds screamed at me, driving knives through me; so loud I could almost see it.
    What happened next was not of my own volition, and I can only attribute it to some basic, primitive instinct that had awoken due to my recent metamorphosis. I was a predator; there is no other word for it. I coiled, I sprang! I took a bird in my hand, a bird which I had snatched from flight with hardly a thought about it! This pitiful creature trilled desperately as it found itself ensnared in my grip, and at least I can say that it did not suffer in fear for long. My mind was no longer dictating my body, and I found my newly sharp canines buried in the thing’s feeble neck, which cracked beneath the pressure of my ravenous jaws. Hardly a drop escaped my lips, and those that did were lapped up soon after I had drained my measly meal.

    By Samara Collett on 09.29.2014

  33. when will it ever be
    some time beyond reason
    beyond eternity
    going on forever
    without bounds
    without air
    take all care
    all space
    boundless travel

    By Protean URL on 09.29.2014

  34. “They did everything they could for you,”
    “They never did ANYTHING for me,” she snarled, “It was never about me, Ilena. Never, not ONCE. It was about YOU; it was ALWAYS about you,”
    The younger Trevane shook her head. “Our parents LOVED you, sister,”
    “They locked me away!” she exclaimed, words weighted with bitterness, “Whoever that was for, it wasn’t me,”
    “They did what they thought was best,” she said, shrugging slightly, “I can’t help that they were wrong,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 09.29.2014

  35. ‘Never have I ever…’
    Game’s getting tougher as you grow up and out. It’s stopped being a breathy giggle cross-legged in the shag carpeting, now. It’s a drawn sigh and a tally of things unachieved.

    By Tea URL on 09.29.2014

  36. You met me at a strange time in my life
    Marla Singer.
    Isn’t it nightmarish when people only point with
    dirty fingers?

    By Marissa URL on 09.29.2014

  37. Never again.
    I say that all the time.
    But I don’t mean it.
    I can’t mean it.
    You’re in my head.
    I can’t shake you.
    I can’t.
    So I say never
    And you nod and agree.
    But we’ll just keep going
    and going.
    Until we say never again.

    By Tabitha URL on 09.29.2014

  38. i slid upon the same globe you disappeared between the lines of. if i’d known you had not intended to come back, i’d have shut the door behind you. i’d have thought twice before getting the “welcome home” decorations.

    By sunnysuraj URL on 09.29.2014

  39. so there’s a time where there will
    never to be.
    i’m afraid that this will be the last time
    we speak in hypotheticals
    because tomorrow the cement will dry
    and we will be forced to be
    to be
    and never allowed to be me.

    By Kairn URL on 09.29.2014

  40. Never. Never do I want to see them cry. Never do I want to see them hurt.

    But never would I ask them not to.

    By Iceman on 09.29.2014