March 27th, 2014

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59 Responses to “motivated”

  1. To have a strong reason to do an action. Tends to be an incriminating factor in trials.

    By spamunwanted on 03.27.2014

  2. How to get motivated? A self help to make you productive and passive. A motivation to make you better worker, a motivation to make you better slave. All those motivation speeches give me a bore, learned and not thought out, they make you think why am I here? Why do I listen to this?

    By Ivan URL on 03.27.2014

  3. Motivated to win. That’s what he was. I asked if he wanted to enter the contest. Sure, he said, he was thinking about it. But then he wasn’t sure he wanted to put the work in if he won to get to the next level. I hadn’t thought that far. To me being in the contest is enough. Winning is the frosting on that cake. But he said, why bother if you aren’t going to win?

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 03.27.2014

  4. certain things are so hard to capture, sometimes so easily elusive, sometimes burning so brightly that you can’t look away. you must push forward, maintain the perfect balance you have created by living this far. realize that everything you want that is out of your reach now could be so close

    By Yasmine on 03.27.2014

  5. let’s peer into each others’ skulls
    and marvel at the goings on.
    it’s like a zoo in here.
    sometimes the monkeys make us uncomfortable.
    like the whites of some horses’ eyes.
    too human.
    but we keep looking.

    By Kairn URL on 03.27.2014

  6. motivation is the key to good writing, if you already have an agent begging you to clean up a couple spots in your book than you will be motivated to write more often to get it to the publishing stage. So Always remember Motivation is the key that unlocks the door to good writing.
    So find some motivation doesn’t matter what and go with it, fly with it, soar with it and soon your book will be on the top of the New York Times Best seller list.

    By Natsterness on 03.27.2014

  7. Some being motivated means that in your heart, you set a goal and you promised yourself once you reach that goal you’ll do something special. Sometimes it just means that someone famous wants you to do something for them, whatever it is, motivation is key.

    By Natsterness on 03.27.2014

  8. Каждый человек должен иметь в жизни цель. Для осуществления этой цели важно иметь сильную мотивацию. И чем сильней мотивация – тем быстрей и с большим удовольствием осуществится цель.

    By Tamila on 03.27.2014

  9. A state of supreme energy, passion and excitement. When I am in this state, I am able to more effectively pursue my given task. When I am not in this state, I can be cold, distant and lethargic depending on just how low on motivation I am.

    By Robert V on 03.27.2014

  10. I know it is difficult for some people to feel motivated because people can put so many stones on their path. However it is important to keep going and never give up. At the end of the day you are by yourself you need to stay strong.

    By Katharina on 03.27.2014

  11. I find it ironic that the word of the day is “motivated” when that is exactly what I am not feeling today. Motivation is something I’ve been lacking quite a bit lately. I’m thinking that I’m going to have to get motivated really fast, really soon, though. With all that I have to get done next week, I’m gonna need a little bit of luck, and a whole lot of motivation.
    Or maybe just a miracle.

    By Emily URL on 03.27.2014

  12. To me, it didn’t matter that all my deadlines were rapidly approaching. Well, it DID matter. But I just couldn’t seem to get myself motivated enough to actually DO anything about them.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.27.2014

  13. It was demoralizing. He knew what he was doing. He could smell himself at the very least. No shower in three, maybe four days. Same old sweats day in day out. Slept in them too. He wasn’t a sweaty guy but it all still built up a stink after a while. He hadn’t left his house in at least a week. There was no motivation. No drive. Just the old sinking feeling that he should go right back to that pantry closet atop the fridge already since he knew what was coming. It wasn’t going to be any good.

    By DMM URL on 03.27.2014

  14. “So…what do you want to watch tonight?” Cain asked. His finger twitched across the remote’s cat-nibbled buttons (the channel up button had to be jabbed down with a fingernail, as Midea had chewed it completely off) but pressed none of them. In the TV screen reflection, he saw Daisy shift on the couch, frowning.

    By Yona URL on 03.27.2014

  15. Feeling motivated, Jack walked through the office block. He had a job interview and he knew he was going to get it. His spirits were high as soon as the sun seeped through his bedroom curtains and forced his rather refreshed eyes open slowly. The closer he got to the manager’s door, the faster he walked. The nearer he came to his destiny, the higher his chin went. The further the door opened, the clearer the boss became.

    By Kieran Morton on 03.27.2014

  16. I’m motivated to write about this one word. I need motivation to do a lot of things that I don’t want to do or I’m too lazy to do. And what gives me the motivation to do what’s got to be done? Knowing that ultimately I have to do the right thing. That’s the way Mom and Dad raised me up. I was very motivated to write about this one word.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 03.27.2014

  17. “highly motivated” was written all over my report card. Not “gets excellent test grades” or “excellent attendance.” Not excellent, but she tries. She isn’t a natural, but I’ll give her that.

    By Emma URL on 03.27.2014

  18. I was running up the stairs with a sudden motivation. It was truth, all of it. My feet stepped in time with the music thumping through the walls. Unbelievable, really! That was it, that was why everything had happened.

    By Alyssa URL on 03.27.2014

  19. Contemplation analyation pulls away from motivation. Step one two keep stepping. Walk. Flow. Doing it. Core. Core Desire. Motivation drawn. Run.

    By Shalalah on 03.27.2014

  20. I can be motivated by so many things I read or view four hours before dawn, but as I fall asleep and wake up in the next day nothing is interesting anymore. Motivation is not hard to get, it’s the work you do after being motivated that takes efforts.

    By Fatima on 03.27.2014

  21. is the feeling that makes you want to go beyond what you are allow to. is the reason you have to do something an d belive try hard to do it to never give up and to encourage yourself to try.

    By melissa on 03.27.2014

  22. Sometimes we fight to find motivation in places where we shouldn’t ever look. A bird is not motivated to fly whilst sitting on a fence; he is motivated by incentive. He sees his prey and flies to catch it.

    By Joe Ajemian on 03.27.2014

  23. After walking six miles from work back home, I wasn’t exactly motivated to do anything. The defrosted steaks sat restlessly in the refrigerator, waiting to be marinated and cooked. The overflowing garbage can was desperate to be emptied. Even the television set practically screamed to be turned on. I didn’t care. I found my way to the nearest couch, throw my limp body onto the cushions, and emitted a pitiful, low whining as I fell into a much-needed slumber.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.27.2014

  24. At the moment, his worktable was the kitchen table, and his bench was one of the chairs next to him as he bent hard over the newly painted red mailbox. It was a gift. He would hide a couple more gifts inside and lift the flag. Happy birthday mom.

    By Kalen Goodluck URL on 03.27.2014

  25. I am the opposite of motivated
    I want to ride horses
    and write
    and read
    and listen to songs
    and spend time with my friends
    and be happy
    and take care of myself
    but it is 9:07 pm
    and I have yet to start my homework
    I do not care at all
    but I am supposed to care a lot

    By lily URL on 03.27.2014

  26. With his motivation higher than ever Ushio cleaned himself with a tissue and got his pants back on. “You can clean yourself, right?” He rushed out, leaving the naked Yusei to see to his own needs. He figured the teen would understand.

    Ushio rushed into the captain’s office. “Sir! Grateful Bread was spotted!”

    By Kleptomaniac Can Opener URL on 03.27.2014

  27. I am not motivated, I’m tired, and angry, and where is my drive, what happened to the love I felt not so long ago. Motivated, moving, well everything is moving way too fast and I don’t know what to do about it, I hate this. Fuck that love that drove me to circles, unceasing.

    By Hannah on 03.27.2014

  28. Means that someone or something pushes you to do better. Encourage you to do your best, or to give it your all and more.

    By Belinda Bates on 03.27.2014

  29. Sometimes I don’t feel motivated to do things. People make me do things but I don’t like to. Teachers attempt to motivate me but they fail.

    By Yui on 03.27.2014

  30. motivated
    to fail
    o win
    to score
    to fall
    being motivated to fall
    working to fail
    to float and teeter down
    through space
    the idea of striving to be slow
    is almost something
    unimaginable in
    todays society
    the idea that you could work for random
    and space
    why is glory always a highpoint of standstill
    and not a state

    By sevenwords URL on 03.27.2014

  31. “C’mon, Tanya, get pumped! Motivated! You CAN and you WILL lose those pounds!” It felt like every ounce of energy put into my body was leaving at the quickest pace as I continued to run at nearly full speed on the treadmill. Dolvett, my trainer, kept yelling at me, almost daring me to give up even though there was still ten minutes left on the clock. But I didn’t give in. I was determined to make this the best exercise session we’d had in a long time.

    By AJ Kenobi on 03.27.2014

  32. My levels of motivation have been horrifyingly low, to the point that getting out of bed almost deserves a full round of applause from the audience of my life (otherwise known as any unwilling spectators). Combating motivation monsters have become my only task, but when one is fighting against lack of motivation, what are they really accomplishing?

    By Emily URL on 03.27.2014

  33. I don’t feel very motivated at the moment. Just the word “motivated” isn’t enough i guess. Not trying to offend the words power, but how can i come up with an idea when my inspiration is a word about getting inspired. I had the motivation to get this word and I don’t have the motivation to keep going with this anymore.

    By taylor on 03.27.2014

  34. He was hardly motivated. The thought of actually doing anything made him sick to the stomach. How could he possibly think about doing anything other than laying in bed with his eyes closed. The loss was still so strongly present.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever recover, he thought to himself. His eyes closed so tight that it made them water.

    Then he felt that familiar touch. Her hand grazed his shoulder in such a way that it automatically brought a smirk to his face. And thought maybe just maybe things might be okay.

    By Patrick URL on 03.27.2014

  35. She was so motivated the last time I saw her. I only wish it were for better reasons, I mean who wants to leave good things, beautiful things, just because one bad thing became one life threatening thing? She was so motivated the last time I saw her. I hope she’s doing better now.

    By Madison on 03.27.2014

  36. I am not motivated tonight to write, not to write this, or anything. I’m much too tired right now. I’m thinking about my warm cozy bed instead.

    By Angie on 03.27.2014

  37. She was motivated by a desire to help people, so that after her time on this world was finished, she would be remembered by those whose lives she had touched. But the attention she was getting now was too much, too soon.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 03.27.2014

  38. I’m motivated today to do absolutely nothing. And then to stop doing that and do even less. I have a negative 67 on the motivation scale of 0 to 100, today. I don’t even want to be doing this. I, however, don’t want to stop doing it either. Perhaps I’d rather not exist at all?

    By Barbara URL on 03.27.2014

  39. I wasn’t motivated, I was mostly discouraged. My smile brittle and my voice sounding as lifeless as dead as I always felt, my heart always was breaking cause of all my faults and flaws, I need to be skinnier, prettier, cuter, but I can’t have these things.

    By cat on 03.27.2014

  40. Motivation wasn’t something that wasn’t given to me, I am a failure to my family. I don’t even barely have the motivation to get out of bed in the morning and go to school, pretty pathetic don’t you think? That’s what I thought.

    By ltMkilla on 03.27.2014