August 2nd, 2014

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57 Responses to “gazing”

  1. Gazing gushing
    Flushing toilets while
    stuffing the turkey
    turn key in the lock
    throw it in the front pocket
    of a tee
    tee off when you finish your tea
    Free falling can we call it a spree?
    I’m gazing and gushing
    but are you falling for me?

    By Charlie on 08.02.2014

  2. Navel-gazing, once again. A racing mind; a paralysis when it came to action. Martina knew there had to be more to meditation, but she couldn’t turn off her thoughts long enough to gain the benefits she’d been assured awaited her.

    By Mexichick URL on 08.02.2014

  3. Her gaze was gazing
    At the long dead branches
    Of the oak tree carved
    Up loudly with the name she called him
    When they were children.

    By Ariele on 08.02.2014

  4. Star gazing was the only thing that got him through those terrible nights after Susan died. Sleep was out of the question; the only thing worse than the days without her was the empty space in the bed next to him. He still couldn’t bring himself to move over to the middle of the bed, as if somehow that would bring her back.

    By Krejgo URL on 08.02.2014

  5. She sat gazing out at the razed fields from her shattered window, the smoke of once golden huts still smoldering from the ground. She held a rosary tightly in between both hands, rubbing the beads against her palms as if attempting to heat them up like coals. Outside, the ambulances were arriving, and men in hazmat suits were bringing in shovels. The dead, burned to ashes, were to be buried deep under the earth.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.02.2014

  6. Every leaf of grass poking out of the earth gazed at the Tree Mother, some were encircled by her shadow, others were slick in the light of the moon

    By Zahra Aamer on 08.02.2014

  7. Shoe

    By Intuition URL on 08.02.2014

  8. The stars are shining bright tonight. The moon is covered with clouds. I’m lying here on the grass and gaze in the night sky. It’s beautiful to be able to be here right now.

    By Nina Kopi URL on 08.02.2014

  9. Staring at the horizon, I tend to forget myself and the moment, tend to think of this day as nothing serious, the serious being me in the universe, the people I love, what I want in life and what came out of it. I tend to be gazing too seldom, too shortly, and move myself through tiny spaces at wild pace.

    By Kim Bertelsen on 08.02.2014

  10. His patient’s eyes were open but Bashir could tell immediately that his work was done. There was a difference between a gaze and an empty stare. The man was already dead.

    By J.J. on 08.02.2014

  11. Gazing out upon astral-like unknowns-
    Luminary lights, some long dead,
    Unmourned, untouched…

    By Brendan Stoneham URL on 08.02.2014

  12. I couldn’t stop myself. I was gazing into his soul. I think he caught me once or twice. Oh well, nothing stays a secret for long.

    By Junco URL on 08.02.2014

  13. I was gazing at the painting when a man came and stood next to me. I felt awkward because the painting was of a nude woman. I felt a little exposed to be seen looking at the exposed form of the female body. “Hello,” he said. I glanced at him, “hello,” I returned.

    By Crystal URL on 08.02.2014

  14. Immer, wenn ich ihn sehe. Puff. Er leuchtet. Einzigartig. Und ich kann davon gar nicht genug bekommen. Starre ihn stundenlang an. Sehe nur ihn. Immer nur er. Alles an ihm scheint perfekt. Diese Augen, so tief, so vertraut. Diese Lippen, die ich einfach nur küssen will, immer und immer wieder. Diese Nase, so süß und knuffig. Diese Ohren, mit denen er mir stundenlang zuhört. Dieses Er – er als Ganzes. Perfekt. Perfekt für mich.
    In seiner ganzen Einzigartigkeit.

    By Keks URL on 08.02.2014

  15. I was gazing at the sky waiting for the light to arrive. The light would be my signal to go. It was a cold night to wait here…I hoped it would show soon. Suddenly a flash of light blew up the sky and I stood up and ran to my position, waiting for the enemy troops to arrive. I had my weapon in hand and was ready to fight for my country.

    By Bri on 08.02.2014

  16. i’m gazing hard at my screen and nothing but a description of what i’m doing comes to mind.

    By ANM URL on 08.02.2014

  17. She stared out of her window, gazing at the starry sky. It felt like the world was passing by beneath her window. She could hear the laughter of the children in the street echoing around the old neighbourhood. Nobody cared anymore.

    By Kassey on 08.02.2014

  18. “When you said you wanted me to come over tonight, I didn’t really think this is what you had in mind,” she said, earning a quiet laugh from her companion.
    “And what’s wrong with star gazing?” Kiara asked, eyes shimmering in the starlight.
    “Nothing,” she said, shrugging. “I’ve never done it before,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 08.02.2014

  19. Gazing at the stars in the country is a wonderful experience. Growing up in a big city with street lights and business lights everywhere seeing the enormous amount of stars and galaxies for the first time is an awe inspiring vision.The stuff that poems and stories have been written about for many centuries. Yet as I sit here gazing up at the same night sky I have been looking at day after day and year after year. I am still filled with wonder by its beauty and I often contemplate how many worlds out there have other life forms on them.

    By Bethany Herrington URL on 08.02.2014

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    By ertgfhnm URL on 08.02.2014

  21. I found myself gazing into your eyes. I remember how I felt the first time I saw them. The other people in the room seemed to disappear. I’m not sure what you were saying. I was lost in those blue eyes.

    By Marina URL on 08.02.2014

  22. Gazing out at the gray, smoky city, Johnny Ghost sipped his cold, sugarless coffee and thought about the letter lying on the desk in front of him. He’d read it twice. A widow certain her husband had been murdered. He’d get letters like this every two to three months and always used them to paper the bottom of Cecilia Lady’s bird cage. But not this one. This one was different. Johnny couldn’t put his finger on just why this one was different. It was a feeling that started at the back of his thick neck and ran the full length of his six foot four stature. This one had the feel of a real case. Slapping his shabby hat down over this dark hair and wrapping his arm in the ancient London fog coat his mother had given him too many years ago to count, he tucked the letter into his pocket and started to the door. Time to pay Mrs. Cortney Marie Rosenberg III a visit and hear what she had to say in person.

    By Cim URL on 08.02.2014

  23. eyes
    gazing into the soul
    windows into my heart
    that never close

    in his eyes i see
    where his soul should be
    my own

    and in mine
    where my soul should be

    By maggie. on 08.02.2014

  24. Because gazing at the generational development of a city is amazing, I’m going to do nothing with my life but watch. What a pathetic trade off! Compare that to mending Imagination of All Probability with the totality of reality. #gazing #oneword #oznolem

    By Oz Nolem URL on 08.02.2014

  25. She gazed at the moon, thinking about how small it is, and how everyone knew about it anyway, but that nobody knew who she was.

    By Natedez URL on 08.02.2014

  26. In this world, it seems as if gazing is an endless stare of scrutiny, of judgement. Gazing is something that nearly everyone does, has done, or will do. I wish the world would stop gazing at me, you, him, her, it, us. Even now, you’re gazing at my words.

    By Samantha Vixen on 08.02.2014

  27. Is a comment needed for a 60-second piece such as this? It is required, but not necessary.

    By Samantha Vixen on 08.02.2014

  28. Gazing out the window out across the mountains she could see the clouds resting along their tops.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 08.02.2014

  29. We sat gazing up at the stars and wondered what it all meant. Were we supposed to be here to begin with. Was is the right decision to leave yesterday. Was our village going to be angry. If only the answers could be found up there, in the great blackness.

    By Alex on 08.02.2014

  30. I saw his eyes gazing through the city. Through the background. I saw him looking at everything, except at me.

    By Camila Ch. URL on 08.02.2014

  31. I can’t believe this. I just met this stranger, this girl, but I have to say, she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. Her eyes are colder than ice, and her smile makes me want to sing. I have to talk to her. “Hi, I’m Kaitlyn.”

    By Kaitlyn URL on 08.02.2014

  32. I gazed at my new victim. He looked at me with fear, hopelessness in his eyes. I grinned. This was the part I enjoyed most, when they bestowed all of their attention on me. When I am the God in their eyes, the God who may not have given them life, but could take it away. I raised my ax. I brought it down. There was a impact. Then, blood spurted out from his neck.

    By Joanne Lee on 08.02.2014

  33. The mountains. I’ve always wanted to see the mountains. I mean, we have some here I suppose, but there’s nothing special. I want big. I want grand. That’s sort of a theme with me, I suppose. Why settle for less when the best is out there waiting to be found?

    By Brian Williams on 08.02.2014

  34. The mountains. I’ve always wanted to see the mountains. I mean, we have some here I suppose, but they’re nothing special. I want big. I want grand. That’s sort of a theme with me, I suppose. Why settle for less when the best is out there waiting to be found? I will see them. I don’t know when, I don’t know how. I’m not even sure how I’ll make it through tomorrow… but damnit, I’m going to see them. The best. Sometimes, you just have to have the best.

    By Brian W URL on 08.02.2014

  35. He likes gazing at the stares, and he gazes at the television screen, but the thing he loves most is gazing into her eyes, and nothing else compares.

    By Josee on 08.02.2014

  36. I looked straight into her eyes.

    But she just would not do the same. She looked at the rug, at the wall, at the tablecloth, at the steak, at everything that could not be considered myself.

    It cut at my soul.

    By a terrible poet URL on 08.02.2014

  37. The one place in the world that I felt at home was the garden. Rows upon rows of flowers, in a riot of colors, all growing large and surrounding me, while down the garden path set an oasis, with an arbored bench and a gazing ball. I spent much of my youth in that garden, on that bench, sighing and dreaming of love.

    By Excruciata URL on 08.02.2014

  38. I don’t know. What? xD
    Umm what does that exactly even mean. Is it any different from staring? Stalking is different right? :P


    By NU on 08.03.2014

  39. we seem to gaze
    into the rippling surface of
    the ocean
    like two star-crossed lovers
    gazing from
    across the pond
    it’s wonder that
    keeps us rooted to the spot
    it’s awe that keeps us from
    jumping in
    maybe we are star-crossed lovers
    gazing into
    a bottomless ocean

    By Isa on 08.03.2014

  40. we seem to gaze
    into the rippling surface of
    the ocean
    like two star-crossed lovers
    gazing from
    across the pond
    it’s wonder that
    keeps us rooted to the spot
    it’s awe that keeps us from
    jumping in
    maybe we are star-crossed lovers
    gazing into
    a bottomless ocean
    of bottomless ex-lovers
    their mouths gaping
    like angler fish
    waiting to swallow up
    our meager hearts
    we gaze into the depths
    and wonder what
    we’re missing

    By Isa on 08.03.2014