October 21st, 2014

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94 Responses to “grove”

  1. so i was standing there, all enveloped by a soft breeze which filled upmy nostrils, throat and lungs with the scent of brisk late autumn. the sort that makes your thighs icecold but your armpits sweaty from the climb up to the ridge of the mountain forest. and i enjoyed

    By berenique URL on 10.21.2014

  2. I crawled out of the grove. It was filling with water at alarming rates. I picked up the sword, now covered in dirt, and cut my way through the foliage, progressing forward.

    By Hank URL on 10.21.2014

  3. Pleasant Grove. What a funny name for a city. Like, is there an Unpleasant Grove somewhere? (Probably it’s in Arizona. Nothing pleasant is in Arizona, which I can say since I grew up there.)

    It’s also strange how nobody ever says the full name “Pleasant Grove.”

    By Daniel on 10.21.2014

  4. There was a massive grove of trees in a part of old Germany. This grove of trees had been rumored to be filled with many magical being and spirits. People in all the villages would warn each other about not entering the forbidden grove. One day curiosity killed the cat

    By Josh on 10.21.2014

  5. The branch shifted under her weight and Katya froze. From between the dark swaying branches and leaves that fell across her vision, she could see the clearing spread below her. Individual faces were unclear, but she knew that Jon and Martha were there, backs turned to her, kneeling on their picnic blanket.

    By Yona URL on 10.21.2014

  6. It’s a place were plants and animals live and have a great environment to play and be happy. People also go to have a peaceful afternoon in a concield place to talk and to just have a quiet environment.

    By Daveon Barnett URL on 10.21.2014

  7. A street , a bird , a name

    By Amanda on 10.21.2014

  8. Move bird

    By Isaiah URL on 10.21.2014

  9. Grove is fun to move all around in days it is when we get up and dance

    By Jacob URL on 10.21.2014

  10. Alexis sat under an oak tree in her fave grove and then she said to herself oh I wish he would notice me but he is popular and I am not.But I love him

    By Alexis on 10.21.2014

  11. Grove is fun to move all around in days it is when we get up and dance and have fun

    By Jacob URL on 10.21.2014

  12. I strolled through the grove. I passed many flowers, trees, insects.

    By Teensy jelly bug on 10.21.2014

  13. Sounds like grave. Seems like a sad word .

    By Donorlando Gayton on 10.21.2014

  14. Fun ay

    By Jacob URL on 10.21.2014

  15. Whenever I think of a grove, I think of my favorite place in a park where I used to live by, and where all of my best memories are. There was one swing set, where I used to see the only beauty in life I know. Maybe I didn’t know how much worse the rest of the the world was, but I knew what I wanted in life.

    By Ali URL on 10.21.2014

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    By Rabbit URL on 10.21.2014

  17. Something you might grow or when you go (verb).

    By Love on 10.21.2014

  18. Dancing ,funky dancing, playing ,having fun,listening to music.

    By Julie on 10.21.2014

  19. I groved to blurred lines at the school dance

    By Victoria Solomon URL on 10.21.2014

  20. I groved to blurred lines at the school dance

    By Victoria Solomon URL on 10.21.2014

  21. Can’t stop won’t stop ayl

    By Jacob start URL on 10.21.2014

  22. Gia San andreas

    By FACEBOY on 10.21.2014

  23. When people dance they grove to the beat it may sound funny but it’s true when you have a chance to see a person dance try to see the grove in them so yeah grove.

    By Madison URL on 10.21.2014

  24. A grove is a party street where everyone hangs out

    By Caramel URL on 10.21.2014

  25. Part 2 oh I so wish he would love me but he will not oh I love him so much

    By Alexis on 10.21.2014

  26. Robot noises sonic speed freezer Steve woooooooaaaahh

    By Shhhhhhh on 10.21.2014

  27. By Rabbit URL on 10.21.2014

  28. I was walking in the forest and I came across a grove. It looked so beautiful, there were trees everywhere and flower bushes. The birds were chirping and the butterflies were flying from flower to flower. So I took a rest in the grove and listened to the beautiful sounds of nature.

    By Kaitlynn on 10.21.2014

  29. what does grove mean I dont

    By ##Squad on 10.21.2014

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    By Laugh on 10.21.2014

  31. If anybody ever look at me rong man to tht was b u better listen to Montana 300 14 man it’s 15

    By Sammy sammer URL on 10.21.2014

  32. Went grooves not grove wrong word

    By Madison URL on 10.21.2014

  33. What the heck rabbit

    By Alexis on 10.21.2014

  34. Sup people. Wyd?

    By XxDark_VampirexX on 10.21.2014

  35. The trees in the grove whisper to me as if they are my friends. not the ones i left behind but the ones i flooded with light perched at my table.

    By Adel on 10.21.2014

  36. you could hardly call it a grove, for it was only a circle of trees planted at the park. the forest didn’t really exist in town it was something you had to travel to the nearby mountains to see.

    By feliciadelaawesome URL on 10.21.2014

  37. The wood was where we went when the world got too much, our solitude- our place of peace. Then we grew up, and the peace was shattered by the notion that the wood only ever existed in our minds.

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 10.21.2014

  38. The olive grove looked rich and vibrant. One could see the splendid trees over laden with fruit and just knew that this bounty would make the Hansard family pay their debts and have some left over to buy the much needed necessities that everyone desired. This grove was just over a hundred years old but it was well tended by Mr. Hansard and his sons. Soon harvest time will come and everyone will be at fever pitch getting the crop of olives in to the threshing area. So begins another season to produce the rich gold otherwise known as liquid gols olive oil, prized above all the known oils on the planet.

    By Mercury Rising on 10.21.2014

  39. In the middle of the apple grove, the two girls feasted on the harvest. The sky was dark and thick with clouds, and whatever golden light managed to squirm its way through from the sun lit up patches of dry grass in sparks and speckles. One of the girls tossed a core aside and wiped her hands on the short part of her skirt, her eyes straying toward the little house where her mother was most likely making dinner.

    “Some day,” she said to her friend, “I’ll have my own apple orchard.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.21.2014

  40. The trees were pink the last time I came here, scattering their gifts all over the fresh green grass. You held my hand in yours and used the other hand to catch the blossoms, laughing the whole time. When I asked you why you were laughing, you answered me with a kiss.

    There are no blossoms now. There are no leaves. There are no people to kiss or hands to hold.

    Last night I dreamed you were here with me. The night before that, I dreamed that I died. Not everything lines up like it should.

    By tentwelvefourteen URL on 10.21.2014